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  • B00F1EREBS

    by John P. Logsdon
    Whizzfiddle the wizard has to find a quest, get it contracted, and finish it to the letter within 30 days or he'll lose his guild membership status, meaning he'll have to actually work for a living. At the perpetual age of 650, this is really no longer an option. After interviewing countless people who are looking for a wizard to quest with, Whizzfiddle all but gives up. But then one last questing party arrives, and they're the oddest bunch he's seen in a long time--and being a wizard in the ... more
  • B00JWUOWP8

    by John P. Logsdon
    Mission 1 from the hilarious Platoon F comedy series! Lieutenant Orion Murphy is scheduled for execution due to a clerical error. His only out is to undergo a complete physical makeover, get a rank and name change, and agree to take over a new platoon in the Segnal Space Marine Corps (SSMC). Seeing that it's a case of comply or die, he accepts the offer. A week later, he finds himself standing on the bridge of The SSMC Reluctant with a misfit crew, an insane special agent, an antiquated... more
  • B00KKS2QAE

    by John P. Logsdon
    Terry Pratchett meets Isaac Asimov - Amazon Bestselling co-authors John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young take comedy and satire and mix it with a futuristic, multi-species corporate space station full of Mechanicans (the politically correct term for "robots") that have found religion. Prime Adam Dresker leads the charge. Heading up the crew of the Intergalactic Research Bureau (the investigative branch that handles all major security for the Conglomerated Conglomeration of Planets, or CCOP... more
  • The Robusta Incident

    by Jennifer Fales
    The Robusta Incident. Because office culture was just dying to be parodied, and nothing says zombie apocalypse quite like a good cup of coffee: When Howard Danishefsky, a chemist at a soulless international coffee conglomerate, is pushed beyond his limits one time too many by mindless corporate culture and his boss and ex-lover, the tight skirted Office Mussolini, Melinda Carpenter, he decides it's finally time to live up to a lifelong evil genius complex. What better way to do it, than by addin... more
  • Tau Ceti: The Immortality War

    by George T. Hahn
  • Tau Ceti: The New Colonists

    by George T. Hahn
    The arrival of the library ship Asimov had brought Pitcairn out of the lethargy of two hundred years of isolation. The Pitcairners used the knowledge from Asimov to build a better world, less dependent on faraway Earth. The announcement of a new ship, Endeavor, which could make the journey in months instead of years, promised a closer relationship to Earth. That should have been a reason to celebrate, but the colonists had a secret, and its revelation could endanger everything they had accompli... more
  • Afterimage

    by Roderick Geiger

    What do secret nuclear tests by the Iranian government, an MRI patient disappearance in Southern California, and an abnormal uptick in sightings of the recently deceased in Oregon have in common? Read on...

    Ilene Ishue is a small town newspaper reporter rapidly watching her dream of a Pulitzer Prize fade… until by chance she finds herself in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment.

    As she pursues the story of a mysterious hospital explosion, she discovers a secr... more

  • Tau Ceti: A Ship From Earth

    by George T. Hahn
    The colony ships took sixteen years to travel the twelve light years between Earth and Tau Ceti. Tau Ceti 2, known as Pitcairn, was easily the most successful of the original three colonies, a stable peaceful world for two hundred years, yet isolated more than any other group in history. Supply ships came every twenty years or so, bringing cargo not available on the planet and new colonists, but not disturbing the tranquil colony. But change, for better or worse, was coming. It began with the ar... more
  • The Suicide Society

    by William Brennan Knight
    The world continues to decay in a methodical, mystifying way. Values erode, conflicts deepen, and society is desensitized to the brutal and relentless suffering of others. On both a global and personal basis, we know it’s true, but nothing can be done to stop it. How did it come to this? After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Zach Randall, a self-absorbed accountant, begins to experience disturbing visions of other people in the act of taking their own lives. Initially dismissing the incid... more
  • The Spirit Collectors

    by M. Amanuensis Sharkchild

    What is the worth of your spirit?

    In the world of Awya, where life is scattered across isles in a seemingly endless ocean of black liquid, the Isle of Winder is home to uymns whose primary trade is agriculture and flower cultivation. Here, an umyn boy by the name of Amory Demshen becomes obsessed with Tempertime Cemetery—a collection of portals powered by spirits that link the isles of Awya together, and a place forbidden to those without proper training and knowl... more

  • The Goddess Denied (The Saga of Edda-Earth Book 2)

    by Deborah Davitt
    Mysteries deepen in Edda-Earth as a cursed valkyrie investigates the source of her condition, a young woman goes missing, and monsters are reported in the lands of the north. Lindworms, jotun, and ettin have been seen, along with wolves the size of horses. Surely, this means Ragnarok is at hand. And yet, it's not just the gods who are making trouble. Groups like Potentia ad Populum and the Carthaginian Liberation Party take radical steps to throw off yoke of Rome’s imperial rule. . . and brin... more
  • The Shard

    by Ted Cross
    A dying king. A mysterious invader. The seer's vision was clear: find the lost shard from the Spire of Peace or the realm would drown in blood. The problem: eight hundred years ago the elven hero Kathkalan took the shard with him into the lair of the most vicious dragon ever known to mankind...and he never returned. Reluctantly drafted to lead the quest is the minor noble Midas, torn between his duty to the realm and the desire to protect his sons. With an unlikely band of heroes, includin... more
  • Adumbrate

    by C.M. Cox
    The High King and Queen of the Elves have received terrible news regarding their future. Before they can recover, they are visited by their planet's guardian with word that a prominent figure in interplanetary peace has gone missing.
  • Dyad

    by C.M. Cox
    In a society dominated by women, Evi is forced to leave her life behind as she flees from threatening consequences. Hoping the stories of hating humans are wrong, she seeks the land of fairies for refuge.
  • Sortilege

    by C.M. Cox
    Struggling against a female-dominated society, twin assassins convince their human queen to hunt for the missing Star Queen. On a neighboring planet, an elf searches for meaning in the strange signs that have suddenly appeared to her. Traveling with her companion - tall, green and part plant - their scholarly goals quickly become a riskier gamble. The second installment in The Empyrean Series, Sortilege is an epic fantasy novel about interplanetary alliances, magic, betrayal and an unimaginable ... more
  • Eden's Eyes

    by Sean Costello

    On a cool spring night in a quiet northern community, a life of violence comes to a violent end. In a drunken brawl, petty criminal Eden Crowell is beaten to the brink of death. Following a futile attempt to save his life, doctors approach his father with an appeal for the man’s organs. In defiance of his wife’s wishes, Bert Crowell agrees, and his son’s organs are harvested.

    Blind writer Karen Lockhart becomes one of three grateful recipients, gaining sight after a li... more