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  • I Choose Life

    by Sandra Evans
    Bee Godskiss Daley had every reason to throw in the towel: A mountain of financial problems. Her sister’s cancer. Her own chronic health problems. An ongoing, bitter divorce after years of living with a controlling, alcoholic husband. But step by step, with the support of her local Al-Anon chapter and her growing faith in God, Daley began to understand that as bad as things seemed to be, she had a choice: support life or destroy life. I Choose Life invites you to share her journey of discovery a... more
  • TWSC: A Shrouded Autobiography

    by Tenacity
    In this autobiography, the author, using the pen name Tenacity, admits he made many mistakes, but he never stopped living. In TWSC, he shares the experiences of his first twenty-five years of life—which he likens to a Ferris wheel with all of its ups and downs.TWSC explores the many different and intimate views of Tenacity’s early years , including childhood highs and lows, his education, puppy love, incarcerations, drug experimentation, and service in Vietnam. A man who traveled in many circles... more
  • War Ready: In My Father's Shadow

    by Mary Lou Darst
    For young Mary Lou, life was an adventure. Her father served in the military, and she traveled the world with him and her family. His assignments took them to Alaska, Virginia, Japan, Texas, and Germany, as part of the US Army’s responsibilities in policing the world. This candid memoir recounts her family’s life in new places and cultures following World War II. What was it like to be a child living in Japan seven years after the war? What was it like to be a thirteen-year-old living in Germany... more
  • SAINT SOMEBODY (isbn 978 - 1 - 4908 - 8211 - 6 51395)

    by Teresa Prins-Wood
    SAINT SOMEBODY is a true story about a young girl's quest to become famous. Believing that she has been on the receiving end of two miracles, Teresa determines to find fame by becoming a Saint. The book is a poignant and humorous 'coming of age' memoir that demonstrates the impact of family dynamics on individual development.
  • Night People, Book 1

    by Larry J Dunlap

    IMAGINE YOU LIVE IN INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA in the early 60s and you love singing with your buddies just for fun until you are suddenly dropped into the San Francisco music scene just before the summer of 1965. You can stay if you can find a way to turn your singing group into a rock and roll band in less than a week! And you must be willing to sacrifice and leave everything else you love behind.

    NIGHT PEOPLE, an intimate literary memoir,... more

  • No Return Ticket: A Memoir

    by Nicholas Rety
    This is a boy’s firsthand account of the Second World War siege of Budapest and the trials of its aftermath, transitioning to an English private school and tough days in London on the way to medical school. Emerging as a urological surgeon, the journey continues to far-flung places, always keeping the human focus. A life lived to the full, it finds the author taking up flying at age fifty-six, something to rekindle the flying daydreams of the armchair pilot.
  • Life without Lisa

    by Richard Ballo
    The story chronicles Richard Ballo's journey as a single dad after losing his young wife to cancer. The author bares his soul in this brutally honest account of grief with all the emptiness, anger, hopelessness, and guilt of being windowed at only 39 years of age. Through Rich's journaling we are privy to his innermost thoughts and feelings.
  • Storehouses of Snow: Dr. Munn's Expedition to Antarctica

    by Daniel V. Runyon

    Snow three miles deep blankets Antarctica, a continent larger than Europe. Go there and experience the wonders of nature with Dr. Munn.

  • The Abridged Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    by Daniel V. Runyon
    Benjamin Franklin shaped American journalism, civic life, economics, and politics by his example as a publisher, editor, writer, business leader, and statesman. Every American should read the story he wrote of his own life. And now they can, for this edition of his autobiography tells his entire story in his own words, just 29% shorter with fewer words and shorter sentences. You will smile, cry, laugh, or wince on almost every page at his humor, pathos, wit, and profound insight into human thou... more
  • 978-0996491204

    by Anna Blake
  • "the two worlds of Lee Mehl"

    by Lee mehl
    Lee Mehl suffered a stroke when she was just 30 years old.This is the story of her life and death ordeal, a young life interrupted.Lee shares her experiences of being in a coma, going throu recovery and rehabilitation.She writes of her feelings,fears and hopes,her adventures and what it has been like to build a new life.This lesson of hope,strengh and love (along with a bucket of humor and sarcasm)goes out to everyone
  • I Knew You by Name: The Search for My Lost Mother

    A memoir of a daughter's search for her unwed mother. Secreted letters and diaries reveal much of Barnes' mother's life echoed her own. Here are their stories of abandonment, addiction, estranged fathers, a truly evil stepmother, the churches that kicked them out and the churches offering salvation. A story of love lost and love found.
  • Too Tough to Love: My Life with Johnny Ramone

    by cynthia whitney and emily xyz
    TOO TOUGH TO LOVE is Cynthia "Roxy" Whitney's first-person account of her 20-year affair with punk guitar legend and Ramones co-founder Johnny Ramone - a story that has never been told until now. While most fans have heard of the notorious love triangle of Johnny, singer Joey Ramone, and Joey's girlfriend Linda Daniele (later Mrs. Johnny Ramone), very few know that the "triangle" had a fourth side - Roxy. In her inimitable voice, she gives a no-holds-barred account of her life as a teenaged stri... more
  • Chomp, Chomp, Chomp; How I Survived A Bear Attack and Other Cautionary Tales

    by Allena Hansen
    In the summer of 2008, while working alone on my isolated California ranch, I was mauled and severely injured by a predatory black bear. With the help of my two hero dogs, I managed to fight the accursed thing off and drive myself down a mountain for help with my face hanging off. THAT was the easy part-- and why was I laughing?
  • The Marvel Chronicles

    by Douglas Harris
    This book retells stories of the serendipitous and vicissitudinous 20th Century life of an ordinary yet exceptional African American woman, Marvel Aleta Clark Harris, as told to her children and grandchildren and recorded by her son. There are stories about her birth in a snowstorm, her years as sickly child and her doctor’s death sentence, her mother as hero and role model, childhood memories during the 1920s and ‘30s, siblings who both loved and taunted her, her teen years as a cook, her year... more
  • "the two worlds of Lee Mehl"

    by Lee Mehl
    The story tells about a young girl faced suddenly to the most difficult situation of my life and how I managed to step out of my hole, with stubbourness, perseverance, humor and above all my love for humanity.This book is my present to anyone who has lost faith in life, to their friends and families.