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  • Tom Stone: A Nitty Gritty Christmas

    by Don Simkovich
    Detective Tom Stone stumbles across a small-time drug dealer after a boy in a foster care group home is poisoned from a cocaine-laced candy bar at Christmas.
  • Doubloon Cove: The Secret of the Ancient Visitors

    by Kelly Novak
    In this first novel of the Doubloon Cove series, we meet tween-aged sleuths Jeffrey and Steven, both 12, and Cindy, 10 as they tackle their first case. Jeffrey's and Cindy's parents are college professors, and believe that there is a thousand-year-old mystery right here in Doubloon Cove, Massachusetts. But their peers ridicule them, so they are too afraid to pursue it. So it is up to Jeffrey, Cindy, Steven and his brother Frederick, to solve the case. But they must battle dangerous caverns, thei... more
  • A Good Lie

    by JL Bowers
    Anna Bradley woke up in the woods one day with no memory of how she got there. How did this happen? Who did this to her? More importantly, why? The closer Anna gets to answering these questions, the more dangerous things become, and she might just discover that the truth is no match for a good lie.
  • Sanction

    by William Hunter

    While in England on an unsanctioned assignment, Sean Garrett witnesses the shooting of a distinguished Cambridge professor by elite contract killer David Laurent. With his cover blown, Garrett is on the run from an assassin desperate to erase his tracks, and authorities who believe he is responsible for the murder. 

    Banastre Montjoy, a burned-out head of section at the Secret Intelligence Service, is in a race himself to discover if the scholar's death is linked to a bombi... more

  • Giovanni's Dream

    by Brian Dominic
    Based on a real-life romance, Giovanni's Dream is the story of an improbable relationship between a young, black Jersey woman and a mobbed-up wise guy, like Naomi Campbell marrying into the Sopranos. Neesha Steele is so bedeviled by the murder of her baby sister in a drive-by shooting in Newark, New Jersey, that she retires suddenly from a budding career as a singer to become a vigilante in her hometown. She's obsessed with ridding Newark of the criminal who's responsible, also one of the cit... more
  • Cynthia Greene

    by Benjamin Mellis
    Cynthia Greene is a nonlinear tale of 21 short stories broken into 21 chapters that interconnect, collide, and coincide together while taking the reader on a wild ride toward unraveling the cause and events of a missing call girl. With a black market organ trade business residing nearby, suspicion starts to emerge that this may be the leading cause of her disappearance.
  • SPINNING: Choreography for Coming Home

    by Janine Kovac
    Sometimes it takes a new stage to heal old wounds. When Janine Kovac gives birth to micro preemie twins nearly four months before they are due, she channels the grace and strength that carried her through a successful ballet career. The human body has amazing healing powers if you just know how to listen to it. But old habits bring up old haunts and bitter memories—the futile quest for perfection and a career-ending injury. In the sterile, fluorescent world of the NICU, ballet breeds hope as ... more
  • The Jenny

    by David Beasley
    "Billing it as 'the largest recovery of rare postage stamps in US history,' the F.B.I. has finally announced the results of its extensive search for the 153 U.S. stamps stolen from the New York Public Library." Linn's Stamp News. Library detective, Rudyard Mack, with the help of an outspoken library union leader named Arbuthnott Vine leads us through the corridors of power in one of the country's showplaces. We see its "upstairs/downstairs" reflecting the life of New York City surrounding it lik... more
  • Valley of Time

    by Jeremy D. Holden
    Mal Thomas only escaped with his life through a mixture of good fortune and divine intervention, after he and his eclectic team of cynical mad men and women were charged with promoting the alleged second coming of the Messiah, by Alfredo Baptiste, the world’s most powerful industrialist. Having subsequently become famous as a best-selling author—as well as an unlikely spiritual leader—after having written and promoted a book about those experiences, Mal is now approached by another enigmatic ... more
  • Blind Spots

    by Patick Garry

    by Charles Levin
    What if you could achieve digital immortality? Only to find that a ruthless terrorist bent on global destruction is hunting you down. A high-stakes cat and mouse game ensues with apocalyptic danger at every turn.
  • Garbage Collectors: Stories for young engineers

    by MIke Grabois
    Jack Drozd thinks he’s an ordinary boy—but how come he and his friends get involved in crazy adventures? Could it be because they love mystery and suspense, the excitement of chasing ideas and are filled with a desire to figure things out? But their adventures don't require travel to remote or dangerous places, or transformation into creatures with magical powers. All they have to do is... think like engineers. In each of these stories the kids encounter a problem, such as garbage in the midd... more
  • The Mattress Turner of Twigmere

    by Rebecca J Cunningham

    A bed time travelling tale.

    Glees Bedding has been doing business in the Surrey town of Twigmere since 1859.  So, it seems, has their mattress turner, Mr. Gifford Hans.  As generations of Glees have sold beds, a long line of Gifford Hans have been turning mattresses.  Nonetheless, this  Mr. Hans is ancient, a fact that throws his clients on first meeting.  Talking of throwing, how can a man of his advanced years, lift such hefty mattresses?  It is, he ... more

  • The Wealth of a Nation

    by T.B. O'Neill
    This story is basically a political thriller, but takes us on a dystopian journey in an era when the jobs are gone, and the government is no longer constitutionally restrained. Offered a Hobson’s choice, Bakerton’s citizens are like the rabble of Roman times: expected to know their place, and cheerfully accept the nation’s bounty. Nathan Englander confronts power brokers determined to build a Wall to separates Workers from dependent Citizens, and he discovers along the way that, at their core, ... more
  • Wolf River Dreams

    by Patrick Sarver
    Jesse Hawkins grew up in a small Midwestern town with creative visions of his world. But when his girlfriend died in an accident in which he was driving, he became plagued by recurring nightmares of that night. Now, after a year on the road without finding peace, Jesse is coming home to face the ghosts of his past. During the day, his life is returning to normal as he renews friendships, finds work as a singer, gains readmission to college, and begins a new relationship. By night, however, he mu... more
  • Halfway to a Southern Heart

    by Anthony Mays
    Rebecca grew up in a well-to-do family in Memphis. For years, her father wanted her to marry the son of a family friend, but Rebecca did not love him. No sooner had she turned eighteen, than she became pregnant by Vernon; a man she barely knew. Before she could share the good news with him, he suddenly left Memphis, never to return. Devastated, she had no choice but to give up the baby. Her parents sent her away to hide her growing shame, and arranged for an adoption. But Rebecca couldn't go thr... more