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  • The Burgas Affair

    by Ellis Shuman

    She’s an Israeli data analyst. He’s a headstrong Bulgarian detective. Together they must track down those responsible for a horrific bombing.

    In the wake of a deadly terrorist attack at Burgas Airport in Bulgaria, Israeli and Bulgarian intelligence agencies launch a joint investigation. Detective Boyko Stanchev on the police task force teams up with Ayala Navon, a young Israeli intelligence analyst on her first overseas assignment

    The two must establish whether the ter... more

  • From the Ashes (Ravenwood Mysteries Book 1)

    by Sabrina Flynn
    Atticus Riot took a bullet to his head the day his partner was killed. Three years later, Riot returns to San Francisco to put his ghosts to rest, but the abduction of an heiress snags his attention. Two ransom demands are delivered, and the husband of the abducted Isobel Kingston is hiding the truth. The clock is ticking. Can Riot find Mrs Kingston in time, or will she become one more regret among many? A thrilling historical mystery for fans of Laurie R. King, Louise Penny, and Jacquel... more
  • Maya Hope: A Medical Thriller (Edition)

    by Timothy Browne
    Dr. Nicklaus Hart, a gifted trauma surgeon, searches for meaning in his life. His self-reliant spirit is broken with the death of his missionary best friend, found sacrificed at the base of a Maya temple. Going to Guatemala to fill the shoes of his friend at the mission hospital, he discovers God's redemption and peace in the smiles of the children he cares for. But his own life is in danger as he and his team stumble onto a deadly North Korean plot. As Nick delves into the mystery of his fr... more
  • In Wolves' Clothing

    by Greg Levin

    On his best days, Zero Slade is the worst man you can imagine. He has to be. It's the only way to save the Lost Girls. During his seven years on a team fighting sex trafficking, Zero's become quite good at schmoozing with pimps, getting handcuffed by cops and pretending not to care about the young girls he liberates. But the dangerous sting operations are starting to take their toll on his marriage and sanity. His affinity for prescription painkillers isn't exactly helping matters. When the y... more

  • Edge of the Pit

    by Bill Thesken
    Badger Thompson works for a protection agency. Their clients are the richest people in the country and they pay a lot of money to stay alive.
  • The Girl Who Lived

    by Christopher Greyson
    Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered. One girl lived. No one believes her story. The police think she’s crazy. Her therapist thinks she’s suicidal. Everyone else thinks she’s a dangerous drunk. They’re all right—but did she see the killer? As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she wants to be—her hometown where the slayings took place. Wracked by the lingering echoes of surviv... more

    by William Bland
    Beautiful, young, educated-but-naive Amanda struggles with unforeseen ramifications following the murder of her lover, a local businessman with connections on both sides of the law. Detective Garrett is the seasoned investigator charged with unraveling the homicide. Amanda tries to cope with the loss and the surprising actions of those she thought she knew. Garrett grapples with duty and humanity as he tries to solve the case. Cultural shifts amplify the challenges of memorable characters try... more
  • And We All Fall

    by Michael Patrick Mahoney Jr.
    United States Marine sniper, Jackson Mills, comes home for a week on furlough, and sets out on a four-day road trip with his teenage son, Jax. It was a chance for the father and son to bond again, for Jackson to teach Jax important life lessons that will serve him later in life, when he battles against all odds to fulfill his destiny. Simultaneously, as the father and son travel up the East coast, the government rushes behind the scenes to manage an unknown virus that is rapidly becoming a globa... more
  • Sovereignty, He Lied For Your Sins

    by Rhys Hagan
    A self-gratifying Roman banker is desperate to make a name for himself in the volatile world of imperial finance. When he's offered a lucrative contract he can't fulfil, he considers the dying religion in his city of Jerusalem. It soon becomes clear that faith is profitable if only he can find a man to spearhead his campaign and revive the churches. His idea comes to fruition when he meets a respected local wiseman--Jesus Christ.
  • Drop Dead Red

    by Glenda Carroll
    One day Shari Grantner, a tall red-haired lawyer, is running a successful open water swim clinic. Less than 24 hours later, her body washes up on a beach near San Francisco. Shari's sister reaches out to Trisha Carson, an amateur sleuth, asking for her help. Trisha jumps into the investigation and soon discovers that the seemingly strait-laced barrister had a sizzling secret life. As Trisha inches closer to the culprit, the trail circles back to a familiar location where the killer is waiting.
  • Savannah Sleuth

    by Alan Chaput
    Though born to heirloom pearls, designer dresses and lush garden parties, Savannah social icon Patricia Falcon and three of her closest friends spend their days in Savannah's dark side rescuing abused women. Patricia's darling mother, a prominent philanthropist, drops dead, and the police are baffled by her untimely death. Patricia recruits her three friends to help her investigate what she believes is murder. "Savannah Sleuth" is a page-turning journey from Savannah's Southern wealth and... more
  • Ending Big

    by Greyson Bryan
    Duncan Luke has a bad feeling about his next job for the Bingham Intelligence Group or "BIG." Ghislaine Bingham insists that he fly to Niger to investigate soon-to-be partner Ismail Salah's uranium concession near the border with Libya. Duncan suspects Salah is secretly dealing arms, but can he prove it when the Arab Spring's violent turn threatens his mission and his life? Back home, can he persuade a court-appointed psychologist of his fitness as a father in the custody battle for his autistic... more
  • The Mask Maker

    by Jody Summers
    Sean and Kira are back! Their love and their bond are growing but so are their unique abilities. All of which are about to be put to the test when a desperate FBI agent contacts Kira to see if her skills, painting with the ashes of the deceased, might help him catch an elusive arsonist with a gruesome MO. Kira is puzzled by the strange request for the use of her new-found technique, but agrees nonetheless. Kira is struggling both with the direction her new business is heading, and the ramifica... more
  • Dark Canvas

    by Jody Summers
    It seems innocent enough at first, thought Kira McGovern—mixing her dead mother’s ashes with paint to produce a tribute painting. What a way to personalize and immortalize her mom’s memory! The idea so ensnares her that she forms a new business, Canvas of Life, to do just that for others. As she begins with her first clients, something inexplicable occurs: Kira experiences segments of the dead person’s life. In dreams and visions she begins to receive images. Some are gratifying, some are unplea... more
  • Shopping Cart Annie

    by Cordy Fitzgerald
    It's 2009. Dr. Inez Buchanan, retired African-American schoolteacher turned amateur sleuth, receives an unexpected visit from Dolly David, an elderly Denver socialite, and begs Inez to bring her granddaughter home from Afghanistan. Police suspected the college girl was murdered in Fort Collins after graduating, but her body was never found. With the help of Trace Mitchell, a CBI agent, Inez uncovers a social experiment involving people of color in the CIA. As unseen international threats multipl... more
  • The Devil's Throat, or, Robert Louis Stevenson, Detective

    by Joseph Theroux

    It's the Kingdom of Hawaii, 1889. King Kalakaua is on the throne, but secret societies are at work throughout the islands. When renowned volcano painter Jules Tavernier is murdered in his Honolulu studio, Robert Louis Stevenson and his step-son Lloyd Osbourne, his writing partner, investigate their friend's death. A secret royal society seeks to preserve the culture and traditions of the past, while a Chinese opium tong uses murder and larceny to control the islands. Stevenson and Osbourne ar... more