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  • Presence

    by Richard MacManus
    Presence is a speculative look at the future of Virtual Reality. The year is 2051 and Gats Holloway works for the world’s dominant social network, Doppel. After attending a mixed reality march in Washington DC, protesting against the government’s insidious Drone Defense Network (DDN), Gats makes a shocking discovery. Her best friend Adrian has been shot dead. Determined to find his killer, Gats explores the dark side of Doppel’s virtual world and begins to question the true identity of her fr... more
  • Remanence

    by Jennifer Foehner Wells

    In defiance of NASA, Jane Holloway, the linguist of the Providence expedition, commandeers the alien ship that crew explored. She sets off to return that ship’s marooned navigator to his home world, determined to discover who was behind the genocide that destroyed his original crew.

    But when she gets there, she finds his world devastated by the same plague. The remaining members of his race, uniquely gifted at navigating the stars, are stranded across the galaxy. And someone, it s... more

  • Gundown

    by Ray Rhamey
    Not many years from now, guns are still everyday killers. Most Americans have no defense—except in Oregon, where reforms have self-defense on the rise and guns that kill on the decline. To Oath Keeper Hank Soldado, Army veteran, ex-cop, and a good guy with a gun, his duty is clear—find a way to stop the gun-reform leader from taking away 2nd Amendment rights. But, impossibly, the man’s freedom-destroying vision begins to feel like a way to turn America’s murderous gun impasse into self-def... more
  • Eye of the Storm

    by Frank Cavallo

    On a research mission in one of the most remote regions of the world, former Navy SEAL Eric Slade and Dr. Anna Fayne are caught in a mysterious storm. Catapulted through a rift in space-time, they are marooned on a lost world. 

    Struggling to survive and desperate to find a way home, they must confront the dangers of this savage land—a dark wizard and his army of undead—a warrior queen and her horde of fierce Neanderthals that stands against him—and a legendary tre... more

  • NamuH

    by E. A. Snowden
    Dara, the daughter of the sixth elder of the circle is born into a life of privilege. Her father and the other elders are responsible for every aspect of the people's life through laws enforced by soldiers, watchers and attendants. There are serious threats to the circle from both inside and out. The deadly luzia plague which is transmitted by new born babies must be controlled by euthanasia- for the greater good. Deserters with plague infected children roam the hillsides raiding and there are ... more
  • The Drift

    by David Maxwell

    His world was dying. His people were on the brink of extinction. Reclamation was the answer. About to embark upon his first mission, Ra was honored to be saving lives while serving his people. Then he saw her and everything changed. In her emerald eyes, he saw an unflattering and unexpected reflection of himself. The weight of responsibility almost unbearable, he searched his soul for the answer. He had no idea that his decision might destroy the world he served.

    Her town was being deva... more

  • Dark Wolf Adrift

    by Aimee Easterling
    Where does werewolf stop and monster begin? Hunter Green attracts territorial shifters like moths to a porch light. Sick of beating up on pups who don't have the sense to back down from a challenge, the alpha finds peace as a warrior in the human-only military. Unfortunately, his strong inner wolf isn't content defusing bombs and battling sharks. Instead, the beast emerges, nearly tearing the limbs off a poaching shifter before setting its sights on Hunter's human dive mate. No longe... more
  • Particle Horizon

    by Selso Xisto
    From the blood and dust of New Jerusalem, the Legion of the LightBringer wages a galactic war against those who would replace their god. Now, the time has come for the Union of Free Worlds to make a stand. The front line is the idyllic asteroid world of Angelhaven, where the greatest mind in human history has discovered an elemental power with far-reaching implications. A power that both sides will do anything to harness. Marine commander Gomes leads the crack Union task force. An unrelent... more
  • Simon & Emily Are Going To Hell: A love story (sort of)

    by Lee Isserow

    Simon & Emily are in love. They’re also damned to hell.
    It’s complicated, but trust me, I’ll walk you through the details.

    Perhaps I should introduce myself:
    Hi, I’m your narrator, and I talk too much. However, this is a story that requires lots of words to be told, lots of tangents and FAR too many expletives.
    Jane Austen, this is not.

    In this tome you’ll find Faustian deals, sex, expletives, comedy, tragedy, expletives, comedy, horror... more

  • E.N.D.A.Y.S.

    by Lee Isserow

    There are a billion realities out there, each protected by Jump Division, an interdimensional task force dedicated to preserving the stability of the grid.
    However, not all agents are created equal. Some, are just arseholes.

    Marcus Hayes is one such arsehole.
    He's loud, brash, walks away from explosions in slow motion, and pretty much everyone hates him.

    After yet another mission going awry due to him being a dick, he's stationed on a mundane world as punishment.... more

  • I Hate Time Travelers

    by Lee J Isserow

    Five years ago, everyone became a time traveller.

    Everyone but Luke, who now lives in a world where practical jokes are up 60,000%, his roommate insists on having 12-self orgies in front of him, and every potential girlfriend has dumped him for stuff he hasn't done yet.

    Luke suddenly finds himself on the run from a government agency with the intention of slicing him up for experimentation.

    No wonder he hates time travellers...

  • NLI-10

    by Lee Isserow

    Sarah wants a revolution.

    Her twenties have been wasted in a psychedelic haze. Now she wants to be sober, avoid temptation, so joins a clinical trial to be sequestered away from the world.

    Paranoia flows. Weird experiments are carried out on their waking and sleeping bodies.

    They realize the trial is changing them. Programming them. Installing false memories and removing emotions. If they don't do something before their tenure ends, they might not be human when they leav... more

  • Dead City

    by Lee J Isserow

    Jon Gilligan is the only living man in a city of the undead.

    It's his job to keep the peace, maintain order between the factions of walking corpses and disembodied spirits. The workload is driving him a little insane, leading him to take on the persona of a noir detective.

    He narrates his adventures, casting himself as a hero to all those under his watch.

    When the local Necromancer conspires behind his back, it's time for him to be a hero for real. Teaming up with a ... more

  • Survival Skills

    by Theresa Alt

    Christy's first semester at college is even better than she imagined it would be. She has a new best friend and study partner, Ashley. She's falling hard for the handsome and funny Scott Markham. She is doing well in all of her classes--except Scientific Paradigms. Christy discovers evidence that the professor, Dr. Franklin, is conducting dangerous experiments on his unsuspecting students. When she confronts him, Dr. Franklin claims an entirely different motive. Christy must decide wh... more

  • Crossroads of Fate (Cadicle Vol. 5): An Epic Space Opera Series

    by A.K. DuBoff

    The war's final battles are coming...

    With the Primus Elites' training almost complete, Wil and his men relocate to H2 to make their final preparations. Everything seems to be staged for a swift TSS victory over the Bakzen as Wil assumes the position of TSS Supreme Commander with Saera and his most trusted friends by his side.

    But, Tek won't let the Bakzen go down easily. He will find Wil's greatest weakness and do anything to make him cru... more