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  • Ocularity

    by Mark Tompkins
    Jamie steps into the bright new day and finds his world changed. Eyeless corpses litter the city streets, filling him with dread and many questions. Is he the last living person on earth? What happened to everybody? What happened to their eyes? He eventually finds them, all of them. The end is in sight. This purchase also includes the bonus story, Transmogrification.
  • The Devil's Work

    by Mark Tompkins
    Wesley Black has a penchant for human flesh and is serving three life sentences in Outpost 86, the world’s most remote prison in Antarctica. This is the story of the first time he died. The Devil’s work is never finished.
  • 10:30

    by Mark Tompkins
    Gillian moves into a historic house. Shortly thereafter, she begins to receive pictures of it posted on her social media site, always at 10:30 p.m. The posts initiate from her account, but she is not sending them. Thinking her account was hacked, she changes her password, but the pictures keep coming. Eventually the pictures show the inside of the house, some with her in them. She is being stalked, but by whom...or what. The previous tenant's history and the purchase of an antique camera may hol... more
  • What Grabs You Too

    by Mark Tompkins
    A creature has come out of Gloria’s toilet and now it’s hunting her down in the shower. She must get away. She must stay calm if she wants to live. She only has one chance. Gathering her courage, she pulls the shower curtain back and makes a jump for it. That’s when all hell breaks loose.
  • Pieces

    by Mark Tompkins
    Austin retires to a comfortable house in South Dakota and finds a previous tenant that never left. A battle ensues, turning the cellar into a bloody horror show. There can be only one victor and the loser will leave in pieces.
  • What Grabs You

    by Mark Tompkins
    Unknown to Mark, something horrible has found its way through the plumbing and into his toilet. He is about to find out what true terror is.
  • Arrhythmia

    by Mark Tompkins
    Jay bought an old mansion on the rocky coast in the hopes of restoring it to its original glory. Over time, he begins to hear a heartbeat. It occupies his thoughts and haunts his dreams. Growing stronger, it reverberates through the walls until he can take it no longer. His search for the source reveals the skeletons in his closet have come to life, seeking revenge. Can he find a way to escape from his past and atone for his sins, or is it too late?
  • The Fresinnius Chronicles (Hidden Treasures)

    by Mark Tompkins
    Something evil has come to Bossier City to feast. It stalks an upscale apartment complex in search of its next victims. Can Detective Kevin Watts stop the wrath of Fresinnius and save his own soul from damnation?
  • Inundated

    by Mark Tompkins
    An apocalyptic flood destroys much of mankind, but they are soon replaced with something much worse.
  • Trench Foot

    by Mark Tompkins
    A soldier endures hell for the chance to return home to his daughter.
  • Road Rage

    by Mark Tompkins
    Eric Thomas is a successful businessman whose passion for motorcycle racing leaves him trapped in a nightmare of deceit and murder. The stakes rise after he is drawn into an illegal form of racing where the consequences of failure can be disastrous. His brother’s sudden death propels him on a journey of personal discovery and enlightenment as he struggles to protect his family and sanity. A hidden force is at work, changing the odds in Eric’s favor. Will it be enough to allow him to escape with ... more
  • Autobiography of a Serial Killer

    by Travis Bickle
    Autobiography of a Serial Killer is a twisted look into the mind of a serial killer, in shocking detail and in his own words. Witness the grandiosity and depravity he enjoys, first hand, as well as his mental sufferings. Warning: This book is very graphic and gory. Leif Damstroft is obsessed with the girl next door. He finally musters up the courage to approach her and ends up killing her. Leif would spend the rest of his life chasing her ghost.
  • The Light of the Eldari

    by T.F.G. Wallis
    Through the vastness of space, among the countless timelines, across the myriad dimensions, one race rules supreme. The oldest race, the original race, the first amongst many, Earthmen, now known to all as Quol, named for and after their god, Michanis Quollet, he who made all things possible. Unstoppable, unbeatable, the Quol are relentless in their pursuit of the 'game'. War is their sport and gambling is their passion. But for all their incredible power, there is still one thing they fear; A t... more
  • Miss Landon and Aubranael

    by Charlotte E. English
    Tilby, Lincolnshire, 1811. Miss Sophia Landon is the daughter of an impoverished clergyman. Her father’s health is failing fast, but who wants to marry a woman without birth, beauty or wealth? Her prospects are limited indeed - until her friendship with the town’s fae denizens earns her passage to the otherworldly realm of Aylfenhame. Could her fate truly lie beyond the shores of England? There she meets Aubranael, a young man with a warm heart and a ruined face. In Sophy he sees the answer t... more
  • Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices (Book One in the Heroes for Hire Fantasy Adventure Series)

    by C. S. Feldman
    Sure, everybody knows about the great heroes of legend. The ones people write songs about, the ones who lead the charge against the monsters that lay waste to cities or against an army of invaders that outnumber the good guys twenty to one—you know, the best heroes that money can buy. Trouble is, not everyone can afford their services. Fortunately, the best heroes are not the only ones on the market. Which is just what harried waitress Peg Brickner accidentally discovers after receiving ... more
  • The Girl in the Bird

    by Christine M Talley
    This is the story of a group of individuals in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment organization. It chronicles the romance between a handsome sword and shield fighter and an unlikely heroine and her friend's rocky romantic journey that includes a life threatening hurdle. It also tells the story of a teenager with a developing alien power and its part in Earth's future.