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  • G.I. JOE: G.I.RAIN

    by Dionne Fields
    The G.I.Rain children’s book collection was written just for kids. This book is created and design just for young readers. The ages group for the G.I.Rain collection are ages 4 years old, through the age of 12 years old. I’m so grateful to create a G.I. Joe story. G.I. Rain is a new G.I. of a much younger generation of Joes. They are stronger and more skilled in the new high-tech secret weapons. The younger generations of G.I. Joes are recruiting a stronger team. This team will f... more
  • The Hester Street Kids

    by Armando Minutoli
    Set in New York’s Little Italy in the 1950’s, this character-driven drama is mysterious and sensual. It weaves lies with love, treachery with truth, and explores the ultimate meaning of moral fortitude, honesty, passion, and loyalty. The story incorporates contemporary pleasures: a love story, spice, family secrets, and crime investigation. But its underlying message is one of moral choices. It also gives a historic glimpse of the 50s. Readers will find themselves on a nostalgic journey back... more
  • The Atlantis Rain

    by Dionne Fields

    The Atlantis Rain: is an original fairy tale about a little boy who is just seven years old.

    A second grader in Mrs. Brantley Class, who fines learning about science and history in school, will be a fun adventure.

    Atlantis Rain also has a touch of romance in this children’s book that would bring this myth and mystery to life.

    It’s amazing what kids today, could learn from reading a book from their school library.


  • Operation Stop Hate

    by Jessie Chandler
    National Protection and Investigation Unit Special Agent Cailin McKenna and the rest of the NPIU is drawn into a case involving a school shooting, a hate group distributing hate music as a recruitment tool on school grounds, and a terroristic plot to blow up a prominent location in the Twin Cities. Add to that a stalker who is making McKenna's life hell, and she's one busy Special Agent. Can she and her partners unravel the threads and stop the plan before things turn deadly?

    by Cathy Perkins
    Cara Wainwright thinks life can’t get tougher when her mother's cancer becomes terminal—until she returns home from the hospital and finds her houseguests dead. Greenville, SC Detective David Morris, is unsure if Cara is the suspect or the intended murder victim. Searching for insight into her family, their mounting secrets, and the conflicting evidence from multiple crimes, his attraction to Cara complicates his investigation. Is the lure need, manipulation—or real? While David pursues f... more

    MARKUS goes to war-torn Peru for one reason: to take home the woman he's loved since his Peace Corps days--Marisa with the long dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. But when he arrives in Lima, he's confronted by a general with a subpoena, agents with guns, and the startling accusation that she's a key figure in the Shining Path, one of the most bizarre terrorist organizations in the world. And they want his help in bringing her to justice.
  • The Adventures of Cameron Carter: Knight in the Forest

    by L A Hourigan
    When Cameron Carter discovers a tent in his garden, his life changes forever. Packed with thrilling challenges such as 'The Timber Trial of Terror and the daring 'Tree House Rescue Mission', this exciting outdoor adventure is sure to get children fired up about the outdoors & nature!
  • The River Bride

    by Nadine Doolittle
    Set in Quebec, Canada, the third book in the Gatineau Hills Mystery series but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone. Seven years ago, the Bremer family's au pair was found brutally slain in an abandoned trailer. Tried and convicted for the girl's murder, Trey Bremer has always asserted his innocence. The truth of what really happened to Teresa Musgrave that day begins to unravel when an anonymous note arrives at the town's weekly newspaper office,The Stollerton Record. On the hunt for the big ... more
  • TIPToC

    by C M Williams
  • The Virus

    by Janelle Diller
    A smallpox epidemic begins in a whisper with a single death, and then the name of the victim surfaces: Abdulaziz al-Sherhi. In a nation rich in imagination, this name requires none at all. In the weeks that follow, the epidemic fears crescendo into a national roar. People panic about dying from this horrific terrorist-incited disease and clamor for a vaccination. The federal government lurches along, hurriedly creating more vaccines to meet the demand. Maggie Rider, a weary road warrior for a... more
  • The Lord of Persia (Transcended Soul Book 1)

    by Kayvan D
    A time traveler summons William Shakespeare to appear before him. The man carries a dagger, engraved with the emblem of a white falcon. He accuses Shakespeare of betraying the three inviolate institutions.
  • Parents for Sale

    by Nicole Audet

    Luke and Lucy parents threaten to sell their golden retriever, Pistachio, since they don‛t take care of her as they promised. As soon as their parents‛ car is out of sight, Luke, Lucy and Pistachio go into the garage. Luke begins painting big white letters on a piece of dark cardboard: Parents for Sale. Watching her brother, Lucy grows impatient and stomps, saying, “Hurry up! Replace the sign as soon as possible. Otherwise, one of our neighbors will buy Pistachio.” Three fami... more

  • The Experiment of Dreams

    by Brandon Zenner
    A machine capable of recording our dreams has been created...

    Benjamin Walker’s lifelong career of testing experimental drugs and medicines, as well as participating in fascinating sleep-related studies, has come to an end. A new and lucrative job opportunity is offered to Ben, working on a project named Lucy, a machine capable of reading and recording a person’s dreams in intimate detail. Headed by the genius Dr. Peter Wulfric and privately funded by the elusive millionaire, Mr. Timothy K... more

  • The Devil's Due

    by Steven Freeman
    Former soldiers Alton Blackwell and Mallory Wilson are pulled back to Afghanistan to rescue a teenage friend whose Al-Qaeda uncle has nefarious plans for her. As they race to recover the teen, they battle not only Al-Qaeda terrorists but also a resurgent cult and a web of intrigue in which the label of friend and foe is not easily assigned.
  • Kings of Fortune

    by Eric Cheung

    Leon Zylo realizes he hasn't accomplished much in life, and is murdered. He wakes as a supernatural bounty hunter required to hunt and kill criminals in order to resurrect and be human again. Along this journey, he meets various characters and uncovers the reason for his murder, as well as understanding how to live his life to the fullest.

  • Race to Tibet

    by Sophie Schiller
    In 1889, a band of intrepid explorers headed by Gabriel Bonvalot attempt to be the first Europeans to reach Lhasa. Along the way, they face freezing temperatures, violent winds, mountain sickness, hostile Tibetans, duplicitous Chinese Mandarins, and a beguiling Tibetan Buddhist princess with a deadly secret. When these explorers reach Tibet, they discover a land of mystery and intrigue, a land of danger that promises them only one thing: death. On the verge of collapse, Bonvalot realizes they wi... more