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  • Quilt of Souls

    by Phyllis Lawson
    Quilt of Souls is a memoir that represents the author's childhood, her loving grandmother, and an old, tattered quilt that tells the untold stories that have long since been hushed. A quilt sewn with the used clothing of her grandmother's loved ones. Each piece of fabric woven into the quilt tells stories of how that person lived and died. Tragic stories of pain and suffering threaded back together with each healing stitch of perseverance and courage. Grandma Lula Horn (1883-1986) was like many... more
  • Cincinnnati's 4th best in the nation

    by Mike Peek
    Mike grew up in tragic conditions but rose above his chaotic life to be ranked as the 4th best freshman basketball player in the nation. Then, Mike's dreams of playing in the NBA were crushed. Desperate Mike sells crack out of his car to survive. Eventually, Mike learns the importance of resilience.
  • Betty: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I

    by Anne Wellman
    In 1945 Betty MacDonald published The Egg and I, a lightly fictionalized account of her life as the wife of a chicken farmer in the remote American Northwest in the 1920s. The book was an immediate success, selling a million copies in less than a year, and was eventually translated into over thirty languages. It has never been out of print. This is Betty's story.
  • I Just Looked Up

    by Sue Krupa
    When years of abuse, trauma, and the tragic effects of mental illness tear a New England family apart, a young girl leaves home never to return. In a sweeping memoir that is as captivating as it is uplifting, feel your heart swell as author Sue Krupa journeys into the past after opening her mother’s obituary only to find her name has been omitted in one last act of cruelty. As the story unfolds in a groundbreaking format of personal narrative interspersed with digital access points to the author... more
  • Undiagnosed, Unscrupulous and Unbeatable: The Paul Haber Story

    by Monty Nereim
    Undiagnosed, Unscrupulous and Unbeatable is based on the life of a quick-witted Jewish kid who battled child abuse, manic depression, personality disorder and alcohol to become one of history's greatest and most controversial handball champions.
  • A Clear Blue Mind

    by Dawna Flath
    Writing this book began after a simple yet amazing meditation, which I got the message that it was time for me to write. I followed my instinct, intuition and my angels who guided me through this journey of writing. This book is about my experiences good and bad, and how I was inspired to find my true self and my true purpose. I see the world with an open mind and that everything is possible. I have learned to believe in myself and have faith, not only in God, but in myself.
  • Witness to Greatness: The Consequential Presidency of Barack Obama in Perspective

    by Obi Nwasokwa
    It is the very stuff of legend. A man from the very bottom of the American caste emerges, seemingly out of nowhere, captures the nation’s imagination and – improbably -- within four odd years, defies gravity and rises to the dizzying height of the American presidency thereby becoming the first non-white in history elected to lead an overwhelmingly white nation. A Cinderella like fairy tale? No. That’s the story of President Barack Obama. Seismic, epic and biblical, it is a tale of the rejected s... more
  • Zoo Vet Alphabet: The Animal Adventures of Dr. Scott Amsel

    by Sheri Amsel
    The Zoo Vet Alphabet takes readers on an alphabetical tour of the wildlife patients treated by Dr. Scott Amsel throughout his 30-year career as an exotic animal veterinarian. Dr. Amsel’s work included the L.A. Zoo, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, “Vet on the Set” for two television series, trips overseas with the Orangutan Foundation and caring for grizzlies, elephants and tigers at wildlife facilities around the United States. Sheri Amsel, an author and illustrator of over 25 children’s books (and the... more
  • Inspiration in My Shoes

    by Diana Patton
    Inspiration in My Shoes shares the monumental experience of a biracial young girl’s journey through abuse, racism, and heartache. It is a riveting read that proves no barrier is too high, no obstacle is too great, and that inspiration comes in many surprising forms. Diana’s story is exemplary of both the struggles young women face and how those struggles can be transformed into triumphs. With her mother’s encouragement, her faith in God, and a resilient spirit, Diana overcomes unthinkable traged... more
  • Horseplay ISBN 978-1-907732-61-4

    by Gillian Ware
    Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I become disillusioned with life, until a chance conversation throws me headlong into the path of a beautiful, quirky, arthritic white horse with more attitude than a bull on steroids. She steals my heart and most of my disposable income as my childhood dream of horse ownership becomes a reality. So begins a journey of self-discovery, adoration, infatuation, dedication and loss, as I finally discover the missing piece in the jigsaw of my humanity.
  • Talk To Me: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion, and Education

    by Qasim Rashid
    #TalkToMe: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion, & Education is a non-fiction memoir on how the power of dialogue can overcome racism, xenophobia, intolerance, and violence. It is the real life story of how ordinary Americans are rising beyond the forces that seek to drive us apart, and instead finding paths to peace and understanding. These are the stories you won't hear in the media because the fact is, good news just doesn't sell newspapers. They are stories that remain untold because big... more
  • Where Did My Life Go? Homeless and Out of Business

    by K.D. Sanders
    The story after "Where Did My Life Go? A Towering Experience" when the author returns to his hometown to become homeless and trying to survive. It chronicles his day to day routines that he wrote in a blog as he was going through his trials and tribulations of being a homeless man.
  • Memoirs Of A Student Athlete

    by Mack Smalley JR
    A COMPELLING STORY ABOUT A TEENAGE FOOTBALL PLAYER THAT TRIUMPHS OVER HIS EXPERIENCES AND STRUGGLES IN “MEMOIRS OF A STUDENT ATHETE” The book was based on the author’s experiences and struggles as a student athlete growing up in Queensborough, Shreveport, Louisiana. In this book the author shares how football helped him and many others grow as a person, student and athlete. Mr. Smalley said, “I hope this book inspires others to succeed”.
  • Fun, Fearless and Female

    by Frances Pordes

    by russell ward
    Still after many years of reviewing many traumatic events of Vietnam and his lifetime experiences Russell D. Ward, was born and raised on the west side of Buffalo, New York in 1947. Back in that coal burning more physical times of life to the more modern days of today surely he thought, all the struggles and experiences in his life could be used to help others in some way. \t The childhood adventures that led to very unusual, almost comical, incidents to being drafted in the Army and sent to... more