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  • Murder Over Kodiak

    by Robin Barefield
  • Did You Make the Hole in the Shell in the Sea?

    by Janice S. C. Petrie

    Was it a shark, or did some other sea creature make a perfectly drilled hole in a clamshell? Come along and solve the mystery. "Did You Make the Hole in the Shell in the Sea?" has rhythmic and rhyming text, and simply drawn illustrations that are brightly colored and inviting. Each expressive character helps to bring the story to life, and although the story is fictitious, all of the characters tell an authentic tale of what really happens at the edge of the sea. The repetitive text... more

  • Hostile Takeover

    by Derek Blount
    Pulled from the brink of suicide after suffering a tragic loss, John and Sarah Michaels enter an exclusive rehabilitation facility deep in the New Mexico desert where they hope to rediscover a reason to live. His life as a corporate raider behind him, John attempts to embrace the program to save his marriage and himself. But as the days pass, John begins to suspect all is not as it seems with the unusual treatment methods. When participants begin dying, John realizes the only chance for hi... more
  • The Royal Secret

    by John Bentley
    The Royal Secret (short synopsis) The parallel stories of Francis Bacon, 16th C. statesmen, scientist and writer of Shakespeare works and of Jane Gallup, American cryptographer, botanist, and wife of recently deceased bio-billionaire. 1554. Tower of London. 21 yr old Princess Elizabeth obtains surprise reprieve from execution and passionately embraces her lover Robert Dudley, later to become her husband and father of their two (to be adopted) sons. Oct. 2014. Jane Gallup, named Mrs G by her... more
  • Fractured Persona

    by Harry James Krebs
  • Accused

    by Wendy Byrne
    Spawned from the depths of every parent’s worst nightmare, Jillian Beckett’s 16 year old troubled son is charged with murder. He’s unable to remember what happened and swears he’s off drugs, but should she believe him? Her ex-husband doesn’t. The high-priced lawyer she hired doesn’t. Where does motherly instinct intersect with reality? Afraid and alone, she reluctantly enlists the help of her son’s football coach to find the truth of what happened. As they battle to uncover the guilty party,... more
  • The Pensioner's Pursuits

    by Seth Gobbo
  • Blind Fate

    by Almondie Shampine
    With her unconditional love and her faith that's unyielding, Charisma Stone is a magnet to their obsessions. "She was losing blood. Too much blood, as it spilled out of the wounds on her chest, her stomach, her sides, her legs, her arms. Too many holes, too much blood, too much pain, too much weakness, too little time. All odds were against her, yet she continued to fight the unconsciousness that simply wanted to absorb her in its bleakness, its blackness, its painlessness, with a primal, an... more
  • Glimp$es

    by Almondie Shampine
    Would you pay a million dollars for a glimpse of the future at any time of your choosing? Could you handle it if you did? Dr. Paul Stevens is someone you’ve probably never even heard of, story of his life. He dreamed of creating big change as a Psychologist, but regression and invisibility are the marker of his life. The new therapy keeps everyone coming back, instead of healing them, but the Board keeps rejecting all his theories for effective therapy. He’s washed up, completely alone, horribly... more
  • Jack and Joe (Hunt for Jack Reacher Series) (Volume 6)

    by Diane Capri
    FBI Agents Otto and Gaspar pick up where Lee Child’s “The Enemy” leaves off in the Hunt for Jack Reacher. Lee Child Gives Diane Capri Two Thumbs Up! "Full of thrills and tension, but smart and human, too. Kim Otto is a great, great character — I love her." Lee Child, #1 World Wide Bestselling Author of Jack Reacher Thrillers When FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar are sent to Fort Bird, North Carolina to find Jack Reacher, powerful enemies with their backs against the wall w... more
  • In Lincoln's Shadow

    by Rohn Federbush

    Obsession with Lincoln has followed me from Illinois. I have a twelve-volume set of all his collected sayings. My detective Steffen Blaine quotes Lincoln when his emotions need calming. His first wife committed suicide due to post-partum depression. The Lee family’s pregnant mother of six closely resembles the symptoms Steffen’s wife suffered. Called in to investigate the grandmother’s death, Steffen invites Bernie Johnston, a social worker who wants to become a detective, t... more

  • Eye for Revenge

    by Cheryl Bradshaw
    Something unusual is happening to Quinn Montgomery. Trapped inside her unconscious mind, the sound of her father’s soothing voice seeps through, and the past twenty-four hours comes flooding back. She wakes to find herself in the hospital. Her childhood best friend Evie is dead. But not just dead, murdered, and Evie’s four-year-old son witnessed it all. Traumatized over what he saw, he’s not talking. And when Evie’s cold-blooded killer goes into hiding, Quinn isn’t only out for justice, she’s ou... more
  • Wailing Wood

    by Brooks Mencher
    A leaf-stained skull and the decomposed knitted vest of a child are discovered during a logging operation in Northern California’s last virgin redwood forest — a grove of thousand-year-old trees ominously called Wailing Wood. There, the ghostly echoes of children’s voices, amid the distant calls of owls, have been heard by generations of families living in the nearby logging town of Whitesboro. Textile forensics consultant Ruth M, known to law enforcement as “the Yarn Woman,” is called in by the... more
  • The Vatican Conspiracy

    by John Leightell
    The Vatican is in conflict. Conservative Cardinals want to preserve the faith as it is. Their liberal counterparts oppose them and want it modernized to reflect current thinking. In particular they support the work of a group of academics (the Dialogues) who are recommending changes. The Pope, a conservative hardliner, opposes any change and appoints a Ukrainian Cardinal, known for his authoritarian views, to make the problem go away. The Cardinal uses his religious connections to find a fund... more

    by Cortez Law III
    Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs and his X-Men Homicide Unit must unravel a labyrinth of criminal vendettas that involve loyalty, money and murder on the mean streets of Atlanta.

    by Cortez Law III
    Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs and his Atlanta Homicide Unit, The X-Men, must rescue a kidnap victim and deter a ruthless group of sinister criminals ready to execute a plan of chilling proportions.