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    by Kat Miller Panos
    Emme Winters is having a difficult pregnancy, and it’s not just the backaches and heartburn. The Voice in Her Head has come back, and her long-lost father, Keith, has too. He has a theory after all of these years – and he knows it sounds nuts – but he has reason to believe that The Voice isn’t schizophrenia at all, but her birth mother’s soul trapped inside her, desperate to get out. As his daughter’s health dips to dangerous levels, and the doctors can’t figure out what to do, Keith feels he ha... more
  • The Teller Trilogy: Extended Edition

    by Sterling Emmal
    Remmel Kell was the CEO of Account Force USA, or as most people knew it, the largest banking franchise in the United States. To the public Remmel seemed to be a charismatic and highly educated entrepreneur. When he gave a speech or did an interview everyone stopped to listen. Yet those close to him knew the gorgeous CEO had a very morbid obsession. He would target single mothers with two children. Then brutally murder them one by one in the order of ascending age. It was the perfect ratio, and t... more
  • At the Heart of the Missing

    by Annie Daylon
    Daylon’s new psychological thriller tells the heart-racing story of a woman’s desperate fight to escape her depraved captor and the tenacious search of a brilliant PI to unravel a three-year-old mystery, keeping a secret promise he made long ago . . . Rose Harrington is a strong, independent young woman whose world has been rocked by loss. Three years ago, her sister Margo went missing. Despite an exhaustive search by police and the assistance of Rose’s friend and private investigator, Shaug... more
  • The Tipping Point of Oliver Bass

    by Larry Spencer
    At seventeen Oliver Bass finds himself still haunted by his mother's abandonment and horrific suicide, the loneliness he felt since age five, and the emotional void that came from an absent father. The real drama is whether he can come to grips and separate fact from fiction in order to keep his own sanity intact, when a perfect stranger, who has a penchant for mystery and homicide, suggests his motyher was actually a victim of foul play.
  • Death of a Wolfman

    by Susan Boles

    "...a charming southern cozy chocked full of engaging characters, laugh out loud humor, and inviting small town charm." Kathi Daley, Author of the Zoe Donovan Cozy Mysteries

    The first book in the Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series.Quicker than she can stitch together the threads of a genealogy project she's just signed on to research, Lily Gayle Lambert finds herself embroiled in investigating the murder of a stranger who suffers from 'wolfman syndrome&... more

  • Size Zero

    by AC Moyer
    Condom dresses, space helmets, and vegetable coats have debuted on fashion runways—now a dead body is the trend. Filleted and stitched into a gruesome skin coat, a corpse worn by an anorexic model saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The remains are identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York City mansion. After years of seeking the truth, new evidence puts golden boy Cecil LeClaire at the center of the crime. ... more
  • Shattered (The Southern Comfort Series/Dahlonega Trilogy Book 1)

    by Lisa Clark O'Neill
    Eighteen years ago, Lucy Flannery’s young life was shattered when her mother and little brother were murdered – a crime made all the more heartbreaking by the fact that the killer was her father. However, recently uncovered evidence proves that her father was wrongfully convicted. Reeling from this revelation, Lucy comes back to her hometown, both terrified and desperate to reconnect with the father whom she’d rejected. Trespassing at her childhood home, Lucy finds herself facing down the count... more
  • Justice (The Southern Comfort Prequel Trilogy Book 3)

    by Lisa Clark O'Neill
    Waking up next to a dead stranger with no memory of how he got there should be the worst day of Caitlin Cavanaugh’s life. However, what seems to be a clear case of self-defense soon puts Caitlin on the defensive, as evidence left behind at the scene doesn’t match up with her story. But proving her innocence becomes the least of her problems... Criminal defense attorney Jack Wellington is highly sought after in the courtrooms of Savannah… not to mention the bedrooms of its female denizens. Jack ... more
  • Dangerous Score

    by mike bearcroft
    Footballer has world against him after claiming to have dated girl who has been missing presumed dead for a year.
  • The White Pearl

    by Tania Giguere
    Detective John takes you on a ride into a world of murder and drugs. A gripping tale of how one man combats the dark side of Chicago. Going undercover, John does what needs to be done. He becomes what the city needs, a detective that doesn't stop just because he has stared into the devil's eyes. Instead, John takes out the trash, leaving nothing to chance. “I'm gonna find that wolf. I'm gonna find his den and burn it down. Take the dust and watch 'em crumble.” A compelling novel that grips you ... more
  • The Hound of Christopher

    by Roland Odinkemelu
    A young gambler, Fernando Bari, puts his life in grave danger when he becomes a star witness to testify against a notorious criminal outfit. Fleeing town, he seeks protection from a crooked son of a mob boss who agrees to protect him for a price. The deal turns Fernando into Naples most wanted criminal. As his enemies unite under a common goal, Fernando turns to his closest ally to pave a way out. With his closest ally compromised, Fernando finds himself at a crossroad. Will he survive…
  • Twisted Lies

    by Robin Patchen
    She thought they’d never find her. And then her daughter vanished. Marisa Vega’s life as an adoptive mom in a tiny Mexican village isn’t what she’d dreamed while growing up in New York, but as the target of a man who’s convinced she stole millions of dollars from his financial firm, Marisa believes hiding is her only way to stay alive. When her daughter is snatched and held for ransom, Marisa must discover who really stole the money in order to rescue her. Months after being kidnapped, t... more
  • Convenient Lies

    by Robin Patchen
    What happens when a woman marries her greatest enemy? When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband Julien is part of a powerful international crime family, she flees Paris with their newborn, returning to her childhood home in Nutfield, New Hampshire. She plans to gather her inheritance, collect her beloved grandmother, and disappear forever. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her son from his criminal father.  But when Reagan arrives home, her heart breaks at... more
  • It Only Takes One Bullet

    by Joseph Giuliani
    Private detective Joe Caruso finds his ex-partner dead on the Wells Street Bridge and an unidentified woman floating in the Chicago River. Caruso's search for the killer takes him into the underbelly of 1960's Chicago with the Democratic National Convention as a backdrop.
  • Union Dues

    by Joseph Giuliani
    A federal appellate court judge is murdered weeks before he was to preside over a landmark collective bargaining hearing. Private detective Mathew Price is hired to investigate with the belief he will fail to find a conspiracy. What he does find is surprising.
  • Code Blue

    by Richard L. Mabry