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  • John Smith Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars

    by Roland Hughes
    Some reviewers have compared this book to the works of Plato. One reviewer, who has reviewed books for the BBC, declared this work as important as '1984' and Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'. What if the Mayans got the start of the end correct because they had survived it once before? What if our written history was just as accurate as the old tale about three blind men describing an elephant? What if classic science fiction writing and television shows each got a piece of it correct, would y... more
  • Noddy in Wonderland

    by Paddy Bostock
    In his wildest dreams, Afghanistan war veteran Noddy Stoddart fantasised about becoming king of Liverpool, even though his brother, Knobby, told him he was crazy. But shooting government minister St John Jaunston in the bottom with an air rifle on a visit to the city leads bizarrely to Noddy’s dream coming true--as president of the newly created People’s Republic of Liverpool. Outraged as Noddy and his Goth/Punk girlfriend set Britain against him through further “bottom blasting” and then fa... more
  • Wielding Crimson: Book I of the Wielding Series

    by D.M. Enslin
    -Layla Russo is a famous singer, who has everything anyone could dream of -fame, fortune, and beauty. But appearances can be deceiving; behind closed doors she is bound to her domineering manager and can only dream of a world in which she can be a normal person. When she gets a chance to go on a relaxed vacation with her longtime friend Agnes and her brothers, Philip and Hector, in Greece she eagerly agrees, longing for a break from her hectic life. What she hadn't counted on was that she'd fall... more
  • Demon Dance (A Sundancer Novel Book 1)

    by Brian Freyermuth

    There’s more than meets the eye in Seattle, WA, a city where ancient forgotten gods walk hidden among us, and angels and demons fight for our very souls. Retired PI Nick St. James has to find out who keeps summoning a demon before it kills him and its next targets: a mother and her child. But this will require some help from the very people he’s been trying to hide from: his friends. A voodoo houngan, a vampire coroner, a Norse goddess, and a few more unlikely allies will join for... more

  • The Themis Files

    by Sylvain Neuvel
    The Themis Files is a deeply human story about a world-changing alien discovery. 17 years ago, a young girl named Rose fell through the ground in the Black Hills and found herself in an underground chamber filled with gleaming symbols, lying in the palm of a giant metal hand. Now a physicist, Rose leads a research team struggling to determine the hand's origins. When another giant limb is discovered, she quickly devises a method for unearthing the hidden pieces, convinced there is an entire b... more
  • What Happened to Marilyn

    by Alexander Rigby
    Marilyn Monroe wakes up inside the rust-colored brick walls of an extravagant mansion in Savannah, and is informed that it’s the year 2062. The young man who tells her this is Jeremiah Gold, whom Marilyn met just days ago in California, a century earlier. He quickly explains how he traveled back to 1962 in the time machine he invented, to save her from the death that would have otherwise overtaken her. At first Marilyn is unable to comprehend the truth, but as Jeremiah discovers that the news of... more
  • Belly Button War Vol. 1

    by MJ Tassi jr
    Carissa, a reluctant medium and pregnant college student, struggles against domestic abuse in a race to save her unborn child, before her gangster-boyfriend, Vincent, channels and ancient evil that could destroy all she's ever loved.
  • Cornerstone

    by Peter Michael Diamantopoulos
    Lieutenant Mordecai must protect a young heiress from assassins while she desperately searches for an ancient relic. They must hurry to find the stone before a malevolent madman uses its power to change the world. But even if they win, the lieutenant's problems are far from over. Will he destroy the dangerous relic, give it to the heiress, or steal the stone for himself?
  • Halloween Ball at Dracula's Castle

    by Glenn Stevens
    It's Halloween night and the Count is throwing a party for his undead friends. Guess who the main course is! Join Jill and Vickie, two college cheerleaders, as they accept Dracula's special invitation to the Ball. See if two cheerleaders fight back against the evil forces surrounding them this Halloween night?
  • The Record of the Saints Caliber

    by M. David White

    A young boy named Rook is thrust into a chilling world of corruption and depravity after his parents die, leaving him alone with his baby sister. In a kingdom of famine where people starve to death while nobility live in luxury and abundance, the one thing Rook has to hold on to are the stories and legends of the heroic Saints Caliber, warrior-saints of the Goddess, Aeoria. Girded in armor made of the very stars, the Saints Caliber are supposed to be the ones who protect the people of the wor... more

  • Home

    by Richard Sutton
    A thought-provoking story in a scifi setting. Forty-two teachers, scientists, engineers and their children, have just completed a twelve year deep-space journey to escape the war and drought ravaged Earth. A carefully selected band of hardened survivors, they are to be colonists on the planet Nakis. Lying at the edge of the galaxy, it's a new world that they hope will let them build a safe life together. Unfortunately, within two days their ship, all their supplies, tools and technology are dest... more
  • Sun: Queens of Earth

    by Yen Ooi
    A Great War has ravaged the Earth and left humankind a shadow of its former self. Faced with the mortality of their race, those who remain press on with a new found humility and strive for equality in their drive to advance the species. Hope lies on the frontier for humanity as new technologies and a profound discovery push them out into space. The chance to begin again is at hand, but will the old fears and the old ways return and hamper mankind's progress once again? Two girls, the seed of hum... more
  • The Early Stuff

    by Brian Dana Akers
    Seventeen prescient tales of the near future: from global chaos to our obsession with celebrities, from virtual reality to the final flooding of Calcutta, from genetic engineering to the future of the Internet.
  • What About Tuesday

    by Adam Wilson
    Should you ever wake up to find a day of the week missing due to a freak abnormality in the nature of space-time, it's probably a good idea not to mention it to anyone. It's definitely a good idea not to mention it to the slight ginger working for Gently's Private Investigators. You may think it's a good idea, but it'll be way more trouble than it's worth. Really, it's probably best to just go about your day and forget anything ever happened. Cause technically, nothing did.
  • Unveiled

    by Jamie Wyman
    Technomancer Catherine Sharp has an extensive resume. Rewiring celebrity panic rooms. Doing IT work for the best casinos in Las Vegas. Completing server repair. But nowhere in her job description does it say she’ll be investigating grisly murders. However, a girl is dead, and the gods are calling for the head of her killer. And the deity who owns Cat’s soul has demanded that she lead the hunt. Adding to the fun, a team of ruthless mages is scouring Sin City searching for a magical veil that t... more
  • Wild Card

    by Jamie Wyman
    It was bad enough that gods gambled with human souls, but Catherine Sharp’s soul just had to be won by the Greek goddess of Discord, Eris. As if working a dead-end tech support job didn’t suck the life out of her as it was. Now, Cat finds herself performing random tasks for the goddess in her free time. But when Coyote, the Native American trickster himself, claims to have won her own soul in Mayhem’s weekly poker game, Cat wants in on the action. With five sneaky gods upping the ante, Cat ne... more