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  • The Accidental Caregiver: How I Met, Loved and Lost Legendary Holocaust Refugee Maria Altmann

    by Gregor Collins
    When thirty-two-year-old actor Gregor Collins reluctantly interviewed for a job as a caregiver more out of a favor to a friend - he had no idea his life was about to change forever. Seconds into the chance meeting in 2008 with, it would turn out, a world-renowned Holocaust refugee named Maria Altmann, there was an unexplainable magic in the air - it felt as if they had already met. And Collins was suddenly thrown into a situation with which he had never before been confronted: caring for some... more
  • Jackie: The Adventures of a Little Boy Trying to Grow Up

    by John Tammela
    Jackie was an average kid growing up in a Finnish family in Niagara Falls, Canada in the late 1930's and early '40's.

    In this true story you will join Jackie as he deals with being the youngest of four children, but also the terrors of his second grade teacher or the school nurse, and the pangs of his first crush. Then there was the run-away bread wagon and being lost in a snow storm, but snow meant building a huge snow castle and of course snow-ball battles on the ramparts. This book ma... more

  • 9780914875642

    by Gretchen Griffith
    In her own words, retired Salvation Army Major Jean Lorraine Frese shares her life story and her call to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. She invites the reader to travel with her into isolated hollows, laugh with her as she faces mountain traditions, and praise God with her as she recounts her years of spreading the gospel. Through interviews and many pleasant hours spent with her cousin, author Gretchen Griffith gives a compelling account of Major Jean’s service in the mountain mission. ... more
  • Committed Undone: A tale of love and love lost, retirement, travel and spiritual healing

    by Elizabeth Lowrie
    In the process of considering whether or not to retire, Elizabeth’s world begins to fall apart when Liz Gilbert publishes Committed, the sequel to her best seller Eat, Pray, Love. In Committed, Liz and her new beau (Felipe) are described as survivors of ‘very, very bad divorces’. This is a huge shock to Elizabeth Lowrie, ‘Felipe’s’ ex-wife: she had always believed their split had been gracious. In order to try and make sense of the chaos around her, Elizabeth embarks on the trip of a life t... more
  • Passages from Behind These Doors: A Family Memoir

    by Catherine Sevenau

    This kaleidoscope of frank, funny, and tender tales are about sin and prayer, about good intentions and unattended sorrows. Growing up in California in the 1950s and 60s, Catherine (Clemens) Sevenau was raised primarily by an older sister, survived five years living with an unhinged erratic mother, and spent summers working at her father's five-and-dime in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury. This era and sense of place provide the colorful background to a soul-searching and rivetin... more

  • Memoirs from the War in Heaven

    by John H. Doe
    How it came to be that a nobody (literally) almost threw it all away, to be rescued by Our Lord Jesus Christ and his angels, and became a soldier in the most important war that will ever be fought; how it was discovered, what is the meaning of life, and what Joan of Arc had to do with any of it; how it could be that Philip K. Dick was our protagonist's twin brother, when he was born forty-one years previous; was it all just a dream? Or then what treasure did you bring back from your journeys?

    by Jill Pipkin
    The author journeys by bus to Istanbul to take photographs of mosaics in ancient Christian churches. The old streets present challenges for a single young woman and she is about to give up when she meets a young Turk who offers his guiding and protective services. Love ensues, resulting in unsuspected life-threathning conditions for the author. Extensive descriptions of the mosaics in Haghia Sophia and the crown jewel of mosaics, Chora Church, and of the Spice Bazaar and the ancient bazaar a... more
  • Trucking in English

    by Carolyn Steele
    This is the tale of what happens when a middle-aged mum from England decides to actually drive 18-wheelers across North America instead of just dreaming about it. From early training (when it becomes apparent that negotiating 18 wheels and 13 gears involves slightly more than just learning how to climb in) this rookie overcomes self-doubt, infuriating companions and inconsiderate weather to become a real trucker.
  • Bad Dyke: Salacious Stories from a Queer Life

    by Allison Moon
    Furry-style fox hunts, breaking into waterparks, and masturbating in trees. It’s all just part of the queer life of author and sex-educator Allison Moon. This collection of 18 memoirs celebrates the humor and tenderness of falling in and out of love and in and out of bed. “When Allison Moon tells a story, you're in for a helluva treat. She's one of the sexiest, silliest, smartest storytellers I know!” -- KEVIN ALLISON, RISK! Podcast
  • 21 DAYS IN MAUI: How I gave myself persmission to be free.

    by P.L. Como
    In a corporate job that was stiffling her and on the brink of divorce, P.L. Como saved every vacation day she could muster to regroup. The plan? 21 days. In Maui. By herself. Her quest kicked off with a prolific tarot card reading by a beautiful German woman chopping an avocado. It led her to a spiritual talk at the Temple of Peace, on a full moon labyrinth walk with a wild haired Goddess, along the treacherous Road to Hana, and up a volcano to witness the sun rising through the clouds. She j... more
  • Peeing On Hot Coals

    by Pat Montandon

    In her new memoir, Peeing On Hot Coals, Pat Montandon, the irrepressible Icon of San Francisco leads us on a journey from the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma to the highest circles of San Francisco society. Told with her usual pluck, wit and compassion, Montandon not only survived her brutal past, she bravely chronicles how she rose above it to live the Great American Dream. Through wit and creativity Montandon became a well-known figure not only in San Francisco but internationally and the basis of a ... more

  • A Child's Christmas in Queens

    by Steven Lubliner
    Queens, New York in the early 1970s. During the holidays, a small boy dishonors his mother and learns a lesson. Maybe more than one. Maybe not.
  • A Thousand Sparks of Light

    by Lenore Janecek
    Shining a light on the appalling issue of medical error, this stirring memoir, A Thousand Sparks of Light tells of one health professional’s empowering story from the hospital mishap to the courtroom battle that catalyzed her now public crusade. In her inspiring book, Lenore Janecek, a nationally-known health care expert, author, and public speaker tells the story of how she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent invasive surgery, only to discover, through dogged perseverance, there was a disas... more
  • Small Moments: A Child's Memories of the Civil Rights Movement

    by Mary M. Barrow
    Based on a true story set during the early years of the Civil Rights movement, 'Small Moments' is a gripping and heartfelt tale of how one uneducated and underprivileged woman taught a young girl to see the world not in terms of color, but in terms of kindness, equality and love. Amelia, an African American housemaid who may have been affected by the heartbreaking experiment at Tuskegee, is a tender mother figure who gradually exposes her young, white charge to the rippling tide of the nation's... more
  • I'm Already Disturbed Please Come In

    by gabrielle glancy
    Acclaimed poet, Gabrielle Glancy, has emerged at last, with a strikingly original memoir, among the best works of prose I’ve read in years. It’s a harrowing (and sometimes hilarious) tale of her descent into and eventual emergence from the alien and alienated worlds of illness and contemporary health care. It’s also a subtly brilliant meditation on the social – or asocial – world of medicine’s strange but very relevant intersection with the infectious world of social media (Facebook in particula... more
  • Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand

    by Petrea Burchard

    Being a non-famous, working actor in Hollywood isn't easy, but it can be hilarious if you bring your attitude. Based on the popular column in's ActorsInk, the essays in "Act As If" take a humorous look at the life of a journeyman actor in Hollywood. "Journeyman," as in "not a star."