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  • THE CLEOPATRA AFFAIR (Pyramider Trilogy/Spymance Series)

    by Eric Vinc3nt
    TWO THOUSAND YEARS LATER, SHE STILL HAS UNFINISHED BUSINESS. It's August 2010 when freelance spy Tristan Boumann accepts what should be an easy gig for him: a fact-finding mission concerning an American archeologist assassinated in Cairo. But Tristan's discovery of the victim's connection to a former lover leads to an ominous dovetailing of Egyptology, CIA origins, and contemporary geopolitics. Galvanized by the spell of Egypt's famed Last Pharaoh while haunted by his family's tarnished past,... more
  • The Dead Bank Diary

    by Anna Shlegel

    This is not a robbery. A bank is taken with all its guts: accounts, debts, points of exchange, the staff to the last secretary, the building. This is beautiful and clean fraud.


    I was out of work, while all around you could smell millions, even in the air outside. It was an unforgettable smell of public debt, oilfields, gold, bank guarantees, diamonds... I wanted to breathe in the air of easy cash Moscow, to revel and roll in this air. I could feel the smell of money ... more

  • The Author

    by Facundo Raganato
    Follow the Timeless Mystical adventure of six Characters as they Alchemically face the Darkest perils of the Human psyche and Search for the Truth . . .
  • The Untrackables: Zhang Rule

    by Adrian Heflin
    Zhang Rule is the first of ‘The Untrackables’ series. It follows the aftermath of a tragic war against China and the New World Order ushered in by Emperor Zhang. Those that refuse to have a tracking device implanted in their bodies are hunted down by a new division in the FBI called trackers. This political thriller will have you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.
  • Silicon Slummin'...and Just Gettin' By

    by Steven M. Moore

    Mary Jo Melendez is back. The protagonist of Muddlin’ Through takes a permanent security job in the Silicon Valley after bouncing across the U.S. through temp jobs. Her future isn’t all bright, though, as she discovers she has a stalker. Moreover, two teams of agents, U.S. and Russian, are in hot pursuit. She hires a PI for surveillance and protection who becomes a new love interest. The two match wits against her pursuers. Will this ex-USN Master-at-Arms survive this time?

    ... more

  • Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations: The Journey Underneath

    by Carolyn Bennett
    Eight years after her young husband's death, Leigh MacLeod was finally able to realize her dream of starting her own paranormal investigative team. They set out to investigate some of the most haunted locations in Canada and the United States. Coast to Coast was the only team given permission to investigate the notorious Greenhurst Hospital, closed for over twenty years. No team had been allowed in because of reports of violent entities attacking those brave enough to sneak in after dark. As the... more
  • Coast to Coast Paranormal Investigations: The Journey Back

    by Carolyn Bennett
    In The Journey Back, Leigh MacLeod and her team of paranormal investigators have struggled to come back after an investigation at a haunted asylum devastated her team and left her fighting for her life. Just as it seems life is returning to normal, a terrifying nightmare, cryptic message from her dead father and suspicious text messages make her wonder if she will ever be free of the demons of Greenhurst Asylum.
  • Antonio's Glove: ( Young Adult Thriller -- 1980s Cuba)

    by Tonii Marie Kelly
    Cuba, 1980. Aspiring artist Tomas Santos has lost his best friend, his father has been arrested, his girlfriend could be a Cuban spy. The only consolation he has is a baseball glove that somehow connects him to older brother Antonio, until Antonio is declared dead. But is he really?

    by Paul J. Bartusiak

    The Initial Attack...
    Friday morning at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Terminal A is bustling as business travelers await their flights, anxious to return home for the weekend. All of a sudden, information on arrival and departure monitors becomes distorted; pixels seem to melt away from the screen. Airline computer systems crash. Even the building’s lights and HVAC system shut down. Crowds form around flight desks, but no one knows what is happ... more

  • Passing the Torch

    by L.L. Sanders

    Deep in the Arizona desert live a girl and her dad, burying secrets—and bodies.

    Mesa Kingston's first memory of burying a corpse was at eight years old. Back then it had been the carcass of a large lizard her dad found that they buried in the backyard of their isolated cottage. At age fourteen, the body of a young lady accompanied the reptile's remains, and ever since, an accumulation of female bodies began to grow. Now, the only way Mesa can stop the haun... more

  • Grift

    by Jason Mosberg
    Grift follows a crew of orphaned teenage con artists living in Las Vegas. Piper, the main character, masquerades as a prostitute to con rich men. Unlike the others, she must split her time between hustling and raising her younger sister Sophie. Disaster strikes when Sophie gets kidnapped by the Las Vegas mafia, and the crew must rally to piece together the ransom money before the clock runs out.
  • Sandman

    by Sean Costello

    People put their lives in doctors' hands every day -- but in no other situation is this so literally true as the moment the anesthesiologist looks casually down at you and says, "You'll be going off to sleep now . . ." What if the eyes that gaze down at you in that moment of trust and surrender belong to a madman? What if, as you feel yourself slipping away, you see something in those eyes so rank, so terrifying you want to leap off the table and scream?

    But by then, o... more

  • Finders Keepers

    by Sean Costello

    Ever dreamed of winning the lottery? One of those massive, life-altering purses?

    Join Keith Whipple and his daughter Kate as they do just that, netting ten million dollars in a single-winner draw. Share in their excitement, the dreams that leap into their lives fully-formed, suddenly within easy reach.

    But that kind of money, the heady sense of power it we control it? Or does it control us?

    Join the Whipples and their ill-fated ticket on a blood-fueled ride of gr... more

  • Here After

    by Sean Costello

    Following the death of his ten-year-old son, physician Peter Croft embarks on a desperate, seemingly random search for a missing child, risking his sanity, even his life in a grief-induced quest. His journey propels him into the darkest reaches of human suffering and pits him squarely against an adversary whose own obsession defies all reason.

    Here After is a story of love, loss, obsession and redemption, with gripping action sequences and a subtle paranormal underpinning. A compelling ... more

  • Squall

    by Sean Costello

    Bush pilot and family man Tom Stokes is about to face the worst day of his life. On a clear winter morning he sets out in his Cessna 180 to do some repairs on a remote hunt camp, leaving his five year old son and very pregnant wife snug in their beds.

    On the return trip, a squall forces him into an emergency landing and he winds up—quite literally—in the lap of petty criminal Dale Knight. Dale, now a fugitive from the law—and worse, from a merciless drug lord who just ... more

  • Drowned Murmurs: A family suspense mystery with psychological and supernatural overtones

    by Honor Amelia Dawson
    Megan's left her home town after being physically assaulted. She's striving for independence, and self determination. The train journey is uneventful until she has a feinting spell while midst a conversation. Megan experiences more hallucinations relating to Saskia, a local young woman, who lead a wild life, then she disappeared. The dangerous problem for Megan is her appearance, she's the spitting image of Saskia, now someone is stalking her, she's attacked. Luke Adams and Imogen Morrison a tea... more