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  • Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair

    by Larry Darter
    When a beautiful blonde socialite, with a penchant for seduction and secrets to keep, witnesses a murder, she turns to LA private eye Ben Malone, for help. Known for playing it fast and loose with the rules, the eccentric Shamus has a decided weakness for attractive women. A vicious LA mob figure gets tossed into the mix. What else could go wrong? Maverick hero and former Hollywood Division police detective Ben Malone, from Come What May, is back in another action-packed, thrilling adventure,... more
  • Seed of Control

    by Lawrence Verigin
    Nick Barnes is back, setting off a chain of events that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension against Earth’s entire population; save a chosen few. The scheme has taken generations to develop and it’s on the cusp of being fully implemented. Agrochemical and pharmaceutical industrialist Dr. Hendrick Schmidt and media baron Davis Lovemark lead the scheme with the unerring belief that they are the stewards of humanity and that they alone have the right to decide the fate of the masse... more
  • Jesse

    by William Lucas
    She developed the machine. It developed a mind of its own… Maggie Templeton has big plans for her future. A computer science major at NYU, she has her sights set on a lucrative career at a leading technology company. Working through the summer, Maggie designs a computer program named Jesse, an online chat bot she hopes will grab the attention of one of the tech giants working in the new field of conversational computing. But when Jesse comes online and begins predicting future events, it get... more
  • The Samurai

    by Colin Roy
    Tokyo, 2017. The spark of magic is fading slowly from the empire of the rising sun, but the powerful Samurai families still manage to hold Japan in their iron grip. When Yukiko Nagakura's ex-lover is murdered she is driven to hunt the killers. Navigating the dangerous games played by the ruling clans, every clue brings her closer to a truth in direct conflict with the Samurai's code of honour. Clouded by her own grief and anger, Yukiko's attempt to unravel the conspiracy around the murder ... more
  • Land of Cotton / ISBN-10:1626769982 / ISBN-13:978-1-62676-998-4

    by Angela Spencer
    Through the process of an unusual murder investigation, the rural Tennessee Homicide Chief of Investigation, Ron McCarthy, confronted not only many colorful characters who seemed to have reason to commit the crime, but also learned the effects of fast changing times resulting in generation clash and personal tragedies. He discovered anger and betrayal triggered vendetta, covered by Southern social niceties. He found hypocritical religious practice, and encountered anticipated or only believed as... more
  • Arch Patton, Down in the Valley: First Arch Patton Thriller (Volume 1)

    by James Strauss
    Arch Patton, middle aged CIA operative, finds himself associated with his unrequited love, Virginia and a band of Hawaiians Natives, active in the Sovereignty Movement, dedicated to protesting the possible nuclear contamination of the Islands. The adventure also provides a 'travelogue' of the Island of Oahu
  • The Boy in the Bin

    by Charles W. Massie
    Raphael is an only child; spoiled by his doting parents. His attitude of entitlement leads him to get involved with a gang of other youths, bent on mayhem and destruction. An attempt on his life forces him to go into hiding; living in a storage bin on the outskirts of town. Within this experience, he endures a series of strange events, leading him to understand the errors of his ways. When he overhears a plot to kill the President of the United States, he must confront his oppressors to do w... more
  • Denial of Credit: Don't ask if you won't like the answer (Mike Stanhope Mysteries Book 3)

    by Peter Rowlands

    When the original writer backs out, journalist Mike Stanhope is happy to take on the job of ghost-writing the autobiography of a noted industry leader. But Alan Treadwell proves a tough taskmaster, and soon Mike is learning things about him that he’d rather not know. He tries to unravel what he can and can’t say, but discovers Treadwell isn’t the only one with a view on that. Mike's efforts to track down the original writer have alarming results, and concerns over his ha... more

  • Leah

    by Dana K. Haffar
    On a still summer's day on the island of Puerto Franco, darkness falls after eleven-year-old Leah wades into the sea and disappears. For days, her distraught mother Cristina and her little boy Sebastian watch the search boats scour the waters for the missing girl. Leah is not found. Sickened and devastated by the fishermen's decision to call off the search, Cristina shuts herself off in her home, convinced that Leah will return. Meanwhile, freakish weather and unexpected storms lead the islander... more
  • Brutal Silence

    by Margaret Dardess
    After narrowly escaping a seemingly random kidnapping by human traffickers while on vacation in Mexico, and then only at the death of another woman who escapes with her, Alex Harrington risks everything, including her life to find justice for the women she was unable to save. She returns home to the southern town of Dalton, North Carolina, and when another young woman seeks refuge in the free clinic she runs, she discovers that human traffickers are operating even in her own hometown. She teams... more
  • Cold Powder

    by Karuna S
    She lives in Kalimpong. Married to a successful businessman, she is attracted to his partner. Is the partner who he says he is? What does he want? Does he love her or is he using her? She is torn between the two, as she helps her husband smuggle out drugs. A tale of passion and crime, the book will leave you spellbound for more.
  • The Oreo File

    by Carol Van Strum
    Music, baseball, lost penguins, and murder grip a coastal town in the Pacific Northwest. When Molly Matthissen is arrested for the murder of an FBI agent, she is caught up in a small-town legal system that has already determined her guilt. Children and friends from her tight-knit community desperately seek the evidence that will prove her innocence, while protecting penguin climate refugees from a media circus.
  • Murder Finds a Home

    by Winnfred Smith
    John Stone is a computer guy with a knack for solving mysteries. And he’s been asked by his close friend, Elliot, to come to California and find why an employee was murdered and who done it. Stone finds himself getting bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere. He gets clues that don’t seem like clues till another person provides the glue. In the midst of solving the murder, he finds himself colliding with women who are delicious, devious, or deadly. Suspicious police steer his progress down one-w... more
  • The Santiago Inheritance

    by Carol Dougherty
    Could you know someone so well that he became a stranger? Or had he always been a stranger that you convinced yourself you knew? Anna Peregrino, daughter of a US diplomat, wife of a Chilean journalist, and mother of two rambunctious boys, is oblivious to the undercurrents of life in Pinochet’s Chile. Until the day her husband is dragged away by soldiers moments after asking her for a divorce. Anna is plunged into the terrors of a brutal regime, fighting to protect her children, her husband, and ... more
  • Sidewinder (The Halcyon Files Book 1)

    by Daniel Foster
    Either Kate's love was worth nothing to Thomas... or maybe it was worth everything. Maybe it was worth enough to commit murder. Pictures don't lie, even when they accuse a loving, devoted husband of murder. Thomas was a brilliant detective, but his last case was never solved because it ended with his disappearance. The reason now seems clear, but Kate won't believe it. She can't. And she'll prove his innocence, no matter what the cost. Corruption and deceit cloud her way, but in the middle of... more