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  • A Life for a Life: A Mystery Novel

    by Lynda McDaniel
    When a young woman is found dead in the North Carolina mountains, the county sheriff says suicide. Della Kincaid disagrees. A former reporter in Washington, D.C., she knows how to hunt down the real story. But she’s now living in Laurel Falls, N.C., creating a new life for herself. Without her usual sources, she turns to an unlikely cast of characters—friends, customers, ex-husband, and forger. With their help, she uncovers how unbridled greed has spawned a series of crimes and sorrows. Along th... more
  • Remember Me?: Greek Tragedy in Three Acts (Faukon Abbey Mysteries) (Volume 1)

    by A.K. Lakelett
    What happens when your past catches up with you? If what you did then, shows up now? A seemingly ordinary man, with no enemies is found dead in Tersel Woods, with no identification, not even a mobile phone. Clearly someone wanted him dead, but why? Faukon Abbey CID officers, DI Greene and DC Ford and their friend Carter, a journalist at Abbey Chronicle uncover all hidden tragedies, murder being just one. They find out what really happens behind the elegant facades - where crimes go unseen and u... more
  • Entrepren-R (Retimer series Book 9)

    by Michael Angliss
    Perhaps the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisation in the 1980s was the Abu Nidal Organisation. It armed and trained revolutionaries of several terror groups in the secluded mountains of Middle Eastern countries. The ANO blew up a Pan Am airliner, attacked airports in Vienna and Rome and struck down the Neve Shalom Synagogue with brutal force. After the diminution of the ANO, it spawned some terrorist cells in Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East and the wider world. One cell was ... more
  • Visitor in my Mind: The Missing Twin

    by Nicole Kiefer
    Lucy Cain is a hardened businesswoman, with a hidden temper and a deeply installed dislike towards men. When her parents had died she took their company to the next level and now she is ready to go even further. But when she meets with the potential general contractor for her project, Sam Wilcox, she finds herself talked into dinner with him. As if it wasn't bad enough for her to find herself at dinner with a man, he next confronts her with a picture that should be impossible. Because it showed ... more
  • Hill Country Siren: A Joe Robbins Financial Thriller (Book Three)

    by Patrick Kelly
    When Joe Robbins, freelance CFO, is hired by an aging rock star to investigate a fraud he solves the case in a couple days, but then the perpetrator is brutally murdered, and Joe finds himself pulled into a world of stardom, and enchantment, and the frightening path of a freshly awakened serial killer.
  • Rest Now, Beloved

    by Blake S. Lee
    Seven-year-old Christopher Abkhazian refuses to be forgotten. This child’s death took place during the waning days of Prohibition in San Diego. Some said it was accidental death; pathologists disagreed. Unsolved, it gathered dust on cold case shelves for over sixty years. When a team of forensic detectives reopens the investigation in 1990, it expects to put the case to closure. But this victim demands justice, not obscurity. An unlikely duo begins an investigation of their own. Ex-policeman Pet... more
  • The Pact (A Sarah Roberts Thriller Book 17)

    by Jonas Saul
    Sarah Roberts has lost her ability to hear her sister’s messages. All forms of communication with Vivian are gone. Unless Sarah fulfills a pact with Vivian, one she knows nothing about, their ties will remain severed forever. In a time capsule Vivian prepared almost twenty-five years ago when she was still alive, prophecies and documents await Sarah. Several of the documents are addressed to people Vivian thought Sarah might know in the future. When Sarah’s father mails these documents, Sara... more
  • McCulloch's Last Stand

    by AM SARDAR

    Jed McCulloch, a mean disgraced retired Lawyer, is asked to assist in the defense of a teenage girl, Mary Beth Reagan, accused of murdering her new-born baby and facing the death penalty.


