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  • The Rusalka Wheel

    by Brooks Mencher

    Helen Oliver discovers an unusual spinning wheel in a Chinatown alley shop. Though the light is poor and the wheel is obscured by a mountain of antique furniture, it seems strangely familiar. She takes a few photos with her cell phone, and tries to buy it with what little money she has. When Helen mysteriously disappears, all that can be found is her purse and phone, discarded amid the trash along San Francisco’s northern piers.

    Realizing the photos are the only clue to San Francisco’s ... more

  • The Old Cape Hollywood Secret

    by Barbara Eppich Struna

    In 1947, Maggie Foster and her cousin, Gertie, leave Cape Cod for Hollywoodland in search of glamour and fame. One girl returns home and the other disappears. Present-day Nancy Caldwell travels to Hollywood, where she discovers the paths of Maggie and Gertie.

    In "The Old Cape Hollywood Secret," a novel of historical suspense, Nancy's curiosity gets her into trouble again. Along the way, a missing ring and a pearl-studded pouch are mixed in with the search. Using alternatin... more

  • Murderous Justice

    by Scott Springer as Clyde McCall
    They left him with one desire and nothing more to lose. Carl had the ultimate life, the perfect family - loving wife and adoring kids - all killed in a fit of bloody rage. Everyone knows who did it, but still, the culprits walk free. The bible says turn the other cheek, but Carl says blood for blood. Unafraid to die, he pursues his murderous justice.
  • The Old Cape Teapot

    by Barbara Eppich Struna
    Nancy Caldwell uncovers a pirate mystery that had the Old Salts of Cape Cod wondering for close to 300 years in the historical fiction, The Old Cape House. Was she lucky or a good detective? Nancy returns in The Old Cape Teapot, the second in a series, to uncover the trails of two survivors from the wreck of the 1717 pirate ship Whydah. Armed with the knowledge that in pirate culture the looted riches were equally shared, she takes us to the tropical island of Antigua and back to Cape Cod search... more
  • Attribution

    by Christine Horner

    A Hatchett Report Investigation . . . Series Book 1
    It’s 2036, an age of global water conflict and controlled media. A blacklisted journalist finds herself at a perilous crossroads between her explosive past and the future of humanity. Truby Goodman is relocated to Americas Sector N3-24F, the defunct Old Faithful Inn in Wyoming, isolated with four companions she knows little about. Once one of Interpol’s most wanted, she is now bound by a plea agreement with ... more

  • Rabbit's Redemption

    by DP Vent
    Rabbit and Baby are back in this action packed thriller! After being saved from certain death by the American watchdog group, "TPA", they have been rigorously trained as assassins to find and kill would be terrorists and mass shooters before they can complete their heinous missions. Everything was going fine, until Baby is recognized as a, "supposedly" dead spree killer! The situation deteriorates rapidly and soon Jack Kendahl finds himself on the trail of the two killers once again, only this t... more
  • Rabbit's Run

    by DP Vent
    Jason, Micheal, "Rabbit" Keating is angry. After losing his career, his livelihood, and eventually his home and family to the illegal and unconscionable machinations of a hostile corporate pirate, he decides he can either give up, or get even. Rabbit leaves his San Jose home for Seattle in order to exact his revenge. The body count mounts as Rabbit puts his terrifying plan into action, pursued down the west coast by Seattle detectives Jack Kendahl and Sandara Antewegio. He narrowly escapes captu... more
  • Lil's Way

    by Colleen Baxter Sullivan
    Lil is presently serving time in a mental facility in Joliette prison, in Montreal. Lil suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Doctor Miller feels that based on her history and the knowledge obtained through this case study, there might be a glimmer of hope for her release. Lil brings us back to her early childhood and the abuse suffered at the hands of her parents. Her great love for the city takes us on a wonderful adventure, while seeing it for the first time through Lil’s eyes a... more
  • Whistleblowers

    by Holly A. Bell

    A self-proclaimed whistleblower code-named ‘The Executive’ is releasing the U.S. government’s most secret documents. But what happens when the most damaging secrets aren’t even true? WHISTLEBLOWERS tells the story of Alaska Professor Kate Adams who, while struggling with trauma, is pressed back into CIA service to infiltrate a radical anti-government group that may have ties to The Executive. Kate follows the trail to a 21st Century commune in England where, unlike the... more

  • Slow Bullet

    by John L. Lansdale
    In Slow Bullet, Army veteran Clark McKay is searching for the truth behind his best friend's murder. McKay's search for the truth takes him across the globe, where he meets a multitude of characters and wades through the murky waters of corruption. McKay wants to find a murderer, but what happens when he uncovers so much more? Truth and fiction make an interesting mixture in this fast-paced novel.
  • The Kirov Wolf

    by R.H. Johnson
    NYPD Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble hunt the Kirov Wolf, an assassin who has been hiding in plain sight for decades. The murders of Russian dissidents living in New York City threatens to become an international crisis, and the pressure is on to sort through a long list of plausible suspects. This is the fourth book in the NYPD Detective Pete Nazareth crime series.
  • The Only Clue: A Neema Mystery

    by Pamela Beason
    Gorillas that communicate in sign language aren’t exactly commonplace, so when Dr. Grace McKenna reluctantly hosts the first Open House at her research center, half the town of Evansburg, Washington shows up to gawk. The next morning, Grace discovers that her worst nightmare has come true. All three apes—Gumu, Neema, and baby Kanoni—have vanished, leaving behind only one clue: a huge pool of blood.
  • The Only Witness

    by Pamela Beason
    KIDNAPPING...OR MURDER? A missing baby Seventeen-year-old Brittany Morgan dashed into the store for just a minute, leaving her sleeping baby in the car. Now Ivy's gone and half the town believes Brittany murdered her daughter. A haunted detective Detective Matthew Finn, a big-city fish out of water in small-town Evansburg, Washington, struggles with his wife's betrayal as he investigates Ivy Morgan's disappearance. The clock is ticking and he can't find any witnesses. An unusual rese... more
  • Backcountry: A Sam Westin Mystery

    by Pamela Beason
    Sam Westin is rarely afraid in the wilderness, but maybe she should be now. Her friends Kyla and Kim were murdered on a popular hiking trail only a few weeks ago and the murderer is still unidentified. When Sam steps in as a substitute for Kim to shepherd six troubled teens through the north Cascades, she can't help watching over her shoulder. Has grief at the violent deaths of her friends made her paranoid, or is she right to suspect her band of misfits is sharing the mountain wilderness with t... more
  • Undercurrents

    by Pamela Beason
    When Sam is hired to cover a marine survey expedition to the Galápagos, she jumps at the opportunity--though she has to fudge the truth about her diving expertise. But amidst the giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and schooling hammerheads of Darwin's enchanted islands, Sam gets caught up in deadly game of survival of the fittest, and her dream assignment turns into a nightmare.
  • Bear Bait

    by Pamela Beason
    Sam Westin is working on a twelve-week project for the National Park Service as a wildlife biologist. While on firewatch duty one night, she hears an explosion. Above a nearby lake, fire lights the sky. She calls it in and is the first on the scene to do battle. When the blaze is finally extinguished, a body is discovered in the embers. It’s a young woman who was working on the park’s trail crew for the summer—and she’s barely clinging to life. Sensing something sinister, Sam starts asking q... more