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  • The Dark Ones (Black Werewolves Book 1)

    by Gaja J. Kos
    In a world ruled by lethal Slavic immortals, Rose and her pack of Black werewolves are drawn into the beginning of a war as they try to uncover the being behind the mass murder of White werewolves. Because the nature of the killings obstructs the normal passage of souls, Veles, the sultry lord of the underworld, offers Rose his assistance; the were is left facing not only the new knowledge of the pack's hidden lineage but also her growing fondness for the arrogant god... To win the war, ... more
  • The OOPArt (Plight of the Overlords Book 1)

    by T.J. Wolf
    On a secretive night dive off the coast of Maui in 1975, marine biologist Kalinda Earle accidentally discovers an Out-Of-Place-Artifact on the seafloor, triggering an historic tsunami. Rescued along with a cruise ship survivor by a conspiracy-minded ex-Navy SEAL, they embark together on a world-wide quest to discover its origin and purpose, pursued by U.S. Special Forces, agents of a power hungry conglomerate known as THULE, and alien observers--all striving to possess its miraculous technology.... more
  • Cockroaches for Sale: -A PARABLE-

    by Al Kalima
    Man is finally able to breach the six hundred light years to Keplar 22b, a planet similar to earth, but return with a plague set to wipe out the inhabitants of earth but for the serendipitous discovery of some individuals which transform cockroaches form pests to priceless commodities.
  • The Man in Black: A Ghost Story

    by Jordan Mason
    A classic ghost story: a chilling winter’s tale set within the heart of the North. It happened during the winter of 1973… Anne Davies lives on the corner of the Rotten Row in the small village of Stoney Grange, having been exiled there following the untimely death of her father and the mysterious disappearance of her mother. Though the house is cheap, it comes with a price beyond that of money. Something dwells from within its walls, something unsettled. The Man in Black: A G... more
  • Revealing Hannah The Myth of Arachne

    by Laura Fedolfi

    Hannah is feeling pretty great about the world just about now. Her job might appear to be a dusty exercise in tending antique texts, but it has secret parameters that would blow the mind of the average student at Whitfield. Her apartment, in the attic of Candy’s house, is small but affordable. And she has saved enough money to go on her very first trip out of the country, with her new friend, Gretchen. She and Gretchen spent the summer working on their grad school applications, commiser... more

  • Dragon Princess

    by Jason P. Crawford
    To the commonfolk of Aetheria, the monarchy are the stuff of legends, descendants of the Uniter. To the lesser nobles, they stand as bastions of courage and political skill, deftly balancing the concerns of the people and the country. High Princess Amalia strives to live up to both expectations, forging herself into a Queen that her nation will one day be proud of. A hard task for any young woman, but for one blinded at birth, nearly impossible. Approaching her seventeenth year, and find... more
  • Fracture the Secret Enemy Saga Book Three Secrets

    ‘Secrets’ is a continuation of the epic “good versus evil battle” in a story that spans two worlds. Tegrin and Kristina return to his world as mates, but not all is marital bliss in the Kingdom of Patwain. Kristina is having nightmares about the evil Priestess, Alexasia. Could she still be alive? If she is, how do you kill someone you can’t find? Someone you thought was already dead? Kristina knows that creepy bible in the voodoo shop fits into the equation somewhere. But how? And so the journey... more
  • The Hunted: Fracture the Secret Enemy Saga Book Two


    The Hunted, finds, Tegrin, Kristina, Sissy, and Jimmy, hunting the Couton in the city that never sleeps, New Orleans. Not only do they have to find the Couton and kill them before they get a foothold in this famous city, but they must do it under the nose of Sissy’s mob related uncle, and during Mardi Gras.

    Alexasia, the Couton Priestess, and her sisters, fit right in with the deeply rooted belief in voodoo and the darker side of New Orleans. This will be her home. Here, she is fr... more

  • B00L978UN2

    by Mark Matthews
    MILK-BLOOD HAS BEEN OPTIONED FOR FILM Lilly is ten years old, living in poverty, born with a heart defect, and already addicted to heroin. Her mother is gone from her life, and there are rumors that she was killed by her father and buried near the abandoned house across the street. The house intrigues her, she can't stay away, and the monstrous homeless man who lives there has been trying to get Lilly to come inside. For her mother is there, buried in the back, and this homeless man is Lilly... more

    by Mark Matthews
    **Introduction by Bram Stoker Award Winning Author Kealan Patrick Burke ** Ten year old Lilly is the victim of a terrible house fire and a wretched family. Her father is an addict with mental illness, her mother was murdered and then buried across the street, and her uncle got her addicted to heroin. Lilly's tragic story has been told in the book ALL SMOKE RISES, and it may be true, for the author has broken into your house, and placed Lilly's body on your kitchen counter. He demands you rea... more
  • Geoffrey's Queen: A Mobious' Quest Novel

    by Gwendolyn Druyor
    When an American woman finds herself in a world where dragons once roamed the skies, she teams up with the one man she knows. A man who doesn’t know her. When the orphaned prince of Kaveg finds himself in a world with one moon and no magic, he teams up with a woman he knows. But Nanda doesn’t know him. Whether a prince or a nobody, everyone searches for a reason to live. Nanda and Geoffrey find one. And then they lose it. How do you survive when the person you love doesn’t even know your name?... more
  • Breathers

    by Justin Madson
  • Academy of Secrets: From the Outcast Angels Christian Fantasy & Science Fiction series

    by Michael Carney
    It’s the year 1610. The world is in grave danger if a long-missing artifact falls into the hands of the Academy of Secrets, a group whose members have gained unnatural powers through alchemy. And Chrymos, a young woman with a mysterious past, may hold the key. For Chrymos, scrabbling out a wretched living on the streets of Renaissance Naples, the Academy represents a chance to gain special powers and make a difference in the world. But can she leave behind all the people that she cares about... more
  • Fracture: The Secret Enemy Saga Book One

    by Virginia McKevitt
    When Kristina Conners finds her parents brutally murdered, she vows revenge. Little does she realize she is not the only one looking for the people who killed her parents. A stranger like no one she has ever seen before is also hunting for the killers. The story he tells her is crazy. A fairy tale of a world that could not possibly exist, but deep down she somehow knows he is telling the truth. Together, they will embark on a journey that will change both of their lives, forever.
  • Boon's Arrival

    by Scott Wieczorek
    In the Unpromised Lands, nuclear apocalypse has reverted society to frontier mentality where a quick draw, or bloody fists, mean the difference between life and death. Jay Boon is a stranger in a town where there are no strangers. He has no memories and no idea why he is there. Taken in by a local farmer, Jay is given a chance to prove himself and regain his identity, but with a corrupt town council, murderous highwaymen, and a fascist paramilitary group calling the shots, war looms on the horiz... more
  • Tongues

    by Sam Joyce
    When journalist Catherine Cobb arrives in the East Texas town of Elena, she quickly finds herself fighting for her life. Something is spreading through the population, turning ordinary civilians into murderers capable of committing the most heinous crimes. As the body count continues to rise, Catherine walks into one nightmare after another, uncovering a secret plot involving a group of neo-Nazis, top-level federal government, and the strange world of the occult—with global implications. Before ... more