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  • Final Mission: Zion - A World War 2 Thriller

    by Chuck Driskell
    In 1938, as the Third Reich is just beginning its reign of terror, hundreds of Jewish orphans are hidden away in Austria, in the midst of their underground escape to Palestine. The only man who knows their location is killed, leaving the children with precious little time to survive. The dead man leaves a single set of instructions: Find U.S. Department of War agent Neil Reuter—he will save the children. Reuter, who is part-Native American, is a wreck, grieving the murder of his wife and unborn ... more
  • Back to Serve: Return of a Soldier

    by Cesare Giannetti
    Back to Serve is a fictional memoir about a soon-to-be-retired army captain, Nico Corretti, who after a career in the military is ready to begin his civilian life with his family. But first, he must out-process and then drive halfway across the country to get home, during which he has an improbable encounter with a Russian woman who informs him that his safety and his postservice stability may be in jeopardy. On the long drive home, he considers the plausibility of her claim and reflects on his ... more
  • A Man's Partner

    by Walter Marks
    Jericho’s former partner, Mickey “Mouse’” Davis, with whom he worked in NYPD Homicide, is found dead in his car —killed by a single gunshot fired into his mouth. A handwritten suicide note is discovered beside him. NYPD declares Mouse’s death a suicide, but Jericho has his doubts. He leaves East Hampton and goes into the city to investigate. The New York cops tell Jericho to stay out of it, so Jericho must try to solve this case on his own. As Sam Spade says in The Maltese Falcon “When a man’s... more
  • Gazelle in the Shadows

    by Michelle Peach
    In the mid 90s, Elizabeth Booth is a hopeful, adventurous and romantic Arabic student at Durham University who sets out for Damascus, Syria for her year abroad. She had worked previously in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London as a DS 10, the most junior grade and spent three years in the British Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen before enrolling into Durham. During her time in Damascus, Elizabeth improves more than just her Arabic as she falls headlong in love, not only with her beau, but also... more
  • A Bird in the Sand

    by Gail Hulnick
    A Bird in the Sand A trio of priceless gold pendants has been surrounded by myth and mystery since their creation in the mists and jungles of the pre-Columbian Caribbean. One has been lost for centuries, with murky legends swirling around its fate. The second is the controversial centerpiece of a troubled movie set in Savannah. The third — a jewel from the treasures of Ferdinand and Isabella — is on precarious loan to a museum in Key West from the Museo del Prado in Madrid. A mercurial ac... more
  • Revenge of Midnight Marauder

    by Roy Clinton
    John Crudder is back as the Midnight Marauder, this time facing his greatest challenge to rescue Charlotte Hanson, the woman he loves. She has been kidnapped to force her father to sell the H&F Ranch. Only the Midnight Marauder can save her and so far his efforts have proved unsuccessful. The corrupt politicians in Bandera are surely behind the kidnapping but they carry on with life as if nothing is amiss. John becomes aware the corrupt town council has highly placed confederates in the gove... more
  • Return of Midnight Marauder

    by Roy Clinton
    Driven from his home to protect his loved ones from retaliation from the town council of Bandera, Texas, John Crudder becomes a vagabond. As he moves across the state, each place he stops he sees injustice and so continues his role as the Midnight Marauder. In Huntsville, he finds cruelty worse than anything he has previously seen. And the man responsible escapes justice for murder and lives beyond the reach of the law. Crudder’s stand against such evil is the only way he can get the Scales ... more
  • Midnight Marauder: Someone Wins, Someone Loses, Someone Lives, Someone Dies

    by Roy Clinton
    John Crudder is an ordinary twenty-five year old law school graduate looking for work in the old west. What he finds instead is the love of eighteen year old Charlotte and the reality that he cannot have her without placing her in mortal danger. Raised to privilege, Crudder finds life as a cow hand and later as a marshal, satisfying. Rather than being about to live that simple life, he finds himself thrust into the role of Midnight Marauder. Unless he stands up for those who have no voice, mo... more
  • Clint's Journey Home: A Cowboy's Guide to Hope & Freedom from Addiction

    by Roy Clinton
    Meet Clint Hazard. A modern day cowboy who believes he was born 150 years too late. He stumbles into recovery from multiple forms of addiction. His journey is aided by watching the change that takes place in his best friend who took the same journey about a year before him. For a man with seemingly unlimited potential, Clint succeeds in making an absolute mess of his life. He risks all for his addictions and is oblivious to the self-destructive path he's on.
  • Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Noise Canceling Earbuds

    by Michael Barker

    Now you've made the movement to noise canceling ear buds and also have noticed just how much better that they are able to get your tunes sound whilst safeguarding your hearing, then it's necessary that you understand just how to care for your own ear buds to extend the life of your buy.

    While MP3 players and iPods are created to become mobile and onthego, the more noise cancelling ear buds used in combination with ... more

  • The Very Least

    by Ken Kuhlken
    A Hickey family crime novel: San Diego, Tijuana, Lake Tahoe, 1985: Archie Akin, a dear friend of journalist Clifford Hickey's cousin Bo, crosses the border on the run from a charge of molesting children in a mega-church nursery. In Tijuana, he is accused of murder and imprisoned. Because Bo contends Archie is innocent of both charges, Clifford agrees to investigate and so becomes the mortal enemy of tycoons and politicians on both sides of the border. That is the bad news. The good news is:... more
  • Remember Me

    by M. A. Florence

    When Dr. Robin Lund researches a new drug for dementia sufferers on her lab chimpanzee, Chelsea, she begins to suspect that this drug enables Chelsea to experience ancestral memories encoded in her DNA. Robin begins taking the drug herself and what she learns is both stunning and dangerous: her mother is not who Robin thought she was and a man her mother once knew wants Robin dead. As Robin embarks on a journey of self-discovery, she receives increasingly serious threats. At the same time, Ch... more

  • Newport Ave

    by Ken Kuhlken
    A fugitive from a manslaughter charge returns home to a foggy California beach town hoping to protect his sister Olivia from her estranged husband, a mob-connected gambler. He enlists the help of his closest old friend, now a devoted Christian family man and Sunday school teacher. After exploring all options, they decide the only sure way to protect Olivia is to kill the gambler. Newport Ave, a gripping novel in the noir tradition, explores crime and its endless consequences.
  • Escape The Future: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

    by T. Schneider
    After the power grid goes down and the death of their parents; Henry, Eva and Layla are left alone in a dark, desolate and dangerous world, with only their father’s dying words – stay together. When Eva gets nabbed in a roundup, she confronts greater threats than she ever imagined, while Henry and Layla search for her, facing their own imminent peril. Up against the mysterious forces of a conspiracy that may go beyond this world, they fight to stay together, stay alive and escape the futu... more
  • Mind Strings

    by Ryan Julian
    In a future where technology has blurred the lines of reality, homicidal deception can be piped straight into the mind with devastating effect. The breakthrough responsible for this paradigm shift, string-tech, has become an inseparable addition to conscious thought and the focus of social media. The human mind’s ability to detect deception initially made string-tech impervious to corruption, but a few unusual deaths hinted that string-tech had been hacked. Now, Agent Chavez of the FBI must solv... more
  • The Safecracker

    by James Garrison

    New lawyer Patricia Egan has a safecracker client she doesn’t want and a housemate she doesn’t like, but all three face a common enemy when they separately stumble onto a plot to defraud a group of Carolina cities developing a visionary alternative energy project - and end up in the crosshairs of the conspirators.

    TouchPoint Press (September 27, 2019): The Safecracker by James Garrison. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.