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  • The Big Chill

    by Hannah Howe
    Book Three in the Sam Smith Mystery Series. “Emergency!” “Christ! Who shot her?” “Don’t know.” “What a mess.” “Better call Dr Warburton.” *** Bright lights. A sharp, antiseptic smell. Pain. Nausea. Feel so weak. The cat, who’ll feed the cat? “Marlowe.” “She’s babbling.” “She’s lost a lot of blood.” Blackness. “Have we lost her?” I don’t want to die! *** A jumble of images, my mother, my father, but his face is so vague. “Daddy!” Nothing. *** A man sc... more
  • Love and Bullets

    by Hannah Howe
    It had been a week since the incident at the abandoned quarry, a week since I’d shot and killed someone, a week since my ex-husband had been murdered. It had been an emotional week. But life goes on. I’d been hired to discover who was sending death threats to Dr Ruth Carey, a controversial psychiatrist. The trail led to two high-powered villains and soon the death threats were aimed at me, threats that increased following two murders. Meanwhile, after years of domestic violence, I was trying... more
  • Sam's Song

    by Hannah Howe
    Love Hurts. For Derwena de Caro, songstress, female icon, teenage dream, success brought drugs, alcohol and a philandering boyfriend. It also brought wealth, fame and a stalker, or so she claimed. And that’s where I came in, to investigate the identity of the stalker, little realising that the trail would lead to murder and a scandal that would make the newspaper headlines for months on end. Love Hurts. For me, Samantha Smith, Enquiry Agent, love arrived at the end of a fist. First, I had to... more
  • The Hunted Assassin

    by Paul B Kohler
    His name is an alias. His pretense is a disguise. His very existence on Taloo Station is no accident. Martin Wheeler—AKA Jaxon Rasner, is hiding from his past. After nearly a decade of living in obscurity, a team of killers is sent to end his life. Making matters worse, his estranged daughter is brutally abducted. Marked for death, he must return to the life he left behind as he races for survival throughout the Outer Ring, where he has no choice but to embrace the killer within.
  • B01GAEGHG0

    by D S Allen
    Who couldn't resist the lure of a treasure map and the prospect of untold riches? But, as George and Flanagan are about to discover, treasure hunting is a dangerous business. The stakes couldn't be higher as Tam McMaster, local bigwig and 'first man of Ballymagee', plans to build a new property development exactly where 'X' marks the spot. Can George and Flan stop the development and save the treasure? And, more importantly, can they stop the destruction of a beauty spot that is a safe haven to... more
  • Inevitable (First Printing)

    by Lindsay Boyd
    Having recently completed a twelve-year prison term for a horrendous crime committed when he was fourteen, Vanburn Holding pitches his hopes for a new life in an intentional recovery community based in northeast Thailand. On the eve of his departure for Asia an encounter with an ailing American high school girl on one of the beaches of his Caribbean island home threatens to derail his plans. Van, however, contends with this frightening occurrence and upon journeying to Asia and establishing hims... more
  • A Bitter Frost

    by Christine Schulden
    Laurel Frost seems to live an idyllic life; she touts a prominent local attorney as her husband, lives in the perfect home, is a member of a prestigious country club. But behind closed doors things look very different. While her husband spends more and more time working on a high profile murder case, Laurel finds evidence that someone keeps breaking into their home. But no one, not her sister, her husband or her psychiatrist believe her. Determined to prove she's not crazy, Laurel teams up with ... more
  • A Bodyguard of Lies

    by Donna Del Oro

    FBI analyst Jake Bernstein is recruited to go undercover and investigate an American grandmother wanted for war crimes during WWII but currently on a tour of England and Ireland with her granddaughter. Jake joins them and runs into complications when his growing attraction to the woman's granddaughter challenges his obligation to remain emotionally detached. As the investigation intensifies, a neo-Nazi group tries to prevent him from learning the truth and Jake struggles to stay alive lon... more

  • The Evolution of Evil (The Blackwell Files Book 6)

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Jan Summit, senator’s wife and world-class biologist, has disappeared from her Alzheimer’s research center on the Galapagos Islands. When cryptologist Alton Blackwell is called in to decode the scientist’s last message, he learns of a breakthrough discovery, one that could revolutionize treatment for the debilitating disease. Alton and wife Mallory, an FBI agent, join an elite force sent to track down the missing scientist. In doing so, they uncover a world of shadowy intrigue—a land where e... more
  • The Hidden Hand Duality of Self

    by Mallah-Divine Mallah
    Bomani resurfaces in a gentrified Bushwick after 10 years in a Federal prison. He has different ideas for himself. He wants to be socially active in the community. His cousin wants him to take the underboss position in a national crime organization. But Bomani has learned too much about the hidden hand (s). His time is running out. Will the love of his two women keep him from going back to the streets or maybe his community activism? No matter which way he chooses he makes enemies. He faces a ... more

    by Adnan Alisic
    12 years after surviving the horrific massacre, 15-year old Meho committs ruthless murders, setting in motion the event which could change the world order.
  • whom the gods would destroy

    by linda schwartz
    In 1880',s New York City Sarianna and Robert Welles , madly in love, discover they have a great deal in common including giving the gift of pain to their many victims. But when Robert can no longer make love to Sarianna, Sarianna must respond in the only way she knows, which is the pain no mortal man can withstand. So while an overbearing police captain searches for them, a medical doctor practicing the new and innovative art of alientist medicine searches for his own answers. And it all must ... more
  • Digger: Sierra and the Case of the Chimera Killer

    by Robert D. Calkins

    “Digger,” the latest from Robert D. Calkins in the “Sierra the Search Dog” spectrum of books for all ages. Bryce Finn started out using his Golden Retriever Sierra’s nose to win at childhood games of hide-and-seek. Now 17 and Washington state’s youngest SAR dog handler, Bryce and K9 Sierra are hip deep in a series of murders that some political leaders deny is happening at all. Bryce and Sierra continue to be one step behind whoever is dumping bodies, and o... more

  • A Sharia London

    by Vinay Kolhatkar

    A forbidden love draws the Mafia into fighting Radical Islam

    An affair between Marlon, a politically correct history teacher, and Jamila Khan, his young student, must be kept a secret. Jamila works covertly toward liberating women oppressed by radical Islamism.

    As Marlon awakens to the dark underbelly of orthodox Islam, a turn of events leads to Marlon becoming a fugitive charged with murder. Jamila’s testimony can free him, but her eyewitness account could incur a death fat... more

  • Forgiveness

    by Eric Christopher Jackson
    Four wealthy, Christian families experience similar tragedies in a short period of time. Each has lost a loved one to a drunk driver. The families soon learn of each other and began to build friendships. However, the time comes when helping each other through the grieving process is not enough. They look to God for answers only to find an emptiness inside. As a result, they decide to take matters into their own hands. This triggers a chain reaction of events that threaten to turn the nation upsi... more
  • Just Cause (Detective Madison Knight Series Book 5)

    by Carolyn Arnold

    One cold case could be what kills her…

    “Another exciting police-procedural adventure that will leave you turning the pages.” –Stacy Eaton, USA Today bestselling author

    Eight years ago, a young defense attorney was murdered, shot down in his driveway. Detective Madison Knight’s suspicions immediately led her to the Russian Mafia, but with no concrete way of proving their involvement, she had... more