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  • Eve of Creation

    by Ronald Paul Speakes
    A deafening blast shatters the evening calm of Washington, DC. Beginning with a bomb placed in the sculpture garden of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the philanthropist Richard Palgrave finds he is involved in a threat to destroy the museum and everyone within it. Palgrave and his delightful Buddhist-monk colleagues, along with the director of the museum, Rachel Rabane, follow leads to France, Syria and Iraq (and a possible location of the Garden of Eden) to try to stop the threat fr... more
  • Right to Bear Arms

    by Jon D. Kurtz

    The second installment in the Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) saga, Right to Bear Arms incorporates varied perspectives on the ongoing debate swirling around the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    Buddy Rickard, a large man accustomed to living off the land and on his own terms, has a score to settle. ... more

  • A Choice of Darkness

    by Jon D. Kurtz

    The basic argument of criminality, nature versus nurture, is examined in this tale of one man’s transition from curiosity to killer.  Memories of exploitation and marginalization have led to questions.  By fate or fancy, death provides answers…and more questions.  As the body count rises, an untested team of investigators must navigate the swirling waters of politics and battle personal demons in order to protect a public increasingly lacking in trust.  Witnes... more

  • Heckled

    by Valarie Savage Kinney
    Drinking. Drugging. Cutting. Exxel Jensen has spent his life finding ways to rid himself of the Heckler, and failed miserably. On the surface, his future is bright: a beautiful wife, a child on the way, and a career he loves as a stand up comedian. Beneath the surface lurks the darkness: crippling depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. Helena Jensen has seen her husband spiral downward before and feels helpless to stop it as she watches him falling again. She would do anything to help him, an... more
  • Eye for an I

    by Michael Angliss
    An Australian Security Intelligence Organisation operative is in the field to uncover threats to an upcoming G20 Summit. What he finds is a corporate CEO who has a nuclear bomb. And an undersea gold field worth hundreds of billions of dollars is in criminal hands. A winding warren of treachery leads to a terror nuke exploding on US soil...
  • Accidental Droning

    by Pete Liebengood

    Bo Granger loses his job as the manager of a country club golf shop and turns to flying his private drone as a pastime.

    Accidentally he captures video with his drone of a woman being murdered by drowning. Bo is torn over whether or not to turn his video over to authorities. He is afraid of reprisal by the person who owns the mansion where the drowning took place, and he worries that his invasion of privacy will derail his wife’s campaign to become governor of California as she is ... more

  • The Iguana Project

    by Dale Arden
    Lawyer Patrick Brádaigh had it all—the perfect life, wealth, beautiful wife, and children—until he got involved with the mafia. By the time he realizes his mistake, it’s too late. There is no going back, and he’s been warned: if he makes a misstep, he’ll be paying in blood. With the hopes of keeping his family safe, he starts compiling secret records of all the mafia’s dirty dealings in his safe at home. Patrick’s wife refuses to hand over the documents and ends up brutally murdered. Years pass ... more
  • Love's Deadly Masquerade

    by Yani

    Vanessa is a beautiful, young woman with a bright and promising future. She's never known love until she meets Eric, who sweeps her off of her feet. But is he the man of her dreams or the monster of her nightmares? In the blink of an eye, Vanessa finds herself the victim of Eric's brutal assaults physically, mentally and sexually. With the help of strangers, she makes an escape, only infuriating Eric some more. Soon after, she learns that her fairytale introduction to Eric was a disgu... more

  • Dying To Love Amanda

    by Dolores Clay
    Dying To Love Amanda is a crime story inspired by true events. The book tells the story of Mike Dewitt , a man who likes to control everyone around him, including his girlfriend Amanda Rivers. Besides perfecting the art of lying, Mike’s behavior leans heavily towards jealousy, rage and deceit. Over seven years will pass before Amanda musters enough courage to leave Mike and his demons for the arms of another. She does so quickly, but fails to mention a new love interest. A dark cloud be... more
  • Red Stick One

    by Kenneth Kirkeby
    When senior Florida wildlife officer, Tom Jay Harding, is murdered in the field the half-Indian boy he raised, now grown and also a wildlife officer, takes off his badge to embark on a cross-country search for the killer.
  • The Dirt Bike Detective

    by Douglas L. Hoover

    The Dirt Bike Detective­­

    Ghosts, aliens, zombies, secret agents, and it’s only the first week of school—it’s going to be a long year.

    This tale is told through the eyes of Oliver, a twelve-year-old boy, with a large birthmark on his right cheek, who desperately wants to fit in with his classmates.

    When Oliver’s great grandfather’s pocket watch is confiscated at school, Raven Ridge Academy, the new kid, Chase, a budding d... more

  • Prologue (Kindred Book 1)

    by Leslie Scott-Jones
    Anna Dupree grew up in New Orleans. Her mother and Aunt were clairvoyant, and used their powers to help people. After her mother's death from cancer Anna leaves her home, she thought for good. Anna graduated in the top 5 of her class at the police academy, and then went on to F.B.I. training where she did just as well. Although she and her partner, Peter Williams, had high scores rookies are assigned to desk duty.
  • A Family Killing

    by Leslie Scott-Jones
    Colonel Scott Avery retires from the marines and returns home to face a string of unsolved murders and the truth about himself.
  • Too Greedy to Live

    by Ad Long
    Three dead bankers on a boat seems a simple case for homicide detective Kate Carter. Then other super-rich financiers start dying in identical fashion around the world. While the media speculates about who done it and why, Detective Carter starts the ball rolling by finding out how they are being murdered...
  • A Power

    by Peter Wall
    Continuing from Book 1, Derek should be on top of the world, a good business, girlfriend, only his destiny lies not in the realm of the normal but in chaos, as the world is threatened with destruction by the sun. Joined by a powerful female ally, Tima, they must first save Derek's mysterious Uncle, Doug, from termination by the Group, before they can set about saving planet Earth.

    Joan Lambert has received the most illustrious assignment of her career – rock star turned Pulitzer poet, Austin Mears. It’s problematic at the start because the DA likes him for the murder of a groupie, a crime previously pinned on Austin’s drugged-out wing man, Kanuna. It interrupts Joan’s therapy process but she takes on the assignment because of career promises made by the prosecuting attorney. With deranged fans, outraged fathers and jilted lovers coming at her like a video game, Joan g... more