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  • Escape The Future: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

    by T. Schneider
    After the power grid goes down and the death of their parents; Henry, Eva and Layla are left alone in a dark, desolate and dangerous world, with only their father’s dying words – stay together. When Eva gets nabbed in a roundup, she confronts greater threats than she ever imagined, while Henry and Layla search for her, facing their own imminent peril. Up against the mysterious forces of a conspiracy that may go beyond this world, they fight to stay together, stay alive and escape the futu... more
  • Mind Strings

    by Ryan Julian
    In a future where technology has blurred the lines of reality, homicidal deception can be piped straight into the mind with devastating effect. The breakthrough responsible for this paradigm shift, string-tech, has become an inseparable addition to conscious thought and the focus of social media. The human mind’s ability to detect deception initially made string-tech impervious to corruption, but a few unusual deaths hinted that string-tech had been hacked. Now, Agent Chavez of the FBI must solv... more
  • The Safecracker

    by James Garrison

    New lawyer Patricia Egan has a safecracker client she doesn’t want and a housemate she doesn’t like, but all three face a common enemy when they separately stumble onto a plot to defraud a group of Carolina cities developing a visionary alternative energy project - and end up in the crosshairs of the conspirators.

    TouchPoint Press (September 27, 2019): The Safecracker by James Garrison. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


  • Caligula Reincarnate

    by Steve Peek

    Sarah’s touch releases the spirit of a Roman merchant. Trapped in a sculpture of Emperor Caligula for two thousand years, Marcus enters her mind and shares her body. Unaware another person resides in her mind, Sarah believes she is insane. As she accepts Marcus’s presence, he tells her stories and convinces her of the truth. Sarah comes to understand fate brought Marcus into her life, and she must help him find and destroy the current incarnation, of the eternal murderer. A battle... more

  • The Virgin and the Bull

    by Erato
    Charles Macgregor is found dead in his house in Edinburgh, an apparent suicide. The Sheriff-Depute is left to examine a stack of letters that might reveal clues about the circumstance: the resulting epistolary tale reveals the tragic romance of Charles and Constance, as they fall in love, are forbidden to marry, run away to Gretna Green, are stopped, separated, brutalized, and Constance gradually comes to fall in love with another suitor.
  • Blowback: A Detective "Cadillac" Holland Mystery (Detective "Cadillac" Holland Mystery Series)

    by H. Max Hiller

    Detective Holland lived a life of unintended consequences while working as an Intelligence operative tracking down terrorists. It is why he resolves the cases he is assigned by NOPD’s Chief of Detectives tend to become more complicated than necessary. He must track down a fugitive murderer named Michael Ferris but Detective Holland won’t bring the man to justice until he knows what the man’s crime actually was. Ferris’ running from the law has exposed hi... more

  • The Blue Garou

    by H. Max Hiller

    Detective 'Cadillac' Holland left the intelligence community and joined the Louisiana State Patrol to find the answer to his father’s disappearance in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Four years have passed and he hasn’t found the answer. Now his sister wants him to prove that a pit bull is the murder weapon and not the murderer of New Orleans’ most notorious criminal. The dog’s tracks lead to the murder victim&... more

  • Can't Stop the Funk

    by H. Max Hiller
    The storm that brought New Orleans together has become a recovery that threatens to tear it apart as the city begins a new election cycle. Condominium developers and the local king of gentrification seem to have the favor of the councilwoman representing the city's poorest neighborhood, so it's up to Louisiana State Police Detective "Cadillac" Holland to investigate what may not even be a crime when someone tries to buy the homes built by the Make It Right Foundation in the city's Lower Nin... more
  • Karma's Envoy

    by Kevan Houser
    A man from today wakes up in a little boy's body in 1962 where he quickly finds himself caught in a life-and-death struggle against unspeakable evil. He must face tragedy, mental illness, even death in his quest to right a 50-year-old wrong. Will he succeed or will he be killed in the past?
  • The Tribal Case

    by Theresa Janson
    FBI Special Agent Samantha Wright inherits the case of her life when her mentor at the Bureau dies, leaving her compelled to finish the case in his memory. The case forces her to cross paths with Will Little Bear, a Cheyenne Indian guide who stumbled upon the latest victim, a young Native American boy, on his reservation. As an expert FBI Profiler, Special Agent Wright pursues the serial killer, forcing her to leave the comfort of her Washington DC office and travel to the wilderness of Montan... more
  • Trapped Under: A Heart Stopping Thriller

    by max Obrien
    Trapped Under by Max O'Brien is a gripping, spine-chilling, psychological thriller, based on the classic story of boy meets girl, but when the girl disappears, his life changes forever. Scot has the standard lifestyle. A stable career, a solid friend group, and big aspirations to find love and settle down. Then Scot meets Victoria. Victoria is young, beautiful and the perfect girl in Scots eyes. But she leaves. Victoria causes a stir in his life when they meet again and when Scot welcomes ... more
  • The Outlaw Rider

    by Jerry Bader
    The Outlaw Rider “If you’re not prepared to cheat, you’re not prepared to win.” Published By MRPwebmedia Jesse James, the daughter of a deceased mob connected rug salesman, becomes a jockey working for the Hong Mian triad in order to feed winners to State Senator Samuel Somersby. The Senator is responsible for approving California gaming licenses. To date, only Native CANGV casinos are allowed to have slots. California horse racing will die if they aren’t allowed to add slot machines to their... more
  • The Yellow

    by EJ Averett
    World famous psychiatrist, Dr. Simon Young has been charged with Child Rape and Lamona is abuzz with the news. Forensic psychologist, Dr. Carmen Carillo, wends her way from a near-death experience, into the boxing ring to duke it out with a suspect, to the golden wheat fields for a hideous discovery, practically to the bottom of one of the deepest lakes in America and finally to Hollywood, hoping to solve the riddle of the murders that have struck her caseload ever since she agreed to evaluate ... more
  • Graffiti Creek

    by Matt Coleman
    On a wall of graffiti, blood splatter gets lost. So Graffiti Creek--with its shadowed canopy of trees and evidence-destroying stream and the namesake bridge with its puzzle of spray paint--is not the place mysteries get solved. It’s the place where they begin. And Cary Trubody’s mystery began there before she even realized she was a part of it. On the way home from a party, Cary gets pulled over for running a red light. Within minutes, a routine traffic stop turns into a nightmare of mistaken... more