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  • The Gift-Knight's Quest

    by Dylan Madeley
    Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own. Derek is an aimless wanderer – the youngest in a lineage that has ... more
  • Seawind

    by M. Blackwell
    ...a haunted Cape Cod inn, the Wild Hunt, an out-of-work anthropologist, a magical cat and some very bad winter weather… Samantha Black finds work as the kitchen help at a struggling Cape Cod inn after losing her job teaching anthropology. At the Inn, she and her cat Sebastian find friends – Beth the innkeeper, Phil the cook and handyman, and the dog Daisy. A Halloween storm brings a tormented spirit pursued by the Wild Hunt to the quiet, remote location, which turns out to be a crossroads of... more
  • Pokergeist

    by Michael Phillip Cash
    Sometimes life, as well as death, is about second chances. Luckless Telly Martin doesn't have a clue. An awful gambler trying to scrape by as a professional poker player, he becomes the protégé of world famous poker champion Clutch Henderson. The only catch…Clutch is a ghost. Telly and Clutch must navigate the seedy gambling underbelly of Las Vegas learning to trust each other in order to win the elusive International Series of Poker, repair their shattered personal relationships and find redemp... more
  • Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening Book 1)

    by Jonathan Renshaw
    When a high-ranking officer gallops into the quiet Mistyvales, he brings a warning that shakes the countryfolk to their roots. But for Aedan, a scruffy young adventurer with veins full of fire and a head full of ideas, this officer is not what he seems. The events that follow propel Aedan on a journey that only the foolhardy or desperate would risk, leading him to the gates of the nation’s royal academy – a whole world of secrets in itself. But this is only the beginning of his discoveri... more
  • From The Devil We Came

    by Kevin Donoghue

    The 5th Worlde Sagas ~ Episode 1

    From The Devil We Came

    The empire stretches across the worlde map, pink ~ like the blotches on a drunkards face.

    ‘From The Devil We Came’ is the first book of the 5th Worlde trilogy. An epic page-turner that combines the stories of the Dark Books of the Forbidden Library, and from which you can unfold the swashbuckling adventure.

    A young Sir Thomas Henry Valentine Deveroux spies for the empire, under the guise of being one o... more

  • The Flight of Torque

    by Rebecca Laffar-Smith
    When investigative reporter, Tori, chases the story of an underground smuggling network, she stumbles into something significantly more sinister. Instead of the illegal trade of exotic reptiles, she finds a temple of devout snake worshippers. Taken by the cultists, Tori is subjected to a savage ritual and irrevocably transformed. Now something dark and primal slithers within her.  Lucas, charged with Tori's protection, struggles against an overwhelming sense of helplessness. He should be strong... more
  • Puxhill By Night: Lesbian Erotic Urban Fantasy

    by Michael M. Jones

    Welcome to Puxhill. It’s a quiet little city just a half-step off the beaten path. Everything seems normal, but the walls between worlds run thin here, and magic seeps into everyday life. Forgotten gods and faded myths live amongst the humans, and passions run deep. In Puxhill, the impossible becomes real.

    In these eight erotic tales of magic, mystery, and lesbian lust, worlds collide in new and mesmerizing ways. The night manager of a seedy motel unlocks the secrets of an amnesia... more

  • Download Incomplete

    by R.M. Gayler
    Rich Preston is a fifty-seven-year-old unemployed electrician who stumbles through life, racked with guilt for causing his son’s death. Traveling home through the Nevada desert one afternoon, Rich encounters a massive swarm of intelligent nanotechnology that implants a grain of machinery into his brain that slowly gives birth to an artificial intelligence. As Rich struggles to understand the millions of images being downloaded into his mind, he gradually learns to communicate with this a... more
  • From Cornflakes to Eternity: A Ghost's Story

