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  • Eolyn (The Silver Web, Book 1)

    by Karin Rita Gastreich

    In a land ravaged by civil war, the Mage King Kedehen initiates a ruthless purge of women practitioners of magic. Eolyn, sole heiress to a forbidden craft, escapes by fleeing to the South Woods. When the mysterious Akmael appears in her forest refuge, Eolyn finds hope in the young man's friendship. But Akmael has a secret: He is the Mage Prince, son and heir to the man who slaughtered Eolyn's family.

    As their paths separate and intertwine again, Eolyn and Akmael emerge as leader... more

  • The Vow

    by Laura Daleo

    Finals are over, and twenty-year-old Claire Matthews can hardly wait to begin summer break until…she arrives home to an army of police swarming her parents’ front lawn.  Detective Reynolds delivers the dreadful news that the man and woman inside the home are dead, and Claire is forced to identify their mummified bloodless bodies.  Her world comes to a grinding halt when she learns that it is her mother and father who are the deceased, and her younger brother, JJ, is now... more

  • The Secret Daughter: Discovery of a Goddess

    by Tracy Andrews

    Leia was a normal,  teenager until she turned 21. On her birthday, she gets a visit from a stranger who claims she is his daughter. Soon, she has a dream  learns a lot about her past. Not only are her parents alive, but her parents are gods. Her father is none other than a dream god.Her “family friend”/caregiver, Sephonia is also a goddess, and Leia is prophesied to rule her grandfather Hypnos’ domain. There’s a lot more to her family’s past, however, that her parents and Sephonia aren’t tell... more

  • The Birth of Death (Revised with Appendices)

    by Joseph P. Macolino
    While the elvish investigator, Artimus, struggles to balance his personal interests with the well-being of the kingdom, he must face a greater evil than he ever imagined. Thankfully, he will not be alone as the forest struggles to handle this new threat.
  • Eleven: 1

    by vicki vass
    There’s an ancient language encrypted into our DNA, which holds the secret to our humanity. Carved into a cave deep in the heart of southern Sudan is the story of this first language. Technology has advanced our civilization past its limits. Computers are breaking down and wars are breaking out throughout the world because mankind has forgotten how to communicate. Alexander and Rebekah, two professors at the University of Chicago, have to discover the secret of this universal lexicon as the last... more
  • Tales from The Lake Vol.3

    by Monique Snyman
    Dive into the deep end of the lake with 19 tales of terror, selected by Monique Snyman. Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe. Join “Maybelle” by Mere Joyce in a world where books become real enough to cause both pleasure and pain. Avoid the sounds of “The Cruel” by Harper Hull, lest you want to come to a terrifying end. Travel across the world to see what terrors lurk... more
  • Muti Nation

    by Monique Snyman
    Every country has its secrets. Every culture has its taboos. Every house has its cross. When Esmé Snyders – a young occult-crime expert – investigates a grotesque muti-murder in Pretoria West, she doesn’t realise she’s become a player in the killer’s deadly game. Before long, more savagely mutilated corpses join the tally, proving that the evasive murderer is slipperier than what she’s used to when it comes to muti-killers. While searching for a monster capable of such heinous crimes, Esmé i... more

    by Stuart J. Whitmore
    A man like Birkran Kinru should feel comfortable in a highly automated world. Birkran likes to be left alone. People make him nervous. With labor handled by robots and communications conducted digitally, he should be able to find the seclusion he craves. This might be possible, if only he had a permanent home of his own. Instead he must scuttle through the underbelly of the city, from one hiding place to another, knowing the government can watch every move. Birkran wants nothing to do with po... more
  • The Diaries of Kairie Lawless

    by Nicole Kiefer
    84 years ago the world had seen darkness rising to power, had seen crimes so cruel they should have never been forgotten. However, when the charming and well-spoken candidate Lando Rud gets elected President of the United States in 2016, nobody seems to see the similarities. Kairie stone was sixteen years old when Lando Rud becomes President of the United States of America, and if not for her youth she might have seen the changes as the danger they presented. But when her best friend, a transge... more
  • Roliath

    by Amber Schunk-Clubb

    Real Vampires May Not Be What You Thought...

    For centuries people have always viewed vampires as monsters! They can only go outside at night, be killed with a stake through the heart and harmed by garlic and holy water. They have no reflections, sleep in coffins and drain humans of all their blood to stay alive. As Alex Keen is told about the past of Geannifer Whitlence he quickly learns that all of the myths, legends and stories about vampires that we were told about were all just lies... more

  • The Power

    by Stanley Brzycki
    Twp individuals who know of each other but have never met because they both posses the POWER. This the ability to control and use 100% of your brains' abilities like ESP, telekinesis, astral projection, just to mention a few. Peter is a everyday kid living in Portland, Oregon. Newel is the descendant of an infamous serial killer of prostitutes who was Never caught. The two of them are fated to meet to find out who is stronger; when the meet it will be like being at ground zero of a nuclear explo... more
  • Ashia

    by L.E. Thomas

    Plagued by nightmarish visions of apocalyptic battles and burning victims crawling across the desert sands, the slave girl known as Shanda has been trying to keep her growing gift hidden from her abusive master as she knows being able to see images of the future is a cursed gift carrying the King’s ultimate punishment.

    But as her tribe seeks solace from the deadly raids by the Mazomi Clan in their magical airships by moving toward the legendary Spire of Ashia, Shanda discovers her... more

  • Mystra

    by Crystalphoenix

    In the wake of the Kryllidar war, creatures of myth and legend, the elder races, and the psychically gifted fled the telepath phobic Alliance worlds in search of sanctuary. They found their safe haven on the planet Mystra. It was a paradise world, then something went horribly. A great cataclysm unleashed a storm of deadly energy that threatened to tear the planet apart. Cut off from the rest of space by a barrier of destructive force, all appeared lost. Then from despair came hope. The energi... more

  • The Horror Squad 3 (Volume 3)

    by TJ Weeks
    WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE! Normal consumption of alcohol occurs during the zombie apocalypse with The Horror Squad, but now they are heading in the most unconventional places to acquire normalcy back at the base and fill the last request of a sick member. How many will be lost, how many will be saved and who will survive? Loki and I: PLAGUED teaser included.
  • The Horror Squad 2 (Volume 2)

    by TJ Weeks
    WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE! The Horror Squad returns home to find the rotters have taken over, now they're left to make it safe again for their friends and family. Once feeling safe again, they're quickly reminded that in the zombie apocalypse, safety is only myth. Will TJ risk taking his team back on the road or will he unleashed hell right where he stands?
  • The Horror Squad: An Apocalyptic Tale (Volume 1)

    by TJ Weeks
    WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE & VIOLENCE! With the world now plagued by rotters, it's up to my team and I to take care of the living and take out the dead.