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  • Unforgivable Lies

    by D. Harvey Rawlings
    They say never look back. However, sometimes the wicked deeds of past transgressions must be faced; especially when the deeds begin to resurface more vicious than before. The saying “when one door closes and another one opens” does not always mean for the better. They barely escaped with their lives when the woman who has hunted them for years came to destroy them with her darkness. She is a threat that lingers and never dies in this continuing bizarre case of false identities, deceptions and li... more
  • Lies Hidden In Darkness

    by D.Harvey Rawlings

    Ten years ago someone did a very bad, vicious thing and ten years ago something was created; a darkness. Ten years ago an evil was crafted in someone’s mind like poison and it took ten years for the effect to spread; like a wild fire she is out of control. No one will be prepared to face this darkness today, she is not expected. Five friends becomes the centerpiece to this bizarre, psychotic tale of revenge. The threat walks amongst them and she is close. ‘Lies Hidden In Darkness&... more


    by kenneth eade
    A mob of anonymous cyber stalkers torments lawyer Brent Marks with defamatory posts on the Internet in this latest installment of the legal thriller series. When Marks sues to enjoin their libelous publication, the stalkers hide behind the immunity of the Communications Decency Act. Then a mysterious anonymous killer for hire arrives, and Brent finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
  • Short Stories: Includes 'Ruth' and 'Nightmares'

    by Thomas Ryan

    From Best Selling Author of The Jeff Bradley Thriller Series Thomas Ryan is a collection of suspense/thriller short stories.

    Award winning thriller novelist, Thomas Ryan, is a prolific writer of short stories. Ryan’s short story’s span the spectrum of human emotions, from the creepy ‘Nightmares’, to the fun and humour of ‘The World’s Biggest Bun’. Ryan believes all good short stories should have unexpected twists and turns. Applying his thriller... more

  • Fortune's Fool

    by Jane Sevier

    When her husband dies and leaves her penniless, a 1930s Memphis socialite becomes a fortune teller, only to discover that she has the true sight. Nell Marchand has never worked a day in her life. When her philandering skunk of a husband suddenly drops dead, leaving her without one red cent to her name, she lands smack dab in the middle of the hard times she has only heard about in newsreels. Nell tries to find a job to support herself and the household that depends on her, really she doe... more

  • The Reform Artists: A Novel

    by Jon Reisfeld

    Who are the Reform Artists? That’s the question plaguing Martin Silkwood, successful CPA and devoted father of two, as his life spirals out of control. Martin has just six days in which to prove he’s innocent of the domestic violence charges his estranged wife has brought against him in the lead up to their divorce. If he fails, he could lose everything.

    Martin can either play by the rules, trusting a system that already presumes he's guilty, or he can accept help f... more

  • Death in a Family Business

    by Wally Wood
    The last thing Tommy Lovell expects is death in a family business. It’s 1986, and Tommy’s dream restaurant has failed, taking his shaky marriage along with it. Now he’s licking his wounds back in his childhood bedroom, while he takes stock of his life at the end of his 20s. Reluctantly, Tommy agrees to tag along when his father offers to help his friend Otto Jonker save Otto’s struggling appliance/TV store in a dying Berkshires town. Tommy is ready for a change of scenery, maybe a bit of romance... more
  • Chef Maurice and the Bunny-Boiler Bake Off

    by J.A. Lang
    Third book in the Chef Maurice series of humorous Cotswold mysteries. ----- They say all’s Fayre in love and baking… Spring has sprung, the bunting is up, and for the residents of the little Cotswold village of Beakley, this can only mean one thing: it’s time for the Beakley Spring Fayre. Drawing the crowds this year is stiletto-strutting celebrity chef Miranda Matthews, a woman for whom making enemies is a piece of (shop-bought) cake. And one of them is lurking around the Fayre, ready t... more
  • Give Murder A Hand: Lizzie. Book 2 (The Westport Mysteries)

    by Beth Prentice
    How many secrets can one house hide? Just when Lizzie thought the only problems she had in life were her crazy family and far too many nightmares, the house reveals yet another secret. This time it’s a skeleton in the back yard. But the unusual thing about this skeleton is that it has an extra hand. Why? Well that’s what Lizzie wants to find out. But nothing is that easy is it? Plus her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend Riley’s had enough of her nightmares and wants her to get professional help... more
  • A Dark Mind: Visions: When Fantasy Becomes Reality

    by K.C. Eckels

    Dustin Furlong's a well-respected pillar of the community and a loving father and husband. However, there's another side of his mind he keeps hidden from the ones he loves—a dark side that exists in complete contrast to the peace and tranquility he craves.

    In this dark side, he fantasizes about making love to a woman, making her moan, and then snuffing the life out of her. It's a murderous affair but one that only happens in his mind.

    Things change when he hears ... more

  • Torture Man

    by Warren Adler
    The caller made it clear-$10 million or her daughter's head. The power of unintended consequences sends the privileged life of prominent anti-war activist Sarah Raab crashing down around her. Fear and terror take hold and Sarah turns to former CIA operative Carl Hellmann, a man she has only just met and who stands against everything she has been fighting for. How could this happen? Why would a terrorist group target her family? Confusion turns to fear and anger as Sarah faces the shocking truth... more