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  • Fall into Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

    by Kristin D. Van Risseghem
    Prepare to be swept away by 20 paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales from today's NY Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors! In this limited edition collection, you will find everything from witches to mages, shifters to vampires, demons, faeries, and much more! NY Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton & USA Today bestelling author Conner Kressley International bestselling author Lia Davis USA Today bestselling author JC Andrijeski USA Today bestselling author Rainy Ka... more
  • Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia

    by Elle Boca
    Sworn to protect the secrets of their race, marshals are trained to police Weeia hiding among humans. After completing her advanced marshal training, Danni is blown away by her new plum assignment to Paris. But, all is not well in the City of Lights; the offices are a shambles, her boss is apathetic, and her predecessors died under mysterious circumstances; it’s almost like somebody doesn’t want the law there. Despite that she risks her life in the seedy underworld of gypsies and tramps to searc... more
  • The Scarf (Prosperine Trilogy Book 3)

    by PJ McDermott
    SWAMP, JUNGLE AND A SECRET QUEST Commander Hickory Lace and her team are back on the planet Prosperine. This time, their destination is the Scarf – a six hundred miles band of floating islands and reefs on the equator. The islands are covered with swamp and jungle and connected by a thick blanket of floating creepers and vines. High altitude scans show the deeper into the Scarf you travel, the more inhospitable it becomes. The Agency believes the Scarf is inhabited only by insects and lowe... more
  • Rise of the Erlachi: Book 2 of the Prosperine Trilogy

    by PJ McDermott
    A REMOTE WORLD. A PERILOUS QUEST. A DARING HEROINE. Six months after defeating the rebel alliance, Commander Hickory Lace and her team are back on the alien planet, Prosperine. The Sword of Connat-sèra-Haagar is missing and Hickory must find and return it to the temple in Avanaux. The quest takes Hickory to the rugged country of Erlach where she faces the fearsome Riv-Amok, then deep into the mountains where the rebel leader, Sequana, has overthrown the rightful king and is rallying the no... more
  • The Alien Corps (Book 1 of the Prosperine Trilogy)

    by PJ McDermott

    A Daring Heroine—An Alien Mystic—A Thrilling Adventure

    Hickory was born with a mutant empathy gene soon after World War Three. She became an Olympic athlete at fifteen and three years later was recruited to the prestigious Alien Corps.

    Her first mission ended in disaster and she was sacked.

    The feisty commander is desperate for another opportunity, so when the father she hasn’t seen for sixteen years asks her to go on a vital mission to the... more

  • The Last Giant: Transgression

    by J. R. Hardesty
    In the midst of the Dawn Sea lies the mighty island nation of Kalyria. It has stood as a beacon of light and hope to the world since its founding at the end of the Dim Times nearly four thousand summers ago, but now in the Summer of the World 6087, something evil is coming. It threatens not only Kalyria herself, but the future of all who call her home, be they stranger or island born. One such stranger is the young Giant, Menannon, exiled from his own land of Lornennog for the crime of laugh... more
  • Sons of Light and Darkness: A Mestoph and Leviticus Fiasco

    by Adam Ingle
    When the demon Mestoph—an agent for Hell Industries—stumbles upon a cult of forgotten angels and demons called the Sons of Light and Darkness he takes it upon himself to uncover the secret of these long-lost outcasts. What he discovers is much more than he was looking for: not just secrets of the war between Heaven and Hell, but the Sons' plan to raise a god of their own to exact revenge against God and Satan. Sensing an opportunity to use the Sons to his advantage, Mestoph convinces his angelic... more
  • New Night (Gothic Book 2)

    by Fiona van Dahl
    Warning: Contains mass evacuation and diaspora, murder, body horror, racism, discussion of racism, needles, and a spider. Lucas was a police officer in Gothic, Arkansas, on a career path to success. That all ended the day horrifying needle monsters tore through his beloved city, killing hundreds and forcing a federal evacuation. Now Gothic is quarantined behind high, razor-wire-tipped fences, and Lucas works as security at a FEMA refugee camp outside its borders. But just when things look ... more
  • Gamma Wind

    by Ellsworth Sanders
    Earth's atmosphere sizzles under the largest known solar flare in recorded history. One man held the secret to its arrival years before, and now he must struggle to survive in a decaying world. That is until he stumbles upon a land where life goes on as it has for nearly a century. Now he is in for the fight of his life as there are others who are hell bent to destroy him and his world.
  • Beowulf: Curse of the Dreygurs: A Monster Slayer Book

    by Gordon Brewer
    ong before becoming a heroic legend with his destruction of Grendel, Beowulf is a young leader on the rise. Impulsive and eager to prove his noble nature, an inexperienced Beowulf receives an offer to rid the lands of the feared Dreygurs. Like any restless warrior of seventeen, the Geat champion quickly accepts. While Beowulf and his thegns travel through ravaged lands where myths and magic are real, they discover the tension between old pagan ways and a new found religion. In his quest to d... more
  • The K2 Virus: A Novel

    by Scott Rhine
    Tensions rise on the Korean border, and a young biochemist is sent to vaccinate the surge of US troops in Seoul. When Daniel agrees to play translator for an attractive reporter, he hears hints about what’s really happening in the enigmatic North. The witness dies, and Daniel is arrested. Soon, he’s the only one who can stop the looming epidemic. Can he put together the pieces before hidden killers from the other side accomplish their objective?
  • Clansman: Invoking the Darkness (Mapper Book 1)

    by Royce Scott Buckingham
    Guided by a massive clan book containing tales of their ancestors, the Hilltoppers arrive in Abrogan, pledging allegiance to their King. They have crossed a forbidding ocean to another land where birds speak messages, poisonous sleep-animals lurk, warriors struggle for power and Lords bend the truth on a whim. Ian Krystal, leader of the Hilltoppers, becomes an unlikely leader, charged with building roads, clearing a menacing bog full of savages, chasing down bands of thieves and in the proces... more
  • Dark Reckoning

    by Keith L White
  • Blood Promise

    by Tonya Kerrigan
    With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive. After meeting an enigmatic businessman who possibly suffers from florid psychosis, Tora is propelled into the world of the supernatural. She’s forced to believe the mythical world exists when she’s brutally attacked by a savage fiend intent on annihilating her family line for reasons unbeknownst to her. With the ass... more
  • Return: The Sun God's Heir, Book One

    by Elliott Baker
    The Sun God’s Heir is a swashbuckling series, set at the end of the seventeenth century in France, Spain and northern Africa. Slavery is a common plague along the European coast and into this wild time, an ancient Egyptian General armed with dark arts has managed to return and re-embody, intent on recreating the reign of terror he began as Pharaoh. René must remember his own lifetime at the feet of Akhanaten to have a chance to defeat Horemheb. A secret sect has waited in Morocco for three thous... more
  • Thieves and Wizards

    by Jaxon Reed
    Forged from the ore of a fallen star, the Forlorn Dagger absorbs all magic. Ideal for assassinating wizards, it’s been missing for centuries until it shows up in the library of a mysterious collector. Now an exceptional thief has stolen it. A young princess endures harsh training to become the ultimate weapon of war: a battlemaiden. And a crown prince snatched from a bloody palace coup is raised in secrecy while a wizard grooms him for the day he reclaims the throne. When a rogue wizard sends... more