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  • Naked Ambition

    by Rick Pullen
    A Republican presidential candidate is opposed by his own party. A newspaper reporter investigates how dark money is buying the presidency. The reporter finds nothing is quite as it appears—not his sources, not his curious new love interest and especially not the story he’s pursuing. And with only days before the election, just when he thinks he’s solved the riddle, he realizes he hasn’t.
  • Liquidation Preference

    by Tom Williams

    A suspicious murder and a cryptic message threaten to uncover a secret group entrenched in the federal government that is plotting to destroy and recreate America by influencing a fundamental tenant of representative democracy — the right to choose our leaders.

    The biennial national election is in full swing. Most political polls report an equally divided Country between most of the candidates. However, technologist Wayne Tran discovers it doesn’t matter how... more

  • Carby's Fate

    by Thomas Rice
    Synopsis of Carby’s Fate Thomas J. Rice Summary Carby’s Fate is a family saga set in contemporary(1990s) Kilkenny, Ireland. It’s a novella(30,000 words) about a family dispute over land ownership, which erupts when Carby Bolger—the oldest of four, only son, and heir apparent in a system of primogeniture—is disinherited in favor or his sister’s out-of-wedlock son, a newborn who has stolen the heart of his dying grandfather. A rancorous lawsuit follows, resulting in a court order to sell the... more
  • The Devil's Grin

    by Annelie Wendeberg
    In Victorian London's cesspool of crime and disease, a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera victim is found floating in the city's drinking water supply. Dr Anton Kronberg, England's best bacteriologist, is called upon to investigate and finds evidence of abduction and medical maltreatment. While Scotland Yard has little interest in pursuing the case, Kronberg pushes on and crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes. The detective immediately discovers Kronberg's secret - a woman masqu... more
  • Keeper of Pleas

    by Annelie Wendeberg
    On December 10, 1880, Coroner Sévère makes a gruesome discovery: nine newborns, buried in flowerpots, and hidden in plain sight in Whitechapel. A mortician receives the bodies and vanishes. Clues for the two seemingly unconnected cases are scarce. When police and coroner learn that the missing mortician might have spent his last moments at the bosom of the infamous prostitute Miss Mary, a series of events is nudged into motion. Lies are unearthed, rumours spread. Yet, the killer remains a face... more
  • The Borman Factor (A Nick Borman Thriller Book 1)

    by Robert Lalonde
    A member of the wealthy and influential Piermont family is murdered in broad daylight on a bright sunny day in Suburban Toronto. Two weeks after the brutal assassination authorities still have no witnesses, no leads and no motive for the crime. Computer chip manufacturing mogul Bill Piermont hires Nick Borman, a specialist in corporate espionage with a reputation of getting the job done, to bring the killer to justice. As a tangled web of deceit unfolds Borman discovers greed and corruption... more
  • Edwin's Reflection

    by Ray Deeg
    When a wealthy old man kills himself restarting a strange machine, a decades old government cover-up starts to unravel, pushing New York technology CEO Tom Hartger onto a preordained course with destiny. Tom is joined by psychiatrist Gwen Pierce. Together the pair stumble onto a patent drawing for a machine that can “pull back the curtain on the universe.” But when a shopkeeper is murdered the importance of the machine becomes clear. Tom and Gwen follow the trail to the cloistered sanctuary of T... more
  • A Mighty Fortress (Milo Porter Mystery Series Book 1)

    by S.D. Thames
    Milo Porter leads a happy life in Tampa, Florida. The Iraq war veteran runs routine private investigations by day and coaches powerlifting at night. When Chad Scalzo, the grandson of a rumored mob boss, goes missing, Milo takes the seemingly easy case. After Chad turns up dead, Milo goes from investigator to suspect. As he seeks to clear his own name, Milo finds himself at the crossroads of two crooked investigations -- one by the mob and the other by the police. With the body count climbing, Mi... more
  • 3 Tales of Vengeance

    by Shahid Insaf

    3 stories of revenge: a loyal friend hunting for his friend's killers, the emotional battle between a suicidal man and the psychiatrist trying to help him, and a poker player who has to use all his deductive and observational skills to rescue someone important to him before time runs out.

  • A Fate Worse Than Death

    by Jonathan Gould
    Jimmy Clarenden’s last case didn’t end well. Cut down in a hail of bullets, he’s now found himself at the Pearly Gates. Jimmy is no saint, so he’s stunned to learn he’s been summoned by God to take on a highly sensitive job. God’s son (the other one) has gone missing and it’s up to Jimmy to crack the case. His investigations lead him to an unlikely cast of suspects — femme fatale angels, jaundiced journalists, even the heavenly gatekeeper, St Peter. But what Jimmy uncovers is enough to shake ... more
  • Smitten: Their lies were supposed to keep her safe (Ember City Mysteries Book 2)

    by Krista Cairn
    Jenna's family members keep dying and it's starting to look intentional. Old grudges, new enemies, and careful questions lead her into a history she's not prepared for. When family and other friends distance themselves and only one remains, she has to ask - what's in it for him? Recent college grad Jenna Stone thought her life would settle down when she left college. She'd inherited a house and her parents were already off doing their own thing. Then, when her favorite uncle is found unconsci... more
  • Uncertain Truths: There are no secrets in death (Ember City Mysteries Book 1)

    by Krista Cairn
    Two bodies in a car at the bottom of a ravine - one is frozen solid, the other is her brother-in-law. Country girl Kaelynn Barrows is instinctively truthful and inquisitive, with little respect for secrets. This hasn't earned her any favours. The police suspect that her brother-in-law, Gerald, is a murderer and his car accident was suicide, and she can't agree. At work, they thought he was transparent, trustworthy. In his personal life, he was the same. Then a young child arrives with a no... more
  • The Reformers

    by Russell Moran
    The forces of radical Islam are on the run. Their leadership has been decimated, their ranks thinned, their power disappearing by the week. With targeted assassinations, military strikes, as well as the loss of oil fields and gold mines, radical Islam is fast losing power. But who is responsible? It isn’t the United States Government. It’s a new force the world has never seen before. Lawyer Matt Blake and his wife Diana find themselves in the middle of the most gigantic plot the world has e... more
  • Sideswiped

    by Russell Moran
    Trial lawyer Matt Blake took on a perfect case. It involved a sideswipe collision in which his client’s husband, an investigative reporter, was killed. The evidence of negligence was overwhelming. Eyewitnesses testified that defendant was talking on his cell phone when he hit the other car. But was it negligence? Was it an accident? Or was it murder? Matt uncovers evidence that the act may have been intentional. Somebody wanted the man dead. Somebody wanted the man silenced. Somebody ha... more
  • The Scent of Revenge

    by Russell Moran
    The world is at war – World War III. FBI Agent Rick Bellamy and his wife, Ellen, find themselves in the middle of a sinister terror plot. Someone is attacking young prominent women, inflicting a horrible disease. Nobody knows its origin, nobody knows how to stop it, nobody knows how to cure it. Rick Bellamy and a team of scientists want to go on offense. But how? Will the lives of the women be changed forever? When will the attacks stop?
  • The Shadows of Terror

    by Russell Moran
    The Shadows of Terror – A novel that explodes off the front page of your newspaper. Terrorism now has a new face, a face that’s obscured in the shadows. The radical forces of destruction have learned to make themselves invisible to the West, and preventing a terrorist attack has become almost impossible. A new war has begun, World War III. Rick Bellamy, an FBI agent who specializes in counterterrorism, is engaged in his own war, a war with no end. Bellamy’s wife, Ellen, a prominent... more