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  • Practice the Jealous Arts

    by Delia C. Pitts
    Harlem sleuth SJ Rook and his colleagues at the Ross Agency return in two new tales of murder, violence, and twisted motives. In the first novella, "Poetic License," Rook's pal NYPD detective Archie Lin calls in a favor when faced with a brutal murder at a fancy private school. Someone's killed a math teacher and Rook finds himself in a race against time before the killer strikes again -- or frames Rook for the crime. In the second novella, "Watermark'd," Rook and Sabrina Ross travel to ups... more
  • Lost and Found in Harlem

    by Delia C. Pitts

    Lost and Found in Harlem Down-on-his-luck loner SJ Rook hits bottom when a mysterious fire guts the Auberge Rouge, a brothel where he rents a room. He sets out on a quest to find the arsonist whose crime killed an innocent girl. In his search Rook discovers one of Harlem's best-kept secrets: the Ross detective agency. This tiny security firm is staffed by the father-daughter duo of Norment and Sabrina Ross. The Ross Agency tackles those small personal cases that the police are too busy or... more

  • Sealed In Lies

    by Kelly Abell
    Undercover for the CIA, Ex-SEAL Jack Weaver has poked his nose into the wrong computer file. Working as the top security man for the world’s largest drug cartel, Jack discovers a plot to assassinate his new Commander In Chief on Inauguration Day. The puppet master controlling the strings is a terrorist calling himself the Emperor. Not only does he have the cartel leader at his beck and call, but Jack discovers a horrifying connection to his old SEAL team. What are the odds? Forced with a choice,... more
  • The Immortality Contract

    by Scott Burdick
    A billionaire scientist, driven by the unsolved murder of his wife and daughter at the hands of religious extremists, offers his newly developed Fountain of Youth Pill to the world free of charge - under condition that the recipient abandons any and all support of religion. His goal is the creation of a global utopia based on science and reason, but has he underestimated religion's power for good in the world? Will its destruction threaten the very Armageddon he seeks to prevent? This is the ... more
  • Impostor Assassin: A Thriller Novel

    by Warren Brown
    A novel about a man willing to risk his life to save the world. Independent publishing is facing a new enemy. This new threat to authors, agents and publishers is everywhere. The mega-corporation SWAMP has taken over the world and it is now taking over lives. A legion of assassins are on the hunt for the one person who can stop them, a hero with a vision to save writing and publishing in the world.

    by Xingu Fawcett
    URL: ‘Blowout’, is a dramatic fiction novel, inspired by ‘‘Operação Lava Jato’(Operation Car Was) criminal investigations by the Departments of Justice in Brazil and the US on the siphoning off $ 20 Billion through Money Laundering, Bribery and Kickbacks organized by a criminal cartel of state-owned oil company executives, politicians, contractors and black market currency dealers. Based loosely on a true investigations during 2014 tp 2017 time-period. Genre: Hi... more
  • Dang: A Humorous Mystery

    by R.D. Smith

    Trailer Parks. Rednecks with Ambition. Media Coverage. Murder. Moonshine. Bootlegging. Conspiracy Theories. Rasslin’ Moves. Hot Rods. Duct Tape. Mullets and Monster Trucks. Homemade Vehicles. Mazes. Escape Tunnels. Safe Rooms. Pistols and Pursuing Leads.

    The whole town thinks Willem has already committed two murders. Why shouldn’t they believe he’s committed more?

    For the past year and a half, Willem has been an outcast in his hometown. Everyone believe... more

  • Severed Relations

    by Rebecca Forster
    Murder behind the gates of Fremont Place was unusual; two children and a nanny slaughtered in the home of a rich young lawyer and his beautiful wife was unheard of. Shunned cop, Detective Finn O'Brien, and his partner, Cori Anderson, must connect the dots between the L.A. ladies-who-lunch, lawyers who skate on the edge of the law, pornographers, and Hollywood freaks. Following a trail of bodies and shattered relationships, they uncover a horrific truth behind the murders that will either bind ... more
  • Foreign Relations, Book 2, A Finn O'Brien Thriller

    by Rebecca Forster
    A foreign woman is dead; two countries want the truth buried along with the body. L.A.'s freeways are always a nightmare, but when a body hurtles off an overpass one them turns downright hellish. Detective Finn O’Brien and his partner, Cori Anderson, survive the epic pile up only to find that the victim is not what she seems, that more than one person wanted her dead and that the city he loves is a foreign place fraught with danger for those who dare to wander off the beaten path.
  • Secret Relations

    by Rebecca Forster
    They're illegal. They're undocumented. They're disappearing. The last thing Finn O'Brien wants is to come between his partner and her daughter, but Amber Anderson is desperate for his help. Her new boyfriend, an undocumented immigrant, is missing. Cautious of his precarious position in Wilshire Division, uneasy about keeping a secret from his partner and hindered by the prejudice and politics of the LAPD, Finn is tempted to turn a deaf ear to the girl's plea - until the first body is found. ... more
  • Dun an Doras:Gurduk

    by Gemma Tarr

    The creatures are out from under the bed, that just means they're more likely to be living next door. Holidays aren't what they used to be; Go away for a week and suddenly you're surrounded by ghosts, cryptids, murderers and tourists. Ben's in London, but so is something else and it's determined to kill as many as possible. If the group can't put aside their differences, there may be no hope for the world of the living at all.

  • Dun an Doras

    by Gemma Tarr
    Everything that has ever lived under the bed is real, but that doesn't mean it's not hiding from you! Ben and his friends are caught in the middle of a string of murders in their sleepy Irish village. It's not clear, it's not obvious but they're fairly certain cryptids are involved, being a banshee, a werewolf or Gaia's culling creation might have a hand in it!
  • Magnolia Tree, The Crossing Trilogy, Book 1

    by June V Bourgo
    Sydney Grey returns to the family farm. They say you can't go home again, but that's exactly what Sydney Grey must do to resolve the mystery of her teenage mother's disappearance twenty years previous. Suspense, lost keys, found journals, murder and a touch of supernatural.
  • Winter's Captive, The Georgia Series, Book 1

    by June V Bourgo
    Being lost in the wilderness can be a frightening experience. Being lost, alone, and pregnant in a cold, winter winderness could be a death sentence for city girl, Georgia Charles.
  • Burn One Down

    by Jeffrey A. Cooper
    Retiring thief Jack Apple is offered a low-risk, six-figure payout to heist a medical marijuana dispensary from the feisty and impetuous Diane Thomas after Diane steals the robbery plans from her shady ex-husband Alvin, hoping to beat him to the score. Diane promises to stay out of Jack’s way but can’t help interfering, forcing them to take hostages inside the dispensary when the robbery is interrupted, inciting a media circus that deteriorates into a full-on urban riot. To escape, Jack and Dia... more
  • The Sieger Chronicles - Book Four - The Justice of an Offended God (Volume 4)

    by Cory Ellsworth
    The exciting conclusion to the four-book series. Do Ben and Abby Sieger have enough luck and enough friends to finally take on Glanville Bose?