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  • The Wizzywig Agenda

    by Shawn Kerivan
    Wizzywig's Inn in Stowe, Vermont, isn't what it seems. For starters, there are the two dead bodies in Room 4. And then there are the innkeepers: Hunt McCoyne, a failed writer, and his French wife, Elise, retired from the French intelligence service--until she is kidnapped, sending husband and wife on a global chase to stop a sophisticated terrorist plot to take over the United States government from within.
  • The Malevolent Twin

    by Mary Sage Nguyen
    “The Malevolent Twin” is the story of a wayward wicked twin with destructive intentions. Avery Tran is ordinary in every way except one: her friend Venice. Since she was a young girl Avery was the only one who could see Venice. Avery would describe her as her own alter ego. As Avery got older, Venice began to appear in front of Avery wearing obscene clothing, mocking and harassing her for her frumpy style and average looks Eventually, Avery started to wonder what Venice truly was. Usually ima... more
  • Finding Phi

    by Abigail Beck
    Humankind’s search for meaning has driven individuals since the dawn of consciousness. Science’s greatest minds use technology and mathematical patterns to understand both the fundamental building blocks of reality as well as the cosmos that formed them. The continued evolution of human intelligence and understanding is dependent upon the survival of the species. But what if humankind’s collective future were decided by a small number of men with the power to disrupt the ecological balance of... more
  • Head in the Box

    by C.P. Kemabia

    Charlie and her roommates along with their friends could have never imagined that, after the birthday party of the night before, their morning would take a twisted turn with a macabre discovery: a box containing the head of a stranger.

    Because of their different personalities and also because of another unfortunate event, they can't decide on the right way to deal with it.

    Their disagreement ultimately triggers heated arguments and unsuspected passions. And as the story unfold... more

  • Las Lugosi's Dracula: The Cradle of Evil

    by Las Lugosi
    Las Lugosi's Dracula is a three part story about the most famous vampire the world has ever seen. It tells the story of how the vampire was born, going from a child hostake in the Ottoman court to the height of his power and ultimately to his downfall and death. But the story is not just about Dracula. It is about the millions of people his existence has impacted and the countless lives he has ruined as he tried to conquer the world. But remember, just because Dracula has been successfully d... more
  • Pulse: when gravity fails

    by John Freitas
    Sean Grayson is a firefighter that also fights the demons and mistakes of his past. As he tries to put a life back together from the pieces that flew apart over his addictions, the world loses its gravity at the very moment he is in the heat of a fire rescue. Without gravity, he must rescue a small boy and make sense of a world that may be coming apart or maybe it is all just in his head. Sean finds himself keeping secrets again. A scientist in an isolated observatory sees clues that tell... more
  • Dreams of Deception

    by Denise Marie Whitmore
    Elizabeth Stark was born and raised in the deep woods of Aroostook County by her mother and father. When her parents were in a terrible car accident they left her to take care of the farm she has grown to love. Elizabeth struggles, until the mysterious heartthrob Jake Hyde rolls into town with promises to help her restore whet she originally had. Night after night, Elizabeth has dreams about her parents' untimely death and she learns more about her past than she had ever expected. Now she is de... more
  • On Parson's Creek

    by Richard Sutton
    A new teenager in a small, Oregon logging town, Jack Taylor's bored with school and living in his own head. Walking in the forest, he finds dark mysteries in an old-growth cedar grove near his new home. He finds out that the story handed down several generations doesn't really tell the tale completely, nor do tales of lurking giants in the trees, an Indian curse, or the abandoned locomotive deep in the woods. As he asks questions of his teachers and local families, he finds himself pushed more a... more
  • The Man in the Moon (ReDestined) (Lindsey Scott Thrillstery Book 1)

    by Tom Tancin
    Lindsey Scott tracks a serial killer that murders college couples under full moon. When two boys find a car at the bottom of Sturgeon lake, two local college students drowned inside, the town of Pocono, Pennsylvania is shocked. When a mother and her young daughter find four college students dead at the local orchard a month later, the town starts to question if the events are somehow related. A month later, when six college students are hunted down during an annual party, the town panics. Wit... more
  • Blood and Bone

    by chris bathory
    Trouble finds rookie coroner Kate Grayson, both on the job and off. Her first important death investigation centers around the puzzling case of a woman found mutilated on a beach. In a case marked by contradictions and confusion, it is up to Kate to uncover the truth. But when she tries to unravel the clues, she learns that things are even more complicated than they first appear. But even that pales when compared to the dilemma she faces when she comes to the aid of a friend. Maggie’s husband ha... more
  • The Jenny

    by David R Beasley
    The Jenny: A New York Library Detective Novel Author: David R. Beasley ISBN:0-915317-03-6 PRICE: $9.95 Cdn & US "Billing it as 'the largest recovery of rare postage stamps in US history,' the F.B.I. has finally announced the results of its extensive search for the 153 U.S. stamps stolen from the New York Public Library." Linn's Stamp News. Library detective, Rudyard Mack, with the help of an outspoken library union leader named Arbuthnott Vine leads us through the corridors of power in one... more
  • The Grand Conspiracy

    by David R Beasley
    THE GRAND CONSPIRACY: A New York Library Mystery. ISBN: 0-915317-06-0 \t$10 [cover featured in the film “Writer’s Block”] Rudyard Mack, Library detective, investigates the political kidnapping of his girlfriend, Arbuthnott Vine, Library Union leader, who was planning a union action against City Hall. It leads him through the underworld of unions, city politics, pay offs and international conspiracy to the heart of a global conspiracy.
  • Overworld/Underworld

    by David R Beasley
    Rudyard Mack, New York Library detective, comes out of retirement to solve a cold case—a woman murdered in the library stacks—and finds it is connected to big banking, Israeli and other secret services, and operatives in the United Nations. He is helped by his girl friend, Arbuthnott Vine, retired librarian, to track down agents in drug and weapons smuggling and money-laundering, which leads them to men of wealth and power, who run shadow governments more influential than the real governments. ... more
  • Retribution

    by Phillip Peaoock
    Manfred is framed. He asked his friend Jeremy to help him. Together they find out the true extend of the conspiracy
  • A Witch's Lament

    by Cathy Walker
    When Skye Temple buys a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the world, she ignites events that began centuries ago during the witch trials. Salem's bloody history unfolds with her discovery of ancestral diaries and the murders of local girls. During all this, she also struggles with her attraction to Jerome Phips, a local police officer bent on uncovering the truth of his mother's disappearance during a ritual gone wrong 30 years earlier.
  • Perceived Threat

    by Elisa Koopmans
    Author and speaker Annalisa Vermeer has a radical message for her listeners with potentially far-reaching effects. As she advocates for fewer laws, no lobbyists or political parties, and respect for constituents’ opinions, she attracts the attention of powerful enemies in DC . . . some who would prefer to see her dead. Amid a mounting string of verbal and possible physical attacks, Annalisa fears for her safety, but refuses to back down from her advocacy. Her continuing push for her cause pu... more