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  • Punk Love Foucault

    by Gabe Riggs
    Punk Love Foucault gives voice to the borderland existence that is transgender life in a society driven by sex and self-doubt, no matter who you are. It is a coming-of-age story of a transgender youth who rebels against even the meaning of transgender. Within this atypical circumstance, it critically engages in the existential underpinnings that propel all of our relationships, from the familial to the strange. Instead of just confessing how hard it is to be "abnormal," this memoir is about how ... more
  • el escape a los cabos

    by Steven LaPoint
    it's cool
  • A Year of Ebola: A personal tale of the weirdness wrought by the world's largest Ebola virus disease epidemic

    by David Brett-Major
    This narrative history| memoir provides a close look at work in the West Africa Ebola epidemic in 2014 by a physician who was on the ground in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria. It gives a personal account of challenges and opportunities, some captured and some lost, placing events in the context of affected communities, responders, and the global health community.
  • Out Of The Blue: The Unexpected Adventure of Life Interrupted

    by Greg Murtha
    “Out of the Blue” is the incredible story of what can happen when the unexpected knocks you off your current path. While many would deem a terminal cancer diagnosis and multiple heart attacks utterly tragic, author Greg Murtha counted them a blessing. After his diagnosis, Greg‘s life’s calling became one of enriching and impacting the lives of those around him, no matter if it was in the grocery store aisle, while away on vacation, or during his chemotherapy treatments. Throughout the book... more
  • Man & Horse: The Long Ride Across America

    by John Egenes
    In 1974 the author, John Egenes, rode his young horse, Gizmo, across the United States. Together, they witnessed an America that no longer exists.

    by Linda Lundquist Molitor

    Memoirs of Albrekt Lundquist when he immigrated from Sweden to America from 1910-1924. It is a story of hardship, disappointment, struggle and tenacity, all told with a pragmatic sense of humor and eloquence. Topics he describes are the cost of living, both monetary and personal, familiar locations, politics, famous people and World events. It tells about his opinions of World War I for which he was drafted to fight for America. He saw Sarah Bernhard and Axel Skovgaard perform, and a tent rev... more

  • Find Me Alone

    by Lisa Graff
    Find Me Alone A family struggles with one member’s alcoholism and the chaos it creates in all their lives in this coming-of-age novel titled Find Me Alone by Lisa Graff Cee and her family live under a terrible curse. It may not be a spell out of the fairy tales, but it still dooms Cee and her sisters, Deana and Rose. Her father’s alcoholism hangs over their house like a black cloud. It is getting worse, and young Cee doesn’t know what to do.
  • He Loves Me Not

    by Sara Gerardo
    Based on the true story of Sara's first marriage, He Loves Me Not describes the abuse, torture, and neglect she survived while living in a foreign country.
  • Welcome Home: A Memoir

    by Jude Ezeilo
    Arriving with my family in the United States as a legal permanent resident, under the protection of political asylum, at the age of two, I grew up in several cities and states, experiencing and enjoying all that this great nation had to offer. As a teenager in high school, I unwittingly made a decision, and the repercussions of that choice were fully realized years later when the government of the only home that I had ever known initiated proceedings for my removal and deportation.
  • How to Write an Online Obituary

    by Melissa Jayne Kinsey
    When my father died in 2014, I volunteered to write his obituary. No sweat. After all, I'd been in the publishing industry for 20 years. Writing an obit, though, turned out to be trickier than I thought. Searching for tips on the craft, I found only predictable, outdated suggestions: be brief, pound out some sentimental schmaltz, tack on a superfluous list of survivors, and toss in a few harps and angels. My dad deserved more than a heap of warmed-over clichés—doesn't everyone? The internet has ... more
  • Stars in My Car

    by Steven Roy Grimsley
    Steven Roy Grimsley only wants to make extra money when he becomes an Uber driver in Knoxville, Tennessee. What he isn?t expecting is the joy that comes from getting to know strangers who he would have otherwise never met. In this rider-by-rider narrative, he takes you on an adventure that begins Halloween night, runs through the University of Tennessee football season, and ends during the hot days of summer. Grimsley recalls driving nearly one hundred riders, including sorority girls, ... more
  • Changed by the Rain

    by Candice C. Kirkbride
    At the tender age of 15, Candice Kirkbride?s life changed forever. Happiness is at the front of her mind everyday despite the challenges she continues to face. She does not want to be defined by that one fateful night. She has dedicated herself to inspiring others to find happiness in their life. Candice?s message touches each person differently. Whether it?s through her story of recovery, overcoming adversity or forgiving those who have wronged her, she has experienced so much in her young life... more
  • Playing House in Provence: How Two Americans Became a Little Bit French

    by Mary-Lou Weisman
    The author and her husband love to travel, but they don't like being tourists. They want to explore on their own, at their own pace-- no playing follow-the-leader, plugs in their ears, their eyes trained on a hoisted umbrella. They want to live the authentic local life, shop for food, make friends, and be regulars at their small-town cafe. They want to become so French that even Americans won't like them. As tourists-on-the-loose in a foreign town, they can't resist pausing in front of a realtor... more
  • Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac

    by A.E. Hayes
    A.E. Hayes wakes up on the afternoon of August 24, 2010, with no idea of who she is or what has happened to her. When he doctors begin saying words such as "traumatic brain injury" and "retrograde amnesia," she realizes she cannot remember anything at all. Guided by doctors, trauma units, her husband, a mysterious person known only as Starlight Boy, and an equally mysterious voice inside her head that tells her to seek the truth, Hayes sets out to uncover the answers about her rare condition.... more
  • Our Two Societies

    by Andre Davis
    What is it like to be an Afro-American living in Detroit’s projects in the 1970’s or in Japan in the 1990’s? How does social equality differ from legal equality?  How does viewing America as a racist society affect Americas’ current and future workforce? Davis uses his own exciting, scary and often unbelievable experiences to walk the reader through the answers to these questions and more. With an easy story telling style, the author brings you along as he discovers two different societies al... more
  • Bad Choices Make Good Stories: Going to New York (How the Great American Opioid Epidemic of the 21st Century Began)

    by Oliver Markus Malloy
    Bad Choices Make Good Stories is a darkly funny coming-of-age novel based on true events. Oliver, a teenage hacker living in Germany, meets Donna online. She's an American girl living in New York. After chatting and talking on the phone for months, he finally decides to surprise her with a visit. But he soon finds out that things are not what they appeared to be, and that this visit will change his life forever.