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  • Kings and Crowns (Age of End Book 2)

    by Chris Yee
    DO THE AGELESS LIVE IN FEAR? With new secrets revealed, Vince and the others find themselves caught between two feuding parties. Greene, a powerful ruler. Simon, an unpredictable terrorist. In a war of two evils, who do they trust? If they don’t choose carefully, they might not make it out alive. Kings and Crowns is the second of three books in the Age of End series. The trilogy explores themes of life, death and everything in between. With a colorful cast of villains, including a self-pro... more
  • The Rat Collector (Age of End Book 1)

    by Chris Yee
    DO THE AGELESS LIVE FOREVER? In pursuit of an old friend, wanderer Vince Vigo stumbles upon Snow Peak, a small mountain village. When villagers start to go missing, Vince must convince the others that Saul Shepherd, once his best friend, is an extremely dangerous foe. Delving deep into his childhood, Vince explores memories of his complex relationship with Saul, and recalls the mysterious man who changed both of their lives forever. After two hundred years, Vince must finally confront Saul. B... more
  • Weight of Swords

    by Lance Conrad
    The Helveti nation has endured a siege of dragons for fifteen bloody years. The ravenous beasts can only be taken down by teams of elite fighters, led by Sword Bearers wielding ancient weapons. Even with all they can do, the cost of human life has driven the Helveti to the brink of annihilation. As the people contemplate the possibility of ultimate defeat, tragedy strikes again.Artair, one of their greatest Sword Bearers, is taken in the night by new and powerful enemies. Carried to a foreign la... more
  • Culmination

    by Holly Smith
    When Ethan and his sister Ilana decided to use much of their wealth to buy, secure, and outfit a luxurious, isolated shelter, they didn't expect TEOTWAWKI to become a reality. When it happened, they didn't expect to so quickly find three others with whom they could share the shelter as family. When they did, they welcomed them, secure in the knowledge that together, they would be able to survive and flourish as they began the process of rebuilding humanity and civilization. They thought of every... more
  • Love, Alchemy

    by Eden Ashley
    Daveigh Little is preparing for college, planning to leave behind the tiny hick town she’s spent her entire life in once and for all. But plagued by troubles at home and school, Daveigh makes a series of bad choices that land her in hot water with a local kingpin. Suddenly, people around her are dying and Daveigh finds herself on the run. And then there’s Ethan. Fresh out of the academy, Ethan Remington represents the authority Daveigh has come to despise, but she is inexplicably drawn to the... more
  • Crown

    by James G Riley
  • Amulet

    by James G Riley
  • Nightlord: Sunset

    by Garon Whited

    Eric didn't ask to be a vampire. In fact, he didn't even believe in them. Then he hooks up with a hot babe, wakes up with a hangover, and bites his tongue with his own fangs.

    Which pretty much settles the question.

    Now he's trying to hold down his day job while learning the rules of the Undead -- the most important being that bloodthirsty urges and predatory instincts are a real bitch.

    Upside; Eric has the beautiful Sasha to teach him the ropes, including the mag... more

  • Conundrum (A Quest For King Arthur Book 1)

    by James G Riley

    Tom Elkins is the Park Ranger for the Mendips Hill, an area of natural beauty located in the county of Somerset England. In early July of 1968, he is enveloped in a thick mist. Suddenly he encounters a troop of Roman cavalry, and inadvertently drives his vehicle straight through the, Nobody is hurt or kill;e they are apparitions. Moments later he sees a lone figure dressed in a black cloak. They his a loud thump as the Land Rover connects. Stopping, he finds the carcass of a badger, not a man... more

  • Ring of Time

    by Andrew Seddon
    In the 27th century, humanity's greatest achievement is the massive, star-powered Temporal Displacement Ring: a portal to the past. Professor Robert Cragg, reeling from his own personal losses, volunteers to be the first-ever time-traveling historian, fleeing into the shadows of the Roman Empire. Instead of dry, dusty bygones, he encounters real people. Commoners and nobility, sailors and businessmen, zealots and legionaries, druids, gladiators and philosophers all cross his path. The past, he f... more
  • The Night of Elisa - An Illustrated Gothic Novel

    by Isis Sousa
    More than an illustrated novel, The Night of Elisa is a true Art Book, packed with beautiful pencil illustrations, digital art concepts and paintings. * * * Sometimes, life and love can follow the most obscure paths, just as they did for Elisa. Her life becomes a dark, cold, lonely cage the day the devil takes her as his wife. He robs her of almost everything she holds dear: her health, her wealth and what is left of her family. Trapped between the nuances of life and beyond-life, Elisa ... more
  • Wicked Prayers

    by S.D. Moore
    Award-winning author S. D. Moore returns to the publishing world with the release of “Wicked Prayers” (published by AuthorHouse). Suffused with supernatural menace and mystery, this new novel tells a tale of a small city in Washington thrust at the center of an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. With its fast-paced, action-packed narrative, original creatures, and unforgettable characters, “Wicked Prayers” will keep readers engaged from beginning until the stunning conclusion.
  • The Wait: A Paranormal Short Story

    by A. Bernette
    The Wait is a paranormal short story Sample: Day after day, rain, shine, or even through the cold winds that brought glistening white snow and frozen waters, I would see him. Every day, sitting in that same spot, waiting. Waiting as the commuters made their way to work. Waiting as they came and had lunch around the pier. Waiting as they made their way back past him again, on their somber journeys home. Then when the sun was gone, so was he. What he was waiting for all this time I didn’t k... more
  • CHOSEN: A Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Dystopian Novel

    by A. Bernette
    Chosen is the first book of the Chosen Series which takes place 150 years into the future. Earth is a changed place where the seeds of corporate greed and government corruption have finally allowed those who’ve held power, money, and control for millennia to leverage that power to save only themselves, at any cost. While compelled by their interests, pollution driven into the earth puts the planet at risk for deadly disasters that threaten to tear it apart and threaten the stability of an or... more
  • Wizzy Wig

    by Tiffany Pitts
    Jake Denny has a pizza problem. Even though they are officially friends now, he still can’t figure out how to talk to Kix Welty, the intimidatingly hot delivery driver from Pizza Joe’s. Every time he tries to ask her out, he ends up rambling on about video games, kung-fu movies, or science. She must think he’s the most boring boob on the planet. So when Kix stumbles upon a key component to an experiment Jake is planning, he seizes the opportunity to impress her. Unfortunately for everyone, h... more
  • Lost Time (Between Two Evils #2)

    by D.L. Orton


    From award-winning author D. L. ORTON comes book two in the Between Two Evils Series...

    When a faulty time machine deposits Diego at the top of a pine tree, he knows he's in the wrong place—but has no idea he's in the wrong time. Naked and shivering in the chilly mountain air, he attempts to climb down, but slips, whacks his head, and falls into oblivion. 

    He wakes up insi... more