    by S. D. Gates
    The halls of the Pediatric hospital are quiet now. The ghostly sightings ceased the night the paranormal investigation team was summoned. No one has seen the Little Redheaded Girl, Jose or the Girl in the Pink Boots since the horrific happenings that occurred on the main road leading into the hospital. That was the night the Diablo winds rattled the already parched lands, leaving in its wake a suffocating blanket of sand. The nurses are happy they no longer have to sniff for pockets of sulfurous... more
  • Lucid: Othernaturals Book Two

    by Christina Harlin
    The team from the popular paranormal webshow "Othernaturals" returns: Rosemary the telepath; Andrew the psychic; Stefan the medium with his ghostly best friend Brentley; Sally the vampire; Kaye the healer; Greg the ghost-spotter; Judge the animal empath; and Judge’s cat, team mascot Vladimir. Ghosts, hauntings, possessions, or curses. These paranormal investigators have seen them all. But this time, the subject of their investigation is something new. A tomato farm in the small town of Clanc... more
  • Glitch in the Machine

    by Edgar Swamp
    It’s 2025. The United States is in the shadow of a puppet government run by giant corporations, and the 99 percent live without rights or the protection of government regulations, fully at the mercy of the 1 percent. Among the most powerful entities are the pharmaceutical suppliers, the weapons manufacturers, and insurance companies, which rake in massive fortunes because of the mandatory insurance requirements, but never pay out. Amid this corporate dystopia, we find Floyd Jasper, a mercenar... more
  • Mack Alpha Nine: Galactic Enforcement Agency

    by John J. Osterhout
    Mackenzie Jo Phillips returns home after a hard day wanting only a hot bath and a cool glass of cheap wine. Instead, she finds an alien in her garage…again. Mack—she hates Mackenzie—is a retired alpha agent of the Galactic Enforcement Agency. Mack was formerly assigned to region nine, which is a galactic backwater way out on the edge of the galaxy that happens to include Earth. Most GEA alpha agents retire early, which is a GEA euphemism for dying on the job. Mack took one too many blaster... more
  • The Schnoz of the Rings: A Parody of J. R. R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings

    by John J. Osterhout
    Froyo Bagpants, a halfbit of the Mire, must leave his happy home and pitch the Schnozring into the fire pit of Mount Drool in order to save Central Oith from domination by the Great Schnoz. This is a humorous retelling of the Lord of the Rings story with a few plot twists to keep things interesting. If you liked Harvard Lampoon’s 1969 Parody, “Bored of the Rings” and especially if you didn’t, you’ll like the Schnoz of the Rings. The characters are human, lusty, and ready for misadventure. A wa... more
  • The Clockwork God (Aboard the Great Iron Horse Book 1)

    by Jamie Sedgwick
    Socrates the steampunk ape is back in an all new series! The Iron Horse is a massive steam-powered locomotive full of ancient and surprising technological wonders. With his crew of warriors, miscreants, and genetic anomalies, Socrates’ mission is to scour the world in search of starfall, the mysterious element that powers the great city of Sanctuary and most of the world’s steam technology. Supplies of starfall are running low, and unless they can locate another source, all civilization may soon... more
  • Disorder of War: Book I

    by N. J. Shamey
    Dagan Sharaf must lead an inexperienced new company in the Legions of Katora as they fight for survival and face the rigors of combat. An old enemy of the Kingdom has found pretense for war and launched an invasion to seize control of the lucrative trade cities. Dagan's unit is deployed to stem the enemy tide and regain lost territories. The company struggles to master the art of war and learn to depend on each other as battle-brothers. At the same time, Dagan must balance his own selfish motive... more
  • The Bleeding Heart

    by Amy Giuffrida
    Brooklyn is a talented artist with an obsession for blood; one that she satiates at her uncle’s tattoo shop. It’s here at The Bleeding Heart that Brooklyn practices the art of dispensing pain onto others. Yet, nothing can dull the desire running through her veins, especially since the man she really wants to torture rots in jail for murder. When Daniel comes into her life, Brooklyn’s obsession with tattoos and blood quickly turns into desire for him. She dreams about getting him on her tatto... more