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  • Where Evil Lurks

    by Joseph Squatrito
    How far will a rouge N.Y.P.D. Cop go to get what he believes should his. Joey, Chaz, Sal and Michael were best friends in high school.Theresa was Joey's sister was a real knock out beauty who only had eyes for Chaz. Growing up on the streets of Bensonhurst Brooklyn taught the boys how to survive. That's why Joey , Chaz and Michael became NYPD policemen. Sal took a different path and became a lawyer.Michael always secretly desired Theresa, who turned rouge after she married Chaz. He was into drug... more

    by Ron Gambrell

    SIX LITTLE SCARS--Inspired by trued events.

    While working in a slaughterhouse, Johnny Lee Smith overhears two co-workers talking about their participation in the beating, raping, and branding of his sister. His life is changed forever. This epic story follows Johnny Lee as he joins his father and uncles on their relentless search for justice.

  • In the Forest of Light and Dark

    by Mark Kasniak
    With one look at her you would think that Cera Singer from Saraland, Alabama is your typical teenage girl from a rural Southern Gulf town. That is, she faces all the problems you would expect a seventeen-year-old would face; boys, drugs, fitting in, her upcoming senior year, and on top of that getting her first car on the road. But what Cera doesn't know yet is what will ultimately set Cera apart from all the other girls her age. Cera is a witch. In this supernatural thriller, you’ll be take... more
  • Blinders

    by Michael Amon
    A newbie from Omaha becomes immersed in the strange secret underground world of high-stakes gambling on wine tasting competitions. A breakneck plot and a number of unforgettable characters all race towards the final hustle, through a series of unforeseen plot twists.
  • The ISIS Lone Wolf Trigger

    by Nik Venture
    According to surveys, 31 percent of Americans believe the “end times” are approaching. With Evangelicals, the numbers rise to 77 percent, and, among Protestants, 54 percent agreed that "the world is currently living in the 'end times' as described by prophecies in the Bible." At least half, or more, Muslims believe they will live to see the return of the Mahdi, a messianic figure they believe will begin the final events of the Muslim calendar. A tiny fraction of those people are unwilling to... more
  • The Gunfighter Cincinnati

    by Matt Prescott
    Embrey Denman is a desperate man. After a harrowing journey across Montana Territory with his family, he makes a hasty stop in a depraved mining town in search of protection and turns to the first and only qualified man for the job—a gunfighter called Cincinnati. Three thousand dollars and a handshake later, Embrey and his family are back on the road to Missoula led by a man who he will soon discover is one of the deadliest alive. During their first stop, Embrey’s daughter—a beautiful and in... more
  • Shadow Language

    by JP Bloch
    Police Chief Joe Hilario has a secret: he suffers from social anxiety disorder and chronic depression. He is happy only when he is alone. After losing his family in a grizzly slaughter, he quits his job and moves to an isolated cabin in the wilderness. His goal is to never see or talk to a living person again. But Joe is obsessed with horrific visions of his dead wife and children . . . unless of course he is imagining things? Joe is never sure. He only knows that these familiar laughing voices ... more
  • Goodnight and Loving: Blood in the Water

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Brandenburg is the key and now Goodnight has found him... ...but the mole knows time is limited and will make a move too fast.
  • Goodnight and Loving: Blood in the Water: Book One

    by Sweet Van Loan
    They were taken. And now he must throw himself back into the world of chaos and insanity that he swore never to return to. They were murdered. And now she must adapt to survive in her vendetta to find the truth. Goodnight and Loving is a sexy thrill-ride that will take you to the edge... ...and then shove you over it.
  • Goodnight & Loving: Blood River (Goodnight and Loving Book 5)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Goodnight & Loving find themselves on the edge of war. Desperate to save the lives of his wife and child, Goodnight must face his worst fear: losing them both. With Loving in training and Adair to infatuated to think straight, the team is less than prepared. Still, Goodnight is prepared to throw away his career, perhaps even his life, on the unsanctioned mission right into the heart of the Lion's Den.
  • Goodnight & Loving: The Red River War (Volume 3)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Family secrets bind and tear relationships apart as the team delves more into the mystery of betrayal. Adair's feelings for Loving are becoming a distraction, while Loving shows she has not intention of playing hide and seek.
  • Goodnight & Loving: The Red River War (Volume 2)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Loving is Dead. There is a Mole. Tensions run high when Goodnight crosses the line in his quest to return his love ones home safe.
  • The Devil's Postbag Part One (Warren Crane Thriller) (Volume 1)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Warren Crane is a man on fire. When he catches the scent of a murderous monster, he finds himself having to remember his own dark past. As a child, he was a victim, and now, he's an Agent. When a series of murders hit too close to home, Warren goes on the hunt and will stop at nothing to see justice done, or vengeance given.
  • The Devil's Postbag Part 2 (Warren Crane Thriller) (Volume 2)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Warren Crane is a man on fire. The Jackal has taken from him and now it is time to take it back. When Warren finds that the people he loves the most are in mortal danger so long as the Jackal is free, He moves into action. No longer working within the rules of the FBI, Warren is on the hunt to take down the Jackal.
  • Blood from a Stone (Goodnight & Loving Book 6)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    Pain is never foreign to the team, but this time, it cuts to the bone. While Adair wrestles with his experiences in Siberia, John Duval arrives and trouble is on his tail. Windsor is in the wind and Hickman comes at Loving for some payback. The team reels from the death of a comrade and Greystone and Dr. Murray’s relationship blossoms. With a mole discovered in their ranks, the team starts to crumble apart and by the end, even Goodnight and Loving must pick up the shards of their broken ... more
  • Fall of the Phoenix (The Raven Series Book 1)

    by Sweet Van Loan
    There is no one who knows danger like Jo Hawke. The former CIA turned city detective has had her fair share of troubles. With a shattered life at her feet, she has finally found a way to piece together her small happiness. She has a reliable and loyal partner in the police force, an understanding and respectable Captain, a job she’s damn good at and a home in the city she loves. When she falls for the FBI Agent on her team, she thinks everything is falling into place. Nothing could be furthe... more