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  • With a Heart for Any Fate

    by Sharon S Atkins
    Woman’s Suffrage. Influenza epidemic. War. See how those three things impact an ordinary American girl as she comes of age during the early decades of the 20th Century. Follow her journey to independence in this historical memoir based upon diaries written by Hazel Hungerford Howland from 1908-1920. With A Heart for Any Fate reveals the story of Hazel’s determination and perseverance to achieve her dream—only to wrestle with a decision which could result in leaving the dream behind. Experien... more
  • Healing Wisdom for a Wounded World: My Life-Changing Journey Through a Shamanic School (Book 2)

    by Weam Namou
    In Book 2 of Healing Wisdom for a Wounded World, Weam Namou takes you through the second year of her apprenticeship in Lynn Andrews’ four-year shamanic school. Join her as she embarks on a deep transformation process. The school’s focus for this year is to understand how to bring form into the world; to experience holding energy and moving it out into the universe; to develop the ability to move energy into objects for healing and sacred work; to learn how to use sacred tools in a powerful way w... more
  • The Last Ten Pounds: One Woman's Journey to Love (by Shedding Fear, Anger, Hatred... and Everything In-Between)

    by Lina Sage

    Lina was six when her live-in uncle first sexually assaulted her, an event heralding years of abuse heaped atop the violence of her alcoholic father. At fifteen, she attempted suicide. By twenty-three, she was free but badly in debt and working for an escort service—until a rich client offered her a way out.

    The Last Ten Pounds is the inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking memoir of Lina Sage, whose Vietnamese parents came to Canada as refugees seeking a better life for their children... more

  • Washed Away

    by Nikki DuBose

    Nikki DuBose is a former model turned author, speaker, and mental health advocate. In her memoir, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, Nikki recounts her experiences navigating the dark side of the modeling industry, while battling abuse, addiction, and various mental health issues (sexual victimization, eating disorders, alcoholism, drugs, depression, suicide attempts, body dysmorphic disorder, PTSD, psychosis).

    “By my early twenties, I was modeling professionally a... more

  • The Girl from Nip 'n' Tuck

    by Dianne H. Lundy
    Dianne Hollis graduated from college and embarked on a quest to find two things - an ideal job and the perfect man. Time proved that finding either one of them was no easy task. Struggling with difficult classes, unpredictable students, and unreliable men, she managed to keep her sanity by maintaining a sense of humor and putting her trust in God. Inheriting her father's stubborn streak and her mother's strong sense of Christian faith, she was determined to make it in her chosen profession, no m... more
  • The Sea Is Quiet Tonight: A Memoir

    by Michael H Ward
    In this insightful and inspirational memoir, Michael Ward returns to the early years of the AIDS epidemic, when so little was known and so few who were diagnosed survived. He chronicles in candid detail his partner Mark’s decline and eventual death. By looking back on these devastating events, the author not only honors a generation lost to the illness but also opens a vital window onto the past, before medication helped save lives and when HIV/AIDS was usually a death sentence.
  • Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story

    by Elizabeth Upton
    “Secrets of A Nun: My Own Story,” is a revelatory memoir detailing the true life experiences and struggles of Sister Roseann, Elizabeth Upton’s name while she was a nun. It’s a passionate account of faith, hope and service. After devoting years to religious life, Elizabeth’s longing for freedom and freshness drives her to strive for higher education. Just as she had the courage to enter her cloistered convent life, will she also find the courage to leave?
  • Snowballed

    by Kent Madsen
    In 2004, USA today reported on corruption in a small Midwest town, which led to uncovering one of the most diabolical cover-ups in the banking world. Snowballed is a personal narrative recounting this story of a Nebraska town and the corruption that lead to massive illegalities within the company Berkshire Hathaway, one local all-powerful family ruining the lives of farmers and small business owners and the evidence that leads back to men in high places and their deeply seated corruption. This c... more
  • A Return to Chelm

