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  • Angel With a Gun

    by Joe DeCicco

    Not all cops are angels. But a few go bad, real bad. Mike Romano is just a beat officer, but now he finds himself facing police corruption and worse. He joined the force to stop a child molester from preying on his neighborhood, but to make the collar stick he has to follow procedure. Now he's about to find out that there is no set procedure for staying alive. 

  • Baby Please Don't Go

    by Frank Freudberg
    Lock, an investigator for Child Protective Services, desperately wants a family — and Natalie, a mother trying to win custody and a divorce settlement, needs his help. But as Lock loses himself in his new obsession, his plan takes a dark turn in this enthralling psychological thriller!
  • The Dead Set

    by Tracy Eire
    Photography is Sixtine Soto’s life. The ray of sunshine that guides her through lean times, unforgiving part time jobs, and the hardships of being ‘the poor kid’ in her high school. Her specialty? Photos of abandoned places. There's something uplifting in the crumbling beauty of locations once-frequented by the living. Her online résumé is full of photos that have 'that special something' that attracts viewers, and takes their breath away. Ghosts. And even if she can't see them in her... more
  • The Phoenix Mission

    by L. Sydney Fisher
    From the bestselling author comes a supernatural suspense inspired by the United States Army's secret psychic spy program, Stargate. For almost two decades, the United States Military trained special agents believed to hold supernatural abilities. In 1995 during the Clinton Administration, the program was shut down. Now twenty years later, a new story emerges. Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix has spent his entire life guarding his extraordinary "gifts", but when a terrorist attack at Fort Bragg... more
  • The Enigma Always (The Enigma Series) (Volume 6)

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    Dr. Xavier Pekoni, a rich evil scientist has worked on his fountain of youth project for years using questionable research methods. Using nanotechnology and DNA mapping he is close to extending human life tenfold. Desperate for the missing pieces to complete his scheme, he locates the key element needed in an unexpected condition.

    The R-Group is called in by a U.S. Agency to find Pekoni then determine if he is really continuing his unethical practices. Funding for Pekoni’s project... more

  • The Enigma Stolen (The Enigma Series) (Volume 5)

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    What’s the result when you combine unlimited computing power, a zealous desire to manipulate everyone but the elite class humans, and a morally crippled mathematical genius? Unfettered anarchy!

    Can our ever-growing torrent of information, analyzed by sophisticated computer systems, neutralize freedoms of choice, and then steer us into a predetermined destination? Would mankind sit idly by and let that happen in the name of ‘easier for me’.

    There are... more

  • The Enigma Wraith (The Enigma Series) (Volume 4)

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    How can older hydroelectric plants like the one in Brazil be exploited by a virus that triggers a flood threatening significant losses to people and property? Smart cars are taking advantage of built in safety specifications, but is it really just a trap? What could possibly cause all the funds from an Irish financial institution to vanish? Could a NATO base in Europe be infected with a mysterious yet untraceable code that sends all of their combat supplies to the wrong location? What happens... more

  • The Enigma Ignite (The Enigma Series) (Volume 3)

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    A Texas university professor, quietly working in her animal husbandry field of study, finds her unconventional communication techniques have put her in the cross-hairs of multiple interested parties that feel they have a license to confiscate it. Her applied research of nanotechnology, coupled with hybrid programming methods has gotten her more attention than she wanted. In the crosshairs of several military powers the question becomes: what does research to improve animal husbandry to b... more

  • The Enigma Rising (The Enigma Series) (Volume 2)

    by Breakfield and Burkey

    A wealthy Brazilian industrialist is nearly undone at the disappearance of his only daughter and heir to the family business. Quietly so as not to alert outsiders and other corporate predators, Thiago hires the world's most elite information-gathering unit, the R-Group to locate and return his daughter. Though the path to finding the heiress is dangerous and the fear is that finding her won’t mean all is well. The team in Switzerland follows the leads from South America to Mexico an... more

  • The Enigma Factor (The Enigma Series) (Volume 1)

    by Breakfield and Burkey


    Cyber-criminals are hunting for new victims when they target a brilliant programmer to join their cause.

    Jacob Michaels, computer pen-tester extraordinaire, settled into a quiet life of work to polish his skills after his mother dies. These plans are turned upside down when he discovers his life is in danger.  As Jacob sets off to find those who target him, he discovers new technology views which expose him to the inner-workings of previously unknown global technologist exp... more

  • Confessions of a Penitent Man(R) Part 1 - The Beginning - --Part 2 - Reckoning

    by William Giroir
    Born on the Bayou, Tommy grew up following 3 'Man' Codes: 1) Never touch another man's kids or dog without permission. (2) Never touch another man's boat or truck without permission and (3) Never, Ever touch another man's wife or girlfriend without permission. Patterson had broken Rule #3. He hurt Alyson and had to pay, but does he have to die for what he did Tommy wondered. Alyson watched her husband through the patio door, even if he said 'no' she had a Plan B in place... Please all... more
  • Red Ochre Falls

    by Kristen Gibson
    After she and her mom are forced to move, Mattie Harper reluctantly returns to a city she once abandoned. Shortly after, Mattie discovers a friend's death is more than it appears and starts asking questions that attract unwanted attention. She elicits the help of Garrett Mackenzie and the two become entangled in more than just an investigation to uncover the truth.
  • When The Jaguar Sleeps: A jungle adventure

    by J.A. Kalis
    A gripping, fast-paced thiller that takes the reader into the mysterious verdant world of the Amazon jungle. Ecuador. What was supposed to be a dream holiday turned into a nightmare for a group of foreign tourists when their plane crashed in the Amazon rainforest. Having waited in vain for a couple of days for help to arrive, the survivors of the crash decided to set off on a daring journey determined to get out of the jungle alive. But while pushing on, unaware, they entered a territory inh... more
  • Death of the Queen of Hearts

    by Roman A. Clay
    “The royal family had plans for Prince James’s twenty-first birthday, but so did James, and they didn’t include the royal family.” On the night of his big celebration, he ducks his royal bodyguards to party with friends, but his plans are sidetracked by a gift given to him, a mysterious letter, addressed to “Bunny.” “Bunny” was a nickname only his mother used to call him. But his mother, Princess Christina, died four years earlier in a suspicious car crash, and conspiracy theories still circulat... more
  • Hastings' Dead

    by Rohn Federbush

    "Hastings' Dead" is set in a small Michigan town, where a University of Michigan student, Range Goloso, has promised her father she'll return to teach grade school. In college Range falls in love with Bed Adler, a New York based law student who can't very well start a lucrative practice without a substantial client base.



  • The Coalition

    by Samuel Marquis
    From the fiftieth floor of an office building in Denver, Colorado, a long-range assassin calmly watches a procession of black Lincolns. When the motorcade pulls to the curb in Civic Center Plaza, a prominent leader steps from one of the vehicles and takes the stage to make an important speech. Moments later, a loud BOOM echoes through the Plaza and the man slumps to the platform like a stringless marionette. The mysterious sniper, whose very existence is unknown to the international law enforcem... more