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  • big data

    by soojin park
  • Candlelight in a Storm: Born to be a Berliner/978-1-5049-4452-6

    by Naveen Sridhar
    A colorful and harrowing story of a girl born during World War II, fleeing Berlin under bombardment and later the communist regime in the East as a teenager, ultimately reaching the free world.
  • Growing Up Alaska: Memories of a Town, a Time, a Place, and a People Planted in a Little Pocket of Wonderful

    by Niki Breeser Tschirgi
    Beginning with a family move to Alaska in March of 1982, Growing up Alaska follows the memories of Niki as she settles down and lives in the small town of Tok (pronounced Toke), Alaska, located ninety miles from the Canadian border in the interior of the state. From daily life of walking to and from school in the dark with a flashlight and playing outside at recess at 20 below zero, to traveling upwards of five days for school basketball trips that included bus, ferry, and airplane travel, Niki ... more
  • Dr. Francis W. M. Morais: His Fight for Humanity

    by Drs. Dwedor Morais Ford and Charles Wesley Ford, Jr.
    This book is about an unsung civil rights leader, Francis W. M. Morais (1866-1964), Ph.D., D.Litt. Between 1927 and 1935, Dr. Morais worked tirelessly to put an end to slavery and forced labor in Africa, particularly Liberia, which was founded as a haven for freed African-Americans in the early 1900s. Morais’ fight for human rights compelled him to travel to Geneva to meet with officials of the League of Nations. The Liberian government being against his travel to Europe from the outset did all ... more
  • Beyond the Eight Foot World

    by Jayne Kelly
    Albert Plevier, a twenty-four year old chemical engineer and plant production manager at a major chemical firm in New Jersey's notorious chemical industry of the 1970's, stood frozen in shock and disbelief as concentrated, hot sodium hydroxide spiraled counter clockwise toward his unprotected face and upper body. Then it hit. The liquid powered by a gas powered motor churned this caustic chemical and turned his feet into springs. This husband and father was blown back onto his left side an... more
  • Short Stories About Mothers

    by steven short
    Short Stories About Mothers explores motherhood in all its guises. Stories include a mother looking back on the birth of her extremely premature twins, a nun talking about Mother Superior and a young mum snatched away from her family by early onset dementia.

    by Clifford Davids
    Decorated Vietnam combat veteran's raw experiences and life struggle with PTSD and his unique, very entertaining, Adventurous Life Experiences before and after the war. This book is extremey important to those suffering from PTSD because it holds the key to helping veterans prevent suicide.
  • 978-0-9861023-4-9

    by Mark Schreiber
    The View From Bora Bora is a wistful, literary, memoir of the month I spent in French Polynesia after the end of a love affair. Yet despite my efforts to seek solace in the natural beauty of what James Michener called, "the most beautiful island in the world," as well as in the wisdom of Proust and even the arms of another woman, I am fatefully and ineluctably drawn back to the three months I spent with her exploring Israel and Greece, three glorious months I spent discovering one whom I thought... more
  • Ages of Suffocation: Remembered Dreams

    by Uzo Amaka
    A thrilling memoir told in moments of flashbacks about a young beauty, OMA. She had a sudden recollection of a dark past while she sat in a counseling session and a question from the counselor, JUNE, to OMA, triggered a series of suppressed memories. JUNE pressed OMA on during the session to speak more about her experiences with her stepmother and sisters as a child growing up in Nigeria and OMA unsuccessfully attempted to redirect the topic. OMA broke down in uncontrollable tears and began to ... more

    by James Maltese
    These meditations celebrate the holy days of Jesus Christ. Each of the meditations were written at Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter over five decades (1965-2015). We are spoken to and guided as spiritual sons and daughters.
  • An Ordinary Death

    by Christy Thomas
    Death is the great inevitability. The one commonality that all people experience is that we will all take our first breath and we will all take our last breath. If we think about it at all, we also all long for ordinary, simple deaths. But our medicalized way of dying destroys that hope. Right now, Medicare reimburses for all the wrong things. If we keep our elderly and terminally ill in the hospital system, punctured and tortured by one useless and expensive test and procedure after anoth... more
  • Breathing for Two

    by Wolf Pascoe
    Ever wonder exactly why anesthesiologists describe their job as hours of boredom, moments of panic? With gentle precision, anesthesiologist Wolf Pascoe teases apart an overlooked world and unveils the eggshell dance that takes place at the head of an operating table. A personal odyssey that goes deep into the heart of anesthesia's most fearsome mystery—breathing—this short book offers a seat on the stage of humanity's original theatre. It will change the way you think about life, and breath.
  • 987-1507873953

    by Thomas Beck
    The End of Homo Sapiens: And the Birth of a New Species presents a compelling account of the spiritual awakening of humanity. Our species shift is occurring through the enlightening of individuals such as Thomas Beck, who was initiated into expanded states via meditation and otherworldly beings. By sharing his own personal story as well as psychotherapy case stories, Dr. Beck convinces us that a phase-transition to a higher order species, Homo sapiens lumina, has already begun. In the wink of... more
  • 9781935053361

    by JRobin Whitley
    A compilation of poetry, reflections and essays this book is written in a style showing the challenges that the Lesbian Christian faces in living an open life while also seeking to live a life of faith. It is the author's intent that the book may assist the lesbian reader in identifying the goodness in her own life, and also be a book to be shared with parents and friends in order that issues of faith can be seen alongside the gift of being a lesbian. Robin received her M.Div. from Lutheran The... more
  • Escape from Communism

    by Mit Sandru
    Life under communism is cruel and inhumane. Commit the smallest political infraction, and the secret police will arrest you. The only ray of hope is the West, but getting out from communism is difficult. Communist countries have a “Berlin Wall” around them. It is a crime to escape by crossing the border illegally, and anyone caught is beaten and imprisoned, sometimes even shot. I was eighteen, and I was living in hell. However, I would rather have died than keep living as a communist slave. This... more
  • Cold Beer and a Hot Dart

    by Brandon Wolfe
    Are YOU happy? Over a span of eleven years, Brandon Wolfe backpacked throughout fifteen different countries, having been chased by wild animals, contracted one of the world’s deadliest diseases three different times, witnessed multiple natural wonders of the Earth, found himself in the middle of demonic deliverances, and set foot in villages that had never seen white people before. He was also told in 2005 by medical professionals that he had until around age forty (give or take) to live… ... more