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  • Requiem for Rosco

    by Peter Gallagher
    Requiem for Rosco is a complex murder mystery set in Chicago. It gives readers a gritty, poignant tour of the city, navigating from the Gold Coast to the housing projects, and ultimately to the financial center on LaSalle Street. It is as much an intimate love story as it is a mystery. Gallagher's quick-cut pacing is a grabber, keeping three distinctive male characters and equally strong female characters in balance. The multiple viewpoints of this ambitious literary architecture allow Gallagher... more
  • Solomon's Whisper

    by Sandra Brannan

    “Finalist for Best Mystery/Suspense of 2014″ by Foreword Reviews

    “Finalist for Best Book Cover for Fiction” by Foreword Reviews



    ONCE AN AMATEUR SLEUTH, LIV "BOOTS" BERGEN has now found her... more

  • Cuts Like Glass

    by Dana S. Feldman
    When Gabe and Ella Griffin venture out for a day of sailing, terror and suspicion arise when the coast guard finds their boat floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with only Ella on board. Unconscious and in a pool of blood, Ella cannot seem to remember what happened. With the last two hours of her life a complete blank, she seems the distraught wife in search of the truth as to what happened to her missing husband. Or is she? With no body, no witnesses, no murder weapon, and no appa... more
  • Sweet Things Dying

    by Dana S. Feldman
    When out of work journalist, Eva Goldberg, reluctantly takes on an assignment to ghostwrite the autobiography of one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, she uncovers the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a woman, and the murders of several others. As some truths are unearthed, Eva is besieged with more questions than she could ever have imagined. Despite putting her own life in peril, she cannot stop herself from digging further until she gets to the bottom of the truth.
  • Metal: The Trevin Project, Book One

    by Stephen Gerard
    The Trevin Project is the name of my new young adult action adventure series. The first book is called Metal and was published by Montauk Press in November 2014. The story centers around Delbert Hanks, a fifteen year-old high school student living with his mom in Claxburg, Maryland who accidentally drinks from a tainted bottle of Atomic Plus, a popular energy drink. Within weeks he discovers his body is slowly turning into metal. He hides this discovery from his mom, his estranged father, an... more
  • The Oracle of Baal

    by Rebecca Yount

    "The most puzzling aspect of Rosalinda Evelyn's suicide was that she shot herself with a in the head with a Magnum 8mm automatic just five hours after having won the Critics' Choice award for beat actress."

    In his most bizarre case, Anglo Indian Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Mick Chandra and his partner, Hong Kong-born Elizabeth Change, face the challenge of exposing a sex and suicide cult, the Oracle of Baal, which persuades its clients that death is the way to ultima... more

  • Murder On The Menu (Nikki Hunter Mysteries) (Volume 1)

    by Nancy Skopin
    Private Investigator Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter has lost enthusiasm for the bar and restaurant surveys that pay the bills but no longer challenge her. When the brutal murder of socialite, (and stripper), Laura Howard lands on her desk, she finally encounters a case worthy of her talent. Murder on the Menu is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Nikki Hunter. The only child of a Cossack and a former nun, Hunter is a smart, tenacious thirty-five-year-old, who lives aboard a sailboat in the San... more
  • Sunbaked

    by Junie Coffey
    Nina Spark bought a house off the internet. On a sunny island she’d never heard of before. At about two o’clock in the morning with a glass of red wine in her hand. About a week later, she was sitting across a desk from Pineapple Cay's chief of police, wondering how her daydream of easy living in the islands got so far off track so quickly. For fans of comedic mysteries, and readers looking for a tropical beach vacation in a book at the tail end of a long, hard winter.
  • Deceived: A Sam McClellan Tale

    by Laura S. Wharton
    The beach life isn’t sunny for Detective Sam McClellan—not after he just lost his partner in a brutal killing that makes no sense. The truth pulls at him like an undertow as he uncovers an extensive drug trafficking scheme in the idyllic beach resort communities of North Carolina. With the help of sassy sidekick Molly Monroe and tips from some shady characters, Sam finds himself in one dangerous situation after another. Drowning in waves of trouble crashing around him, will Sam be able to save h... more
  • The Phantom Soldier

    by Jon L Cadel
    London, 2005. A re-elected government and fresh anti-war protests. Hopeful of securing a lucrative contract as a Private Military Contractor, Paul Elements heads to the capital to meet head honcho James Thompson—who is quick to question his lack of experience. When it turns out Elements has links to a social group that holds a secret, a secret which left a young man vegetating in a coma—one man convicted of the assault, one perpetrator unknown—Thompson gives him a week to find the identity of th... more
  • The Einstein Proxy

    by Steve Dimodica
    Albert Einstein died of natural causes in 1955. A final manuscript, long believed to be his incomplete deliberations on the most vexing issue in physics, is left in his office. It is a decoy. The brilliant scientist has smuggled the true mathematical solution overseas to a cadre of Jewish academics. It stays hidden for six decades. The year shifts to 2013. A family gathers around the table for a Seder feast at the beginning of Passover in the old Jewish quarter of Istanbul. A strange... more
  • Exposed by Rage

    by Sherrel Lee
    He has a dead body.  She has the seedy connections. To solve the crime they are forced to work together.   To keep her mother’s reputation from destroying her, Ashley Dix Gibson had to learn at an early age to persevere and tune out the lies, gossip, and the bullies. But even running away and joining the army couldn't help her escape the world she was born to and the death of her friend forces her to return to her roots.  Detective Michael DeMarco has no desire to team up with a woman wi... more
  • The Ones THE DARKEST SERIES (Volume 1)

    by Jackie Mae
    There will be a price to pay. As an average, hard working girl, Claire finds herself terrified and confused; in the middle of madness in the blink of an eye. She is being pursued, but by who and why? They want to acquire her. If she wants to live, the mysteries that shroud her past must be discovered before it’s too late. They walk among us and hide in plain sight. Claire cannot fathom that they are wholly evil, abominations really. She will have to fight and sacrifice for what she b... more
  • Delusions of Grandeur

    by Buck Winthrop
    When aspiring writer Byron Hanolan meets Alexandra Bass, one of the countries top models, it is love at first sight. But Alexandra's domineering mother Charlotte is determined she marry the heir to one of New York's wealthiest banking families. When a ruthless web of deception backfires, Alexandra flees for a brand new life and stardom in Hollywood. Byron becomes head writer of Harbor Hills, a TV soap opera on the brink of cancellation with a cast of characters who prove fact is stranger than fi... more
  • Ocean Drive A Novel

    by Buck Winthrop
    When beautiful Elle Sampson arrives mysteriously in Miami and quickly becomes Editor-in-Chief of the venerated South Beach magazine, she becomes the toast of the town. From her Mansion in The Sky high atop Steele Tower, Elle reigns over a pleasure bent paradise, catching the eye of three leading men. But in Miami, things are not always what they seem and when people start turning up dead, Elle's mask of perfection starts to unravel and Homicide Detective Manuel Rodriguez is hot on the trail lead... more
  • Killer Twist (A Ghostwriter Mystery Book 1)

    by C.A. Larmer
    No one seems too concerned when a wealthy socialite plunges to her death from her mansion on the cliff. No one that is but sassy ghostwriter Roxy Parker. She's been writing the elderly lady's life story and has just stumbled on a secret worth killing for.