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  • The Case of the Vanishing Scroll

    by J. D. Howard
    When an ancient scroll vanishes from the museum, police accuse Sam's friend, Dr. DiGenio, of the crime. Sam doesn't believe the charge against him and leads his friends on a mission to discover the truth. Together, they uncover a shadowy world as they find one clue after another. Every step on the trail takes them deeper into danger. Will their adventure mean the end for Sam and his friends?
  • 978-1490928241

    by Maggy Downey
    Eleven-year-old Declan McLeod loves a challenging puzzle. So he has been given three complex puzzles to solve in the new mystery series Declan the Kid Detective. Gone are the days of tracking down missing dogs and secret admires. His latest assignments involve culprits with twisted minds who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Joined by his assistant and best friend, Layla Price, Declan is about to discover some puzzles are not so easy to figure out, but if you do, there may be a price t... more
  • Protector of Children: Assassin's Dreams

    by David V Mammina
    C.A.S.T., the Covert Alliance of Selective Termination, is a secret government society dedicated to exterminating the most dangerous criminals in the United States. For decades, this clandestine band of legal assassins, organized and governed as a classic chivalric society, has "silenced" thousands of dangerous persons, ranging from serial killers to terrorists. But what if one of those killers takes revenge? As C.A.S.T. member Vincent Putnam pursues his calling to rid the world of evil, he mus... more
  • Breaking Free

    by Rob Lubitz
    Ryan Butler’s once promising baseball career came to a crashing end twenty years ago. Now, he’s an unhappy lawyer in an unhappy marriage. His life is going nowhere …until an old friend of Ryan’s is found comatose on a park bench. This old friend, Steve, vanished from work earlier that day with a quarter of a million dollars. The money is mysteriously missing and the police have no clues. Dazzled by Steve’s gorgeous young wife, who may or may not be as innocent as she seems, Ryan risks every... more
  • The Secret of the Sacred Scarab

    by Fiona Ingram
    A 5000-year-old mystery comes to life when a scruffy peddler gives cousins Adam and Justin Sinclair an old Egyptian scarab on their first day in Egypt. Only when the evil Dr. Khalid shows a particular interest in them do the boys realise they are in terrible danger. Their adventure takes them down the Nile and across the harsh desert in their search for the legendary tomb of the Scarab King, an ancient Egyptian ruler. They survive terrifying dangers in a hostile environment, pursued by enemies i... more
  • Farrow's Legacy (EM2)

    by Mark Radford
    Three suicides after each committed a murder led to an investigation that linked them to a mysterious musical box and an awakening of old hostilities. As the truth gets uncovered behind Farrow's legacy, survival becomes the key in a battle of life or death for redemption.
  • Game Of Justice

    by Mark Radford
    Britain, in the year 2027, is under military rule by a hard-line Animals' Rights organisation. Military Crimes Officer Carl Treyer, on an investigation into a man's death, discovers a trail of murder that leads to a top-ranking official. In trying to bring the perpetrator to justice, his life is placed in jeopardy. However, intervention from an unexpected source is the catalyst which may blow the whole case wide open, forcing a battle for survival.
  • Early Memory (EM1)

    by Mark Radford
    Mike Harley returned home to a message and a problem. Two men were stalking him and as he escaped capture, he witnessed a murder committed by them. Events leads him into the path of a crime lord, a corrupt detective and the mysterious Midnight, who had a hidden past. Survival became the name of the game in a trail of deceit.
  • Critical Mass: A Spiritual Adventure to Save the Planet

    by E. Bruce Bushong

    Ever since the horrors of 9/11, Brian had been lost.

    His quest for purpose led him to France in the spring of 2003. There, everything changed when he joined with fellow seekers—Katrina, a German physicist; Hadji, an Indian engineer; Alia, a Brazilian pilot; and Qui Jen, a Japanese ninja—as part of the Holistic Group dedicated to the transformation of the planet through the creation of Critical Mass.

    As foretold in ancient texts, Critical Mass is both ... more

  • In Your Sights (Sydney Triptych Book 1)

    by Elizabeth Krall
    Caroline Bready is being watched. Someone has posted a photograph of her on a mysterious website. Still struggling to rebuild her life after the unsolved death of her husband, Caroline tells herself that the photo is unimportant. She drifts into an affair with a colleague; the relationship begins casually, but quickly becomes intense and disturbing. After Caroline discovers the first victim of a serial rapist who has begun to attack women in Sydney, another photograph appears. Are the onl... more
  • On an Exciting Cocktail Night: A Dark Fantasy Tale

    by Lathish Shankar
    Alex Samuel's wife Stella was found dead in his room. No one actually knows the real cause of this death. Stella's younger sister, Salina, along with her boyfriend Collins, investigates into this death. Stella turns out to be a vampire who is visible only to Collins. The story is all about Stella's revenge on the person who is responsible for her death. She helps Collins to find out the real murderer, and Collins reveals this unknown mystery, to her husband and sister. The novel swings between r... more
  • The Secret People, 978-0-9838201-1-6

    by B R Fleming
    Inspired by the works of Carlos Castaneda, "The Secret People" follows Dr. Lesley Whitney as she enters the realm of Native American Spiritualism and encounters the Inorganic Beings searching for her missing father. When Lesley receives the call from Sheriff Branshee that her famous father, archaeologist Arthur Whitney, is missing while exploring Native American sites in the Four Corners, Lesley inadvertently becomes involved in finding clues to his disappearance. Her search for the truth forces... more
  • Winston's Will

    by L Bailey Bastian
    Mira Catlett is on death row for the murder of her wealthy father, Winston Catlett. No one believes her story that her father’s death was an accident and the only person that holds the truth is her uncle, Howard Catlett. But he allows Mira to be convicted leaving him with full control of his brother’s company along with custody of Mira’s son, Ayden. Years pass and with Mira’s execution days away, she learns of a codicil; an amendment to her father’s will that shatters her dreams of her only... more
  • The Anvil of the Craftsman (Jon's Trilogy Book 1)

    by Dale Amidei
    A doctoral candidate in Theological Studies is recruited by an acquaintance in the U.S. State Department for outreach to the most troublesome province in Iraq. The many challenges of nation building expand the mission from diplomacy into a survival situation, as local and international interests position themselves to oppose the initiative. Terrorism and counter-terror operations threaten to keep the team from leaving the relative safety of Baghdad, until a former USAF Special Tactics operati... more
  • Pharaoh's Star

    by Vera Jane Cook
    Sometimes, the ambiguity of a man is better left ambiguous.

    Nick and Jenna Dowling buy a second home in Upstate New York but this dream of a lifetime turns out to be anything but relaxing when a strange and mystical experience on a dark, forgotten back road leads Nick on a frantic search for answers about the reality of his identity. Frantic to explain his mysterious amnesia, Jenna Dowling calls upon a therapist for her husband, while Nick befriends an alien abduction expert. Each despera... more

  • Copperhead Cove

    by Ron Parham
    The stillness of the warm, Kentucky afternoon on Copperhead Cove is shattered by the echo of a high-powered rifle, sending the birds flying and two famous college basketball coaches to a watery grave. Their fishing guide, Bo Paxton, becomes collateral damage, thrashing through the murky waters of Quail Hollow Lake, fighting for his life while a mob enforcer hunts him down, beginning a life and death manhunt for Bo and a marked member of the Chicago mob.

    Bo's brother, Ethan Paxton, and his ... more