    by Arlene Blaier Burrows
    At the outbreak of World War II, almost half of Chelm's 36,000 residents were Jewish, but only a few hundred survived the war-virtually wiping out a community that had lived for 700 years in southeastern Poland. Eight of Arlene Blaier Burrows' relatives somehow survived. Seventy-two members of her family, however, were killed in the Holocaust. In A Return to Chelm, she goes on a deeply personal journey to learn more about her Blayer and Groman relatives who lived and died. In the process, ... more
  • My Corner of the Sky

    by Kerri Dyer-Keen
    She was going to go home with her husband driving the car, in order to get ready to perform a variety show at a leading club in Sydney Australia. Happy, everything seeming normal. Next thing you know - 4 and a half months later - total chaos reigns! 30 years on, Kerri is a singer that can no longer sing! (at the moment!) Follow her through her growing up years - ‘her time as a witch’! - ‘her time as a club and television entertainer’ - her ‘scary road trip to Darwin’ and ‘performing at the... more
  • Letters from the Pacific: 49 Days on a Cargo Ship

    by Sandra Shaw Homer
    The beauty of long-distance ocean travel is that you climb on board, unpack your things and stay in one place while the ship does all the traveling for you. “And then what?” your friends ask. Forty-nine days of empty ocean look like a long time, but in these engaging “letters home” about the characters on board, the ports exotic and dull, the workings of the ship itself, and the endless, sibilant sea – the voice of the interior journey began to assert itself. Who knew where it would go? Read... more
  • Tales from the Bike Path: Living a Life of Adventure and Grace Through 43 Years of High School Work with Cru

    by Benton Hall
    Seasoned ministry leader with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) – Benton Hall is a warm story teller who has served teens around the world, but mostly in Texas, for decades. His book, Tales from the Bike Path,tells faith-boosting stories of God showing up in the lives of people Benton has learned from as he tells stories of his own growth in faith, serving with and learning from Cru leaders including Dennis Rainey, as well as others who have come alongside Benton and his ministry. With heartwarm... more
  • The QB Mentor: Words of Wisdom from an NFL Veteran for an Injured Quarterback That Can Improve Your Life and Career

    by Scott Stankavage
    Former NFL and college quarterback Scott Stankavage tells a heartwarming story of trusting God while overcoming life’s challenges. When his star quarterback son has to battle back after a potentially career-ending injury, Scott finds the mentor he seeks when reunited with former Broncos teammate, Steve Wilson, a Hall of Fame and college coach of the year. Then Scott is diagnosed with incurable leukemia and learns God has more to teach. Fans will love stories about Gary Kubiak, John Elway... more
  • We Fought Like Lions: A Polish Jewish Soldier's Odyssey Through the Holocaust: Warsaw Uprising to Nazi POW

    by Gary Lelonek
    We Fought Like Lions, is about my grandfather’s, Charles Leonek's World War Two account. The foundation of the story was born out of a decade and a half of genealogical research. I uncovered the account 18 years after my grandfather’s death through JewishGen, JewshGen Family Finder, JRI-Poland, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the USHMM, the YIVO, and Yizkor books. It has been an amazing journey that has culminated with the publishing of the book. The book is based on my transcription of a lost 2 ... more
  • The Priest and the Cardinal: Race and Rebellion in 1960s Los Angeles

    by William H. DuBay
    The story begins in 1964, when the young Father DuBay held a press conference in which he called on Pope Paul VI to remove James Francis Cardinal McIntyre from office as Archbishop of Los Angeles. DuBay accused the Cardinal of conducting ”a vicious campaign of intimidation and repression against priests, seminarians, and laity who have tried to reach the consciences of white Catholics in his Archdiocese.” Racial tensions had been escalating dramatically. Voters furiously debated Proposition 1... more
  • I'm OK, You're a Pain In the Ass...a love story

    by J. Michael Chamberlain
    Wildly entertaining essays laced with wicked concepts, cheap shots and a few bright ideas. An absolute feast of funny words without once mentioning vampires or zombies. The perfect blend of madcap rants and true life experiences, guaranteed to put a never-ending smile on your face. Actually, a never-ending smile might be cause for alarm. In fact, if your smile lasts longer than four hours, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Just the same, this extraordinary slice of life is riotously... more