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    by Renee Topper
    Award-winning bestselling author Renee Topper introduces a new thriller detective series: SUNSET BLUES. In Book 1, The Shadow, former undercover cop, Rick Cruz, is accused of murdering his uncle who also happens to be the D.A. Incited from his refuge in the San Bernadino Mountains, he is forced to return to Los Angeles to escape the deadly killers that aim to keep him silent and protect his family. He traverses the noir Hollywood landscape, where human-trafficking and other crimes operate jus... more
  • Taking on Lucinda

    by Frank Martorana
    Hollywood starlet Aubrey Fairbanks and her entourage of activists descend on the picturesque upstate New York village of Jefferson to protest animal testing at the cosmetic company that is Jefferson’s lifeblood. Kent Stephenson is the town’s veterinarian and a lifelong resident. He is licking his wounds after a vicious divorce that took away his daughter and hiding from the world in his profession surrounded by animals that love unconditionally. But his brother, the police chief, has other p... more
  • A Moment in Time

    by C. D. Paul

    A Moment in Time is a romantic thriller about two people discovering each other while facing their own personal conflicts.

    The story is about two people from different backgrounds who are trying to make sense of their personal issues and how it has affected their lives.  They find comfort in each other and ultimately fall in love.  Between the two of them, they touch on current issues dealing with terrorism, family values, and gives the reader an opportunity to ponder on some ... more

  • Sketched

    by E.M. Townsend

    Fledgling police sketch artist Piper Cooke has always been different.

    Gifted with second sight, but cursed with a life of tragedy, she has survived the feral streets of Dixon and has triumphed over her troubled upbringing. Piper faces her biggest challenge yet, however, when her visions compel her to disobey police orders and send her right into the wicked grasp of a madman.

    Her life should've ended back in the blood soaked suburban basement, but it didn't. Instead, the br... more

  • Cried For No One - A Legal Thriller

    by Hubert Crouch
    WHO WOULD STEAL A BODY FROM ITS GRAVE AND WHY? A beautiful University of Texas Student, A Wild Night of Partying, A Mysterious Death, A High-Stakes Courtroom Drama Where Truth is Elusive and Justice Hard to Find. In this best-selling debut, flamboyant Fort Worth trial lawyer Cal Connors is hired by distraught parents after their daughter’s body is found beneath an inverted crucifix on the altar of a rural church. Hard-nosed in the courtroom and well-connected to the local media and judiciary,... more
  • Goldenfire: A High Stakes History Thriller

    by Pamela Hegarty

    Newly Released!

    A powerful artifact. A hidden temple. A fight to the death.

    The Power to Kill…

    On a remote Peruvian mountaintop, a firebolt from the sky strikes down four elite soldiers searching for an ancient tomb.

    Are they victims of a mysterious artifact’s power? Or a deadly new weapon?

    The Power to Heal…

    Historian Christa Devlin is called in to solve the mystery of these men’s deaths.... more

  • Bureau 39

    by Jeffrey Miller
    For decades since the collapse of communism, North Korea, the so-called "hermit kingdom" has survived by making international crime a state enterprise. CIA operative Frank Mitchum’s area of specialty is Bureau 39 – the top-secret government unit responsible for financing the rogue state’s weapons of mass destruction. Mitchum uncovers the involvement of Jimmy Wu, a Hong Kong methamphetamine mogul, whose cross-border smuggling routes are vital to Bureau 39’s supply of WMD components. An explosion ... more
  • The Torch Betrayal

    by Glenn Dyer
    A disgraced agent. A missing battle plan. Will he find redemption or damage the Allies beyond repair? London, 1942. OSS Agent Conor Thorn is desperate for a second chance. After a botched mission in Tangier, Thorn knows failure is not an option. When confidential directives for Operation Torch go missing, the agent must recover the plans before the the Nazis thwart the crucial mission… Thorn teams up with MI6 agent Emily Bright to seek out the traitor in their midst. Untangling the web of ... more
  • Black Hearts White Minds

    by Mitch Margo
    The year is 1964 and Carl Gordon is an ill-prepared New York Assistant U.S. Attorney who has lied his way into a transfer to Stockville, Alabama, where he is supposed to monitor and enforce the Civil Rights Act. In a matter of days, the Ku Klux Klan takes aim at him, the outside agitator. Although scrambling just to protect himself and his 12-year-old son, Carl agrees to represent Oleatha Geary, a black family matriarch who has, through a series of unlikely events, inherited a splendid mansion i... more
  • 6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story

    by Salman Aziz
    Everything started on 6th September. The story is real but unknown to all. All characters are fictional but the actions are true. Aabrar’s death was mysterious, because nobody knew why he killed himself. Aabrar was in pain, something really wrong happened to him that forced him to suicide. He had so many secrets that he never told anyone. His pains were the silent killer of himself. His pains were like wood worms which eat all the wood inside, although the wood looks well from the outside. H... more
  • Fishing Frenzy

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his family on a wild fishing adventure in the Canadian wilderness. This trip has it all: a moose mess, a motor mishap, atomic splashing. There's even a bear intruder. And of course the walleye put on an unforgettable fishing frenzy and Grandpa and Crystal hook the fish of a lifetime.
  • Monster Mule Deer

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    The moment has come for Luke to put all his skills, determination, and luck together to make the stalk of his life on the old drop tine buck, a legendary monster mule deer. Join Luke and his dad as they travel to Alberta, Canada, for their first mule deer bow hunt. This adventure is another amazing journey where new friends are made, life lessons are learned, and exciting hunting action is around every corner.
  • Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner (Lucky Luke's Hunting Adventures, Vol. 4)

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his dad as they experience all the wonders of a big turkey hunt. At last, old enough to join Dad on a wild turkey hunt; Luke is bursting with excitement from the start. When he finally sees his first turkey roaming wild in the woods, he has to overcome his excitement and make sure he can take a good shot. What and adventure, what a day!
  • The Muddy Elk (Lucky Luke's Hunting Adventures Vol. 6)

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    The sixth book in the Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventure series proves to be another hit with kids. Join Luke and his dad in The Muddy Elk, as they return to the mountains of Colorado in search of majestic elk. This bonding, father and son journey is stacked with hard work, close encounters and adventure. Follow along with Luke as he applies his knowledge from past hunts and finds himself three steps away from a giant elk. It’s a standoff you won’t want to miss.
  • Moose Mania

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke, his family, and their friends as they journey into the wilds of Alaska in search of majestic moose and giant bear. The ninth book in the Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventures series proves to be another hit with outdoor adventure-loving kids. Dive in and see how Luke and the gang use their hunting skills, patience, and determination to take on everything the Alaskan wilderness can throw at them.
  • Whitetail Adventures

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his family in Whitetail Adventures and experience all the wonders of a Minnesota deer camp. In this tale, Luke is finally old enough to join his family on his first whitetail deer hunt, and he has all kinds of advice from his fellow hunters. When Luke’s dad brings him deep into a Northern Minnesota swamp for a magical morning hunt, Luke finds adventure and nature at every turn in the trail. One thing’s for sure—you won’t believe who gets the big buck!