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  • Race for the Flash Stone

    by K. Patrick Donoghue
    In this thrilling archaeological mystery, scientist Anlon Cully hunts for evidence of a long-forgotten civilization, a race of ancient mariners who possessed a sixth-sense lost to the ages — the ability to detect and interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. With this special gift, the prehistoric civilization crafted stone tools with astonishing powers. Inexplicably, the advanced culture vanished from the pages of history…until a set of their special stones was discovered by Anlon’s uncle, a... more
  • Shadows of the Stone Benders

    by K. Patrick Donoghue
    For fans of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon novels, a riveting archaeological mystery. World-renowned scientist Anlon Cully is unexpectedly swept into the thick of a suspense-riddled adventure when his archaeologist uncle, Devlin Wilson, dies under suspicious circumstances. Prior to his “accidental” fall off a New Hampshire mountain trail, Devlin made the discovery of a lifetime – unearthing undeniable proof that a technologically advanced society thrived on Earth long before archaeologists tho... more
  • Avenging Angel: A Kingman & Reed Novel

    by Bill Zahren
    There’s a night stalker loose in Sioux City who believes she’s on a mission from God. Woodbury County prosecutor Hillary Reed believes all things are possible with God—including putting her together with an unlikely significant other, Sioux City Sentinel-Leader reporter Tom Kingman. But when a killer named Gabrielle starts sending Tom handwritten notes claiming to be God’s avenging angel, Hillary concurs with Tom’s assessment: “It’s more likely Gabrielle has been dropping acid while reading... more
  • Panther 27

    by J. Curry Druz
    On a remote hammock in the heart of the Florida Everglades, a young wildlife biologist discovers the remains of one of the endangered Florida panthers she was monitoring. Her efforts to determine the cause of its death are met with frustration until she meets a troubled engineer who is seeking his own answers. Together, they are immersed into a tangled world of deception as they work to expose the truth about the animal?s demise against a backdrop of swampland wilderness and political jungles.
  • Beyond Terror

    by Raoul D. Revord, Esq.
    She would be severely beaten and likely killed if she stayed, but certainly killed if she tried to leave. Was it self-defense, or was it murder? To defend his client, one lawyer from Michigan?s Upper Peninsula must fmd the truth in forensic evidence and through a sensational trial, portray to the jury a drama of the life of Jean and John Davis. Raoul Revord?s Beyond Terror tells readers this gripping story of a battered wife who suddenly is left no choice but to end years of domestic violence by... more
  • Hanging Tobacco

    by Linda S. Browning
    Hanging Tobacco is the first book in the Parlor Game Mystery Series. Olivia Honeycutt solved the cold case murder of Sophie Mathews with the help of Sophie’s Ouija board. Now, Olivia and her Nashville detective boyfriend, Presley, tackle the twenty five year old mystery surrounding the death of Henry Meyer. The old man was found hanging from the neck in the rafters of his tobacco barn in Columbia, Tennessee. Was Henry intent on suicide? Or, was it murder? Uncovering the truth behind Henry’s deat... more
  • Darkness Awakens

    by Kari Chaplin
    One faithful night, a stranger walks into a bar where Vanessa waitresses. Although she has never met this man in her life, she has dreamt of him as far back as she can remember. Vanessa is attracted to him in ways she never knew possible. It runs deep in her soul, yet she desperately wants to keep him at a distance. Vanessa knows she should shove that attraction right into Pandora’s Box, never to open it again. He is dangerous, dark and unnerving. Her dreams become more vivid and frighteni... more
  • The Karma Code

    by Daniel Davidsohn
    After a controversial American researcher is murdered in a remote Finnish village, Boston investigator Harry Walker receives a call from Candice--the victim's grieving niece. Determined to uncover her uncle's murderer, Candice finds herself in need of protection from the same forces that led to her uncle's demise. In a fight for survival through Finland, Scotland, and the United States, Harry and Candice face the greed of investors and rogue agents, who all want to get their hands on wh... more
  • When the Light Goes Out

    by Shawn Bartek

    "Students,” Principal Benson said, “Although I want to first assure you that you will be safe and secure, it appears that we have an emergency on our hands.”

    A tanker train has derailed on the East side of Missoula, Montana and two chlorine gas tankers are in danger of puncture. As Mr. Benson begins to describe the evacuation plan, Ami Gibb cannot accept her unrelenting misfortune. Having lost her father in a car accident four months earlier, she needed no mo... more

  • The Lazarus Succession

    by Ken Fry

    ✚ UNTIL NOW ✚

    An Amazon UK Bestselling Religious Mystery since July 2017.

    The Lazarus Succession takes readers to the ancient scene of Christ's greatest miracle, to medieval Spain, and back to modern-day Europe. A modern-day thriller with a spellbinding ancient mystery.

    ... more

  • Follow: Matt - Georgie - Samuel - Francine

    by S. G. Cockrell
    Samuel Brooks suffered extreme abuse and neglect as a child. When he snapped, his childhood traumas materialized into the form of his tortured child self. It became his constant companion, demanding cleansing in order to become whole and pure again. Who will they follow next?
  • Wizard - Fools Gold

    by Lawrence Berry
    This is the second in the Wizard series. Jonathan Barrow, master illusionist and his team again are called on for a dangerous and important mission. A Russian mafia organization has plans to destabilize the worlds metals market and making them filthy rich. The mafia has teamed up with a British aristocrat with the intent of destroying three of the top producing gold mines in South Africa. If successful, the price of gold would skyrocket. Over a period of time they have been buying quantitie... more
  • Dead End Street

    by R.L. Herron

    THE TIME TO BE MOST AFRAID IS WHEN THINGS START GOING WELL. Paul Barrett is a successful author. So are brothers Randy and Donnie Camron. Along with the rest of the gang from Reichold Street, they think their lives have finally settled down...but in this provocative new thriller they discover new disasters determined to find them, wherever they go. In DEAD END STREET the characters discover the past isn't always as far behind them as they imagine.

  • Blackout: The Life and Sordid Times of Bobby Travis

    by Edgar Swamp
    Bobby Travis's daughter has been kidnapped by a ruthless drug cartel and he desperately needs to save her. Fortunately, he is in possession of a particular skill set. Unfortunately, they all revolve around getting high, drunk, or laid. If there is a vice Bobby doesn't enjoy, he can't remember. Every weekend is a blur. What he can recall is that if he doesn't trade his cousin, a do-gooder cop with a penchant for snooping into cartel affairs, he may face the wrath of El Sadico, the cartel's ruthle... more
  • The Streetlight

    by Matt Dever
    Have you ever wondered what lurks in the shadows behind a streetlight and lies in wait to ambush its vulnerable prey? Could the flickering of a faulty light actually be an encoded message? In the town of Clarksville, Pennsylvania stands a solitary, disheveled streetlight on the corner of Summit Street and Chartiers Road. On a hot summer evening in July of 1985, Ralph Dubain discovers an eerie secret that challenges all rationality he possesses. The mystery around the streetlight’s ominous phenom... more