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  • The House On Galloway RD: A Jahlil and Jameer Amature Slueth Mystery (Jahlil and Jahmeer Amature Sluthes) (Volume 1)

    by Adele Frances
    Philadelphia, PA-THE HOUSE ON GALLOWAY RD, strange voices, the playful laughter of a young child coming from their mother’s room, the stories told at family gatherings, and Angel, the entity that has been with their mother since childhood. Jahlil and Jahmeer, identical African American twins, have grown up watching their mother struggle with the past, and the psychological effects from the time she lived in the house as a young child. With the help of their uncle, a Philadelphia Detective, and a... more
  • The Boat

    by Ron Bay, Jr.
    Alec Thornton, at age fifteen, shares his dream of building a sailboat and sailing to Aruba with best friends Robbie and Jason. They, being as excited about the project as Alec, enthusiastically agree to help. When two local bullies begin harassing and terrorizing the boys, they strike back and the conflict escalates. After a severe beating at the hands of the two thugs puts Robbie in the hospital, the boys must face the stark reality that their tormentors aren’t going away. On the night Alec pl... more
  • Carlos the Ant (Michael Gresham Series Book 4)

    by John Ellsworth
    Carlos has a sick daughter and needs money. He's also an upstanding citizen who pays his taxes, puts in his forty hours, doesn't drink and carouse, and loves his wife. Still...he has nowhere else to turn. So Carlos gets money the old-fashioned way--he robs banks. The money comes pouring in but then a new man joins the crew and everything tumbles downhill. Criminal charges for armed robbery are brought against Carlos in several states and he needs a heavy hitter to defend him. Carlos calls Micha... more
  • Willobee's World

    by Wendell Vanderbilt Fountain
    Trenton "Trent" Willobee is a resident of Oatman, Arizona who originally hailed from Macon, Georgia. His southern-western drawl confounds many with whom he communicates. He is an independent semi-trucker who is recruited by federal agents to assist them in on the collection of on the ground intelligence in Tijuana, Mexico. As time progresses, his role expands into dangerous and treacherous situations.
  • Render Safe

    by Pascal Marco
    Since 1985, Arizona prosecutor Stan Kobe has come to be known as “Maricopa County’s Most Ruthless Prosecutor” having never lost a case—nor let a murder go unsolved. His streak comes to end in 2001 when Paul Henry Stewart, a former Air Force EOD technician, mysteriously disappears, leaving no trace after his house explodes in flames with his wife and two children inside. Ten years pass until another triple-homicide occurs with similarities only Kobe knows are common to his decade-old cold case... more
  • Anamnesis

    by Whitney H. Murphy

    A desperate search for survival—and answers.

    As survivors in a ruined city, there are some realities we can’t escape. Or forget. Like the truth that our bodies don’t work anymore. We all know it—with every aching breath, we know it. Or the fact that few of us can recall our own names, let alone the name of our city, our land, or our people. The lack of answers rules our weary minds, flooding—like the fears in our hearts and the pains that crawl along our dy... more

  • A Bitter Wind: Time Entanglement (Book 1)

    by Anita Merrick
    Can the past be changed without creating a paradox? Does history repeat itself or is that something we tell ourselves to cover our poor choices? When Alexander ‘Ramses’ Smith is assigned to decipher the odd hieroglyphs of the Temple of Khnum—all heka (magic) breaks loose. As a teen, his interest was in metaphysical and sharing psychic experiences with his beloved grandmother. However, when she died, things turned dark when a Ouija Board freed a terrifying entity. He thought he was free of it whe... more
  • Blackmail Black Queen: 'til Death Do Us Part

    by Jeffery Alexander
    Blackmail, Black Queen: 'til Death Do Us Part by Jeffery Alexander is a story of love and loss, trickery and tragedy, murder and mayhem, suspicion and suspense; and classic triumph of good over evil. This gripping novel will have you enthralled from beginning to end! Set in the Denver area, city landscapes and familiar attractions are the backdrop for some of the scenery as the story unfolds and exposes the drama unfolding in the mile high city.
  • Velvet of Black

    by Collin Kirkpatrick
    Follow the dystopian society of a world corrupted by an overruling religion, all people kept in line, equal in hell, different in none. However could someone besides a blind sheep lead. Meet in the eyes of one true apex of a woman and the hell she goes through, switching characters as the story prolongs.
  • The Pakistani Connection

    by Stuart Craigie

    This espionage thriller describes how MI6 was able to place a special non official under-cover agent in the Pakistani Al Qaeda organization, with the aim to finding Osama Bin Laden. His name was Naeem Fiazudin and before being recruited, he was an ex SAS soldier of Pakistani origin with an exceptional fighting record in Afghanistan. He discovered that Al Qaeda was currently being run by a far more powerful man in the background. After the CIA raid in Abbottabad, in which Ben Laden was killed,... more

  • A Touch of Homicide

    by Peter Fischer
    It takes a lot to impress Joe Bernardi. He likes his job and the people he deals with but nobody is really special. Nobody, that is, except for Orson Welels, and when Avery Sterling, a bottom feeding excuse for a producer, asks Joe's help in saving Welles from an industry-wide smear campaign, Joe jumps in, heedless that the pool he has just plunged into is as dry as a vermouthless martini. A couple of days later, Sterling is found dead in his office and the police immediately zero in on two susp... more
  • Alias Island

    by Donna Ward

    Alias Island is a character-driven mystery novel that takes place in a fictitious southeast retirement community. Here, in an unorthodox attempt to protect their important witnesses -  within the constraints of their New York office budget –  the FBI has warehoused several of them, with strict instructions not to mingle with the locals.
        But mingle they do, and soon they find each other – but not in a good way. One aging Mob informant - who had bee... more

  • A Conundrum

    by Pamela Peacock
    An unsanctioned murder in Western Australia has caused chaos in the Family. A vicious, unprincipled family dating from the 17th Century, their holdings now mostly homogenised. It cannot be allowed.
  • Blind Spot

    by Adam Zorzi
    After spending years rebuilding his life, the woman who left Dan Ramsey devastated and broken wants him back… Despite enjoying life with his wife Jill and their daughter in a leafy old suburb of Richmond, Virginia, Dan succumbs to temptation after a chance run-in with his former lover Bella. Recovering from their break-up took three years, and a lot of psychiatric intervention, yet Bella still has a hold on him he can’t seem to let go. He’s consumed by an affair with her for over a year until... more
  • The Old Man and the Princess

    by Sean-Paul Thomas
    An eccentric old Irishman, who claims to be 'not of this Earth,' kidnaps a young, headstrong, Irish girl, from the streets of Galway and tries to convince her that her life's destiny is tied to a mystical cave in the Scottish highlands. But with half of the Irish criminal underworld violently on their trail,the young girl struggles back and forth with the old man's real identity and far fetched intentions, to whether he truly is genuine in his wild and fantastical beliefs. Or is he really jus... more
  • One In A Million (The Millionth Trilogy Book 1)

    by Tony Faggioli
    Kyle Fasano has it all: a good job, a loving family and a house on the hill. Still, it’s not enough. Risking it all, he has a fling with a woman from the office. But Kyle is about to learn that with every choice, there are consequences, and sometimes there can be hell to pay. Literally.