    Bill Corsair, a corporate lawyer killing time in Abilene whilst his ageing mother slowly dies, reluctantly takes on the case and turns to an experienced criminal lawyer to help him prepare a defense. The ill-matched team is further hindered by the reluctance of the defendant to offer any d... more

  • Surrender

    by Jill Collins
    In the tradition of best-selling psychological thrillers and cozy novels, Surrender is a smart and captivatingly fast paced delight that will leave you guessing ‘whodunit’ until the very end... It promises to engage your mind with its plot twists and turns; ignite your sense of humor with the realities of life that make you laugh; and tug at your heart with a hope filled spiritual thread. Psychiatrist Morgan Jane Winters moved back south to her beloved hometown of New Orleans to help those in... more
  • Death Perception (A Darcy Harbinger Mystery Book 1)

    by Anne Marie Stoddard

    *Previously released under the title Dark Perception*

    A mirror phobia, a caffeine addiction, and one creepy psychic gift...

    Art school student Darcy Harbinger sees dead people--before they actually die. She has premonitions of other people’s deaths, but when she tries to warn these walking doomed—or goners, as she calls them—the news doesn’t go over too well. She’s getting a reputation on campus as a witch, a psychic, an... more

  • Venetian Moon (Lella York Mysteries Book 2)

    by Maria Grazia Swan

    When she felt her new life falling apart, she fled to Venice, and watched her life go to pieces...

    An Italian in California, Lella York proves that you can take the woman out of Italy, but you can't take Italy out of the woman. Convinced her lover is cheating on her with his ex-wife, Lella is hiding out in Venice, Italy, where her son Kyle is wrapping up a film. Passionate, impulsive, and menopausal, she sees her romance hiatus cut short when the papers name her the femme fatale lov... more

  • Gemini Moon (Lella York Mysteries Book 1)

    by Maria Grazia Swan

    When her eyes were finally opened to the truth, she couldn't recognize her own life...

    Italian-born Lella York is trying to figure out who she is. Her husband has died. Her son is grown and, for the most part, gone. And now, her best friend is missing. Upon returning to Southern California after a visit to her beloved Italy, Lella is shocked to learn the mysterious circumstances of Ruby's disappearance as well as the death of Ruby's husband. And Lella's son is the prime ... more

  • Desert Moon (Lella York Mysteries Book 3)

    by Maria Grazia Swan

    When her cat hitched a ride without her, she had no choice but to tail the furry creature...

    From award winning author Maria Grazia Swan comes a story of suspense, romance, and one mischievous cat... How does a domestic black cat from Southern California become a stowaway and end up in Phoenix Arizona? That’s what Lella York wants to know as she crosses the desert, pedal to the metal, to bring her cat, Flash, back home. But something about a full desert moon bewitches Lella into s... more

  • Lip Hooked

    by Chris Gardner
    Finn Cummings is a walking contradiction: experienced deep-sea captain without a boat; domestic-abuse counselor with a hair-trigger temper; loved by the gorgeous multi-millionaire owner of Heaven Scent, a 58-foot Buddy Davis-designed sport fishing yacht, yet unable to free himself from the clutches of Jeena Sterling, a sexual predator who shows up in his bed, dripping wet and wearing a mermaid costume. Finn’s shaky hold on a what should be an easy-going life in the Florida Keys totally unrave... more
  • Reign of the Madman: The Birdcatcher

    by Walter Schenck
    Many books, non-fiction as well as fiction, have been written about the Vietnam War. Heroes, anti-heroes, helicopters battles, tank battles, The Battle of An Loc, The Battle of Kontom, the Battle for the soul. While there are some good non-fiction books out there, those books have the advantage of already being populated with characters, with location, with history, with themes, and story-lines. In contrast, there are few good fiction books written on Vietnam, and in fact, about any kind of war ... more
  • The Dante Deception

    by Jenni Wiltz

    Natalie Brandon has a secret.

    She knows a 700-year-old Dante manuscript up for auction is a fake, but no one believes her because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child. To stop the auction, she enlists the help of her sister Beth, a history professor.

    But when the forger’s scheme crumbles, he seeks revenge…because the sisters have cost him more than money. Natalie and Beth have just disrupted an even bigger plot – a web of lies spun over forty years an... more