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  • By the Sound of Silence

    by Collin Cheng
    Soon after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappears, Insurance Investigator Angeline Herman discovers her friend, dead in his own home in Shanghai. Angeline discovers that a CIA agent assassinated him to protect United States' secrets, in what could be a cover up. Determined to discover the reason why her friend died, Angeline embarks on a journey that could affect the fate of nations.
  • Who Ate The Cake?

    by Cinta
    I'm glad this book is in your hands! Sophie's birthday cake is missing and she needs your help to find it. Should you follow the crumbs or follow the footprints? With no right or wrong decision, each choice takes you and Sophie on a different adventure that solves the mystery. Explore all 6 endings! A mystery-adventure picture book for ages 4+ where you, the reader, decide what to do.
  • The Savannah Getaway: A Thomas Gunn Novel

    by Thomas Linnell
    Did Thomas make it out alive in a recent attack? There is a serial killer in Savannah, Unknown past comes to haunt a police officer.
  • The Chattahoochee Valley Murders

    by Thomas Linnell
    Thomas Gunn goes to Columbus(GA)-Phenix City (AL) to catch a killer. Thomas comes across an old enemy while in the process. Things turn on him and has to seek help from unlikely sources
  • The Mississippi Murders

    by Thomas Linnell
    Thomas Gunn gets a call from a old friend down in Mississippi , and when he gets down he finds out that somebody is after him
  • Legal Thriller: The Spy Files: A Brent Marks Legal Thriller (Brent Marks Legal Thrillers Book 7)

    by kenneth eade
    Exposing illegal government surveillance turns into a courtroom battle in Book 7 of the bestselling Brent Marks Legal Thriller and Courtroom Drama Series from the author critics hail as: "One of the strongest thriller writers on the scene." Lawyer Brent Marks takes a Freedom of Information Act case for a journalist accused of espionage, and finds himself the target of an abusive federal investigation that strains his relationship with his fiance, who happens to also be an FBI Agent. Can Brent c... more
  • Conspiracy of Silence

    by Gledé Browne Kabongo

    He will do anything to stop her but she won’t stop until the truth is exposed

    When Nina Kasai left her wealthy suburban home to attend Stanford University, she vowed never to return. The awful truth has been locked away in the pages of her diary and in the mind of a disturbed woman who will never tell.

    Now twenty years later, Nina has it all: a successful career as a marketing executive for a renowned tech company, an adoring husband, and a baby on th... more

  • Summer Shadows

    by Killarney Traynor
    Mystery. Romance. Danger. Murder. Not your typical family vacation. When Julia Lamontaigne arrives in Franklin, New Hampshire, she's looking for an escape from the tragedies that have taken over her life. Haunted by the legacy of her beloved sister, and entrusted with her sister's three orphaned children, Julia hopes for a summer of peaceful healing... And hopefully, bonding. At first, the small New Hampshire town seems to be the perfect location. They quickly settle in and make frie... more
  • The Magus Covenant: The secret that will change the world (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 1)

    by Toni Pike

    A long-forgotten sect, a deadly brotherhood, a billionaire who trades in relics and a race across Europe in pursuit of a killer.

    Jotham Fletcher is in Rome to give a lecture about Simon Magus at the church where he fell to his death beside the Roman Forum. Magus was a cult leader mentioned in the Bible and his libertine sect disappeared by 400 AD. 

    B... more

  • Hits & Mrs.

    by Karen Stollznow

    We all need a little magic in our lives but can we tell the difference between magic and lies?

    Gil Godsend is the world’s greatest psychic medium.

    Claudia Cox thinks he’s the world’s biggest fraud.

    Once a professional skeptic, Claudia spent many years trying to expose Gil, but no one believed that the charismatic and handsome psychic could be a con artist. They would rather believe that Claudia has sour grapes because she and Gil were once lovers. Unable to... more

  • Avarice (The Southern Comfort Prequel Trilogy Book 2)

    by Lisa Clark O'Neill
    Seventeen years ago, Ainsley Tidwell’s young life was shattered upon her discovery of the body of her murdered cousin, Carly. Now Carly’s sister Sabrina is missing, and Ainsley returns to Dahlonega, Georgia for the first time since the homicide that tore her family apart. Ainsley must face the ghosts of her past as she tries to repair her present relationship with her remaining family, including Ben Paulson, the county sheriff – who isn’t too keen on having his criminal defense attorney cousin... more
  • Malice (Southern Comfort Prequel Book 1)

    by Lisa Clark O'Neill
    The brutal execution of a Russian immigrant suspected of having ties to organized crime is only the beginning for Savannah FBI agent Jesse Wellington. A man known only as “The Ghost” begins wreaking havoc on the Hostess City, bringing murder and mayhem to its southern shores. When evidence turns up implicating Jillian Montgomery, the close friend of another agent, Jesse finds himself dangerously attracted to a woman at the heart of his investigation. Jillian Montgomery fears law enforcement –... more
  • 978-1500809553

    by Rebecca Brisbane
    Set in a small, backwoods Pennsylvania town, rookie Kelsie Lee Ray is not a typical police officer. Blending humor and grit, she relies on her often curious analytical powers not only regarding the people and situations around her, but also in the workings of her own mind. This occasionally leads to unforeseen developments. Kelsie pursues a killer tormented by demons he doesn't even know he has. Leaving Aesop-type messages with each of the victims, he begins to believe in his own powers. A ... more
  • Spring of Tears

    by Cornelia Feye
    Vega Stern, of art historian and mother, tries to live her dream as a writer in the countryside of France. After finding the body of a young woman at the spring of the medieval monastery of Saint Odile in the Alsace, Vega becomes entangled in the murder case and gets more and more deeply drawn into the dark and mysterious past of the victim, who is identified as Sarah Parker. Vega is fascinated by her tragic life, which was marred by disturbing childhood memories, paranoia, restlessness, art the... more
  • Picture Me: A Mystery

    by Amy Schisler
    Melissa Grant has escaped the clutches of death, not once, not twice, but three times. While she considers this to be divine intervention, her assailant is sure that her luck will run out, and the authorities are suspicious that Melissa isn’t as innocent as she seems. Implicated in the murders of two of her closest friends, and running from both a hit man and the law, Melissa does what is thought to be impossible in the 21st Century – she disappears. Julie Lawson has no family, no friends, and n... more
  • A Place to Call Home

    by Amy Schisler
    Susan O’Neil, young, single entrepreneur and owner of her own computer consulting business, is shocked to discover runaways Cassie and Ellie eating out of her trash. Thus begins a dangerous journey, both figuratively and literally, for Susan, the children, and childhood friend and undercover FBI agent, Jim Russell. Racing against the clock to find the true paternity of the supposed orphans pits Susan and Jim against a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to protect his empire. From the Balti... more