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  • Been There, Done What!

    by John Cameron Smith
    Australian-born John Smith never accepted the status quo. He left home at 21 with £65 ($200) and a ticket to Hong Kong with no job prospects. From there he worked his way around the world, primarily in advertising, achieving award-winning financial success in the USA, sharing his life with beautiful women and stray dogs. Returning home at 36, he became a papaya farmer, dabbled in real estate and retired at 50 to live in Noosa, Queensland. In 2009, at 69, he pursues an internet romance with a ... more
  • Saving Jake: When Addiction Hits Home

    by D'Anne Burwell

    D’Anne Burwell’s smart, athletic son—raised in a loving and prosperous home—begins abusing OxyContin as a teenager, and within a year drops out of college, walks out of rehab, and lands homeless on the streets of Boulder.

    Struggling with fear, guilt, and a desperate need to protect her son, D’Anne grapples with her husband’s anger and her daughter’s depression as the family disease of addiction impacts them all. She discovers the terrifying links between prescription-drug abuse and skyr... more

  • Here Come The Gypsies

    by Harvey P. Getz

    by M.G. Crisci
    PAPA CADO. "I'm not afraid to die, I've been close so many times." PAPA CADO is the poignant, sometimes hilarious, and terribly inspirational first-person account of Arthur Mercado, a kind, humble man with a will of steel. A man who may hold the unofficial Guinness Book of Records for the most combined heart procedures, 51, without actually dying. Yes, 51! The enlarged 4th Edition contains some sanguine new observations from Arthur that demonstrate his simple Will Rogers style sense ... more
  • Mr. Nomad: Tales of a Traveling Teacher

    by Dave Webb
    In his memoir, veteran elementary school teacher Dave Webb recalls some of the most memorable events from his nearly thirty-year career in education. His many travels as a teacher have taken him to dozens of public and private schools, and have connected him and his classes with the likes of award-winning authors, Hollywood actors, and students from around the world. Often funny, sometimes heartbreaking, MR. NOMAD examines crossroads in the author's career while offering helpful ideas for other ... more
  • Depression, Oil Trading and a Mind at War with Itself

    by Jonathan Ford
    A compelling but sad journey from childhood in the UK through College at Oxford and then work as an Oil Trader in London, Geneva and Houston with brief spells in Bermuda and New York. After moving to the US in 1990 I was afflicted with devastating depression which created terrible strife with my two American wives ending in divorce, near financial ruin and almost suicide. Many unique stories fill the book about the oil trading world and a host of other interesting subjects. My relationship with ... more
  • Bond. Anthony Bond: Adventures in My Own Right

    by Anthony J Bond
    Ever since boyhood, people have laughed when they discover Anthony Bond has the same surname as the iconic spy, and that the fictitious James’s name is borrowed from the real-life ornithologist Anthony happens to share birthdays with. Anthony’s own adventures begin at birth, during a World War II air raid. Later, he rebels against his English middle class upbringing and emigrates to Canada. Anthony’s first job in television is working for an infamous producer who has been fired for feeding an... more
  • Far from the Land: An Irish Memoir

    by Thomas J. Rice
    Far From The Land is a story of "ordinary heroes," men and women who rise to the daunting challenges of rural life in post World War II Ireland when survival was the primary focus. The youngest of six children abandoned by their father and raised by their mother--one of the celebrated Kilmainham Gaol hunger striking "Women of 1922" in the Irish Civil War--the author not only tells his own story, but paints a vivid portrait of the entire community of colorful characters in his life. Poverty, ... more
  • Quilt of Souls

    by Phyllis Lawson
    Quilt of Souls is a memoir that represents the author's childhood, her loving grandmother, and an old, tattered quilt that tells the untold stories that have long since been hushed. A quilt sewn with the used clothing of her grandmother's loved ones. Each piece of fabric woven into the quilt tells stories of how that person lived and died. Tragic stories of pain and suffering threaded back together with each healing stitch of perseverance and courage. Grandma Lula Horn (1883-1986) was like many... more
  • Cincinnnati's 4th best in the nation

    by Mike Peek
    Mike grew up in tragic conditions but rose above his chaotic life to be ranked as the 4th best freshman basketball player in the nation. Then, Mike's dreams of playing in the NBA were crushed. Desperate Mike sells crack out of his car to survive. Eventually, Mike learns the importance of resilience.
  • Betty: The Story of Betty MacDonald, Author of The Egg and I

    by Anne Wellman
    In 1945 Betty MacDonald published The Egg and I, a lightly fictionalized account of her life as the wife of a chicken farmer in the remote American Northwest in the 1920s. The book was an immediate success, selling a million copies in less than a year, and was eventually translated into over thirty languages. It has never been out of print. This is Betty's story.
  • I Just Looked Up

    by Sue Krupa
    When years of abuse, trauma, and the tragic effects of mental illness tear a New England family apart, a young girl leaves home never to return. In a sweeping memoir that is as captivating as it is uplifting, feel your heart swell as author Sue Krupa journeys into the past after opening her mother’s obituary only to find her name has been omitted in one last act of cruelty. As the story unfolds in a groundbreaking format of personal narrative interspersed with digital access points to the author... more
  • Undiagnosed, Unscrupulous and Unbeatable: The Paul Haber Story

    by Monty Nereim
    Undiagnosed, Unscrupulous and Unbeatable is based on the life of a quick-witted Jewish kid who battled child abuse, manic depression, personality disorder and alcohol to become one of history's greatest and most controversial handball champions.
  • A Clear Blue Mind

    by Dawna Flath
    Writing this book began after a simple yet amazing meditation, which I got the message that it was time for me to write. I followed my instinct, intuition and my angels who guided me through this journey of writing. This book is about my experiences good and bad, and how I was inspired to find my true self and my true purpose. I see the world with an open mind and that everything is possible. I have learned to believe in myself and have faith, not only in God, but in myself.
  • Witness to Greatness: The Consequential Presidency of Barack Obama in Perspective

    by Obi Nwasokwa
    It is the very stuff of legend. A man from the very bottom of the American caste emerges, seemingly out of nowhere, captures the nation’s imagination and – improbably -- within four odd years, defies gravity and rises to the dizzying height of the American presidency thereby becoming the first non-white in history elected to lead an overwhelmingly white nation. A Cinderella like fairy tale? No. That’s the story of President Barack Obama. Seismic, epic and biblical, it is a tale of the rejected s... more