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  • The River: An Inspector Kwong Mystery (The Inspector Kwong Mysteries Book 2)

    by Vic Warren
    The second of The Inspector Kwong Mysteries, The River, builds a double tale of a brutal kidnapping and a drawing room mystery straight out of the game of Clue. It’s peppered with romance, humor, a viral manhunt and a couple of straight shots of Scotch. Huang Long Wei was dead. But before he dies, the dragon head of Pearl River Triad gives his chiefs a last wish. He wants Inspector Lawrence Kwong kidnapped and humiliated. The River blends this frightening premise with an old-fashioned murder ... more
  • Losing David

    by Cheryl B. Dale
    When his father died in 1946, sixteen-year-old David Harmony should have come into a fortune. Instead, he vanished at sea. Years later, an elderly attorney hires an unsavory actor. He claims the boy was murdered, and he intends to flush out the killer—by using the actor to impersonate David.
  • Steps Into Darkness

    by Ben Woodard
    Fourteen-year-old Tom Wallace plans to escape the small town in 1923 Kentucky—the town that won’t let him forget his past—when a horrific explosion changes his mind. He teams with his cousin, Will to solve a perplexing mystery. False clues mislead them until they discover a surprising name and rush to confront the real enemy—and then wish they hadn’t.
  • Short Stories & Such: Short Story Anthology

    by Janna Hill
    Short Stories & Such is a tantalizing (if not terrifying) anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry combining popular titles by Janna Hill. Bonus: New releases including Hemingway’s Beloved, which was originally published in the Horror Writer’s Poetry Showcase, Volume I, along with expanded versions of the original shorts. Following a four star review of Once Upon a Dead Gull one of Amazon's top 500 reviewers had this to say, "As Janna/Joe Hill notes in her final chapter, "Could you..... more
  • Logic Lotty: The Fortune Teller's Spoon

    by Paige Peterson
    There are certainly some interesting people in the town of Redville, and one of them is a thief! Lotty Lewis loves to solve problems, and uses a special chart called a logic matrix to organize her clues. Can Lotty and her friend Gavin gather enough information to solve the mystery? Logic puzzles for children have a myriad of benefits, including increased memory, deductive reasoning skills, and organizational skills. With quirky characters that young readers are bound to love, Logic Lotty is ... more
  • The Red Ribbon

    by Rachel B. Ledge
    In the tradition of Daphne du Maurier and Dean Koontz comes this enthralling debut from Rachel B. Ledge. England 1774. A reluctant clairvoyant distrusts her mind struggles to adjust to life after she witnessed the mysterious demise of her closest friend at the hands of the man she loved. She returns home to find her manor home has fallen into decay and her headstrong sister is intent on marrying a man of her own choosing. When her friend beckons from the grave, she is forced to embrace her ab... more
  • The Critical Element

    by John L Betcher
    FROM A USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR. The scientific community declared the North Korean “weather satellite” dead on arrival in space. And until recently, the scientists were right. But now the satellite has awakened and the Kim regime wastes no time in launching its secret space-based weapon against the American mainland. Unfortunately, the North Koreans’ aim is bad and their package lands in the middle of nowhere—Ottawa County, Minnesota—where the deadly delivery sets in motion a sequence o... more
  • The Newton Prophecies

    by Keith Katsikas

    A plot of terror like the world has never seen and a dark secret that could spawn the apocalypse.

    Ever since witnessing an avalanche devour his parents at the age of twelve, Michael DiBianco has had an odd obsession with the divine. Today, a renowned physicist, Harvard Divinity professor, and bestselling author of The Newton Theories and The Book, DiBianco has devoted his life to uncovering the secrets of the Bible. What he ultimately discovers, however, is tha... more

  • Mission to Fail

    by Michael Eldar
    On a Saturday morning, Steve Pinter, the main character in my book “Mission to Fail”, received a call from a college friend now with the White House, to come immediately to Washington. No reason given. In Washington Steve is asked to joins a team created to investigate the raging presidential scandal. Steve, intrigued, accepts, regarding it as a nice distraction, not even imagining the dangers lurking in the background. Following the money trail, he notices suspicious coincidences, and soon find... more
  • The Carpathian Assignment

    by Chip Wagar
    Located in the remote province of Transylvania in late nineteenth-century Hungary, Bistritz is a quaint provincial city nestled in the Carpathian mountains and forests. For one looking forward to a quiet retirement, the pretty Baroque town seems ideal. Such are the thoughts of Kálváry Istvan, a recently widowed and retired cavalry colonel, as he arrives to take up his last assignment as Chief of Police in the Spring of 1896. Istvan's expectations are dashed almost immediately upon his arrival... more
  • Pretender at the Gate (Markinch Series Book 2)

    by SJ Garland
    Stuart Period Great Britain is the stage for SJ Garland’s latest book, Pretender at the Gate (the second title in the Markinch Series). In this new, fast-paced historical fiction title, Captain Esmond Clyde-Dalton prepares to wed his love. But after she is incarcerated, he is quickly cast into a journey of mystery, deceit and duplicity. Readers will be drawn to the diverse cast of characters and will almost immediately become tangled in a web of conspiracy and treason as the endearing Esmond tr... more
  • The Halloween Attraction: Hidden Angels (Jennifer Book 1)

    by Cristina Imre

    Take this book as a great gift for you and your loved ones, especially discounted, for the upcoming holiday season. A gift for all the fans of the words mystery, thriller, suspense, murder, occult, sprinkled with romance.

    “I’ve constantly imagined a box office movie, while shaping and drawing my characters and the storyline. I felt for Jennifer by seeing the world through her eyes. I wondered about what will happen next from the “watcher’s” (reader&rsqu... more

  • The First Witness

    by Todd Easterling
    When a top Washington Post reporter discovers what he believes is an unauthorized CIA and military mission to destroy Iran's nuclear development sites, he finds himself caught in the middle of a global crisis, international intrigue, and a beautiful and exotic woman he desperately wants to trust.
  • The Castle Blues Quake

    by Linda Covella
    12-year-old Pepper’s new friend, Corey, is a ghost, but she doesn’t know it. After leaving her best friend behind in New York City, she and her family move to Santa Cruz, CA, into a run-down Victorian. Pepper discovers Corey hiding out in the backyard shed. He’s waiting to make contact with his grandfather, Boppie, before he crosses over. He tells Pepper he needs to find Boppie before Social Services sends him to a foster home. Pepper agrees to help. Earthquakes, haunted house rides, poltergei... more
  • GUARDIA: A Novel of Renaissance Italy

    by Michael Crews
    Florence, 1423 - When a mysterious body turns up on the banks of the Arno in the seedy Ognissanti district, it is up to Mercurio Capolupo, investigator for the Bargello and officer of the Otto di Guardia e Balia, to determine the victim's identity and solve the riddle of its fate. What he uncovers is a conspiracy that could shake the Republic of Florence to its very foundations. Guardia is a tale that weaves from the palaces of the Florentine elite to the hidden cells of the criminal underbelly,... more
  • To Free A Spy

    by Nick Ganaway

    When a two-thousand-dollar a night Atlantic City prostitute begins to blackmail her frequent client, whom she calls Jag, he is enraged. An ambitious presidential hopeful, Jag leaves her bleeding to death in her swanky hotel suite and calls in well-placed markers to make sure the crime never comes to light. Alas things don't work out as planned. An enterprising disbarred lawyer discovers the crime and demands millions of dollars in cash from Jag to keep it quiet and d... more