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  • A Chicken in the Wind and How He Grew: Stories from an ADHD Dad

    by Frank South

    A powerful, unflinching and wryly funny mental health memoir that digs into the frightening importance of family and the undeniable power of love. In stories written over eight years of financial stress, two deaths, and one five thousand mile move, Frank fights to understand and control his "mental hell tornado of overthinking, confusion, and boundless fear, to at least be of some use to my wife, my two ADHD kids or anyone I loved before everything I cared about was blown away." Of ... more

  • Dear Thailand: A Love Story

    by Diane de Simone

    Read through these pages and visit a lush land, an ancient and modern culture, and a people who are proud to be Buddhist and Thai. 

    Here discover yourself as you discover a woman who allows the Thai people to open her up. And as she begins to relax and unwind, read about how downright cynical and fearful she'd become -- down into her cells, as influenced by her native Western culture.

    Not only does this book introduce you to the joys of Thailand, but it also explores, in ... more

  • Will I Fly Again?

    by Sara Tula


     Poland, Winter, 1978

    I stood there, shivering slightly, staring at the doorknob. The dull metal stared back, daring me to open the worn wood door. My feet screamed at me to decide and make it snappy. They were half buried in snow that left drifts around the door and the thin leather that passed for boots was never quite enough for Polish winters. I reached down, brushed my gloved hand over them, and nearly knocked my luggage back down the five snow-covered st... more

  • Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone and the People Who Searched for Her

    by Michelle Caffrey

    Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Yellowstone National Park wilderness, "Bring Jade Home" is a gripping true tale of loss, the bond between people and animals, and the power of redeeming love. David Sowers and Laura Gillice are seriously injured in a head-on collision while vacationing in the Park with their dogs. When they are ambulanced away, David’s fifteen-month-old Australian shepherd, Jade, bolts into the over two-million-acre wilderness and disappears. The you... more

  • Eight Months in Provence, A Junior Year Abroad Thirty Years Late

    by Diane Covington-Carter
    For thirty years, Diane Covington-Carter dreamed of living in France and immersing herself in the country and language that spoke to her heart and soul. At age fifty, she set off to fulfill that yearning. Journey along with her as she discovers missing pieces of her own personal puzzle that could only emerge in French, in France. And the deep reservoirs of courage and strength that have come with living a half-century. Covington-Carter learns that it is never too late to fulfill a long ... more
  • Short Hair Detention: Memoir of a Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Surviving the Cambodian Genocide

    by Channy Chhi Laux
    Short Hair Detention is a true story recounting the intimate details of a thirteen-year-old Cambodian girl and her journey through the devastating years of the Cambodian genocide (1975 -1979). It progresses from the first six months of starvation to the agonizing moments when the Khmer Rouge separated her from her parents and how she learned to survive year-round unforgiving conditions. Throughout the journey, she experienced constant reminders to keep faith in God and to not lose hope that he... more
  • Great Horned Owlets Rescue: Where There's a Will, There's a Way....

    by Cheryl Aguiar

    Cheryl and her husband, Jim rescue a pair of Great Horned Owl babies after tragedy leaves the family homeless. The frightened little owlets are left unprotected and stranded on the ground; unable to defend themselves from predators that roam the woods. After seeking advice from a professional, Cheryl and Jim attempt the dangerous task of relocating the owlets and provide the family with a new home. The adult Great Horned Owls also known as raptors with a reputation of being extremely aggressi... more

  • A Practical Guide to Forgiveness From an Impractical Survivor

    by Christie Page
    The road to forgiveness is not an easy one, but I am going to share a little known secret about forgiveness.. There is a requirement that no-one talks about. It is the foundation from where forgiveness no longer remains a word but becomes an action.
  • 128 Days and Counting

    by Honore Nolting
    128 Days is a vivid and detailed account of a young couple during a cancer diagnosis and their relationship during the most difficult time of their lives. Honore and her husband, Tom, who went through chemo, an operation, and a difficult adjustment period, come alive in these pages as a loving and upbeat couple who are as familiar as your best friends. They are strong and scared, normal and quirky, determined and silly. Excerpts from the blog written during Tom’s cancer answer many questions abo... more
  • Not Just a Number

    by Dorota Nigro
    The book highlights the dangers America's men and women face from industrial pollutants. It's also a compelling personal story about a young girl who left Communist Poland, embraced the opportunities of America and, against the odds, successfully fought the justice when tragedy struck at the heart of her family.
  • The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About: How I Let My Pornography Addiction Hurt People and Destroy Relationships

    by Joshua Shea

    Joshua Shea was a regional magazine publisher and local politician beloved by all...until they learned of his long-held secret addiction. One man's journey to rock bottom with pornography addiction is examined several years into his recovery in this cautionary tale.

  • The Girl from Spaceship Earth

    by Patricia Ravasio
    This is the true story of a life intertwined with the utopian ideas of a mysterious and brilliant American genius. A mind-blowing two-day interview with iconic futurist Buckminster Fuller in 1982 Chicago leads an overeager advertising copywriter to promise she’ll share his urgent messages with the world. When his dire predictions come true on America’s worst day (9/11) she must face up to her commitment, which morphs into obsession thanks to unsettling discoveries she makes in Bucky's ar... more
  • Everest Strong: Reaching New Heights with Chronic Illness

    by Rob Besecker
    From the time Rob Besecker was a little boy, he was strong. The youngest child in a dysfunctional family, he threw himself into sports at an early age--and found he excelled at them. Athletics became his world, and by his junior year, his mailbox was stuffed with scholarship offers from university football programs from across the US. And then his body started to unravel--and everything changed. First, Rob fractured his back, ending his college football career before it could even begin. Next... more
  • This Does Not Leave This House

    by Jewel Hart
    How does a little girl survive an abusive mother, Catholic school, rape, and a near-death experience? Raised by an abusive, narcissistic mother (who once tried to trick her into having an abortion), Julie Coons was also raped in college by a stranger and later married an abusive man who threatened to kill her if she ever tried to leave. Suffering from physical and mental torment resulting in very low self-esteem, Julie often felt so completely alone during the many struggles of her life ... more
  • Through the Eyes of an Innocent Child

    by Mirsada Alemic - Helac
    Have you ever thought of how children really feel while they are trapped in a war zone, surrounded by nothing but chaos? Did you ever stop and consider what goes through their minds and what is felt in the hearts while their childhood is ruined, lives interrupted, and dreams shattered in the most heartless way? Ever wondered what it might feel like drifting to sleep under the echoes of grenade explosions or walking to school dodging bullets? Through the Eyes of an Innocent Child is a memoir to... more
  • Finding the Bunny

    by Samantha Paris
    Samantha Paris’s "Finding the Bunny" is an engaging and heart-warming combination of memoir, business book, inspirational story and inside look at today’s most ubiquitous, most influential, and most invisible art. Through narration, flashback, inner monologue, and snappy laugh-out-loud dialogue that moves seamlessly from past to present and professional to personal and back again, Finding the Bunny artfully peels back the curtain on the fascinating world of voice-over, and much more. With un... more