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    by Libby Sternberg
    Two mysteries by an Edgar nominee: DEATH IS THE COOL NIGHT: On the eve of America's entry into World War II, a tortured pianist can't remember the night his nemesis, an opera conductor, is killed. Did he do it? Or is the murderer his beautiful and troubled new love? A dramatic story with operatic overtones…. LOST TO THE WORLD: Ten years after the war, Detective Sean Reilly finds no peace. His wife is gone, he has to raise two boys on his own and solve a complicated new case: the murder of a r... more
  • Dear Dad, A Novel

    by John Hazen
    John Foster is a product of the ‘60s. The question is: which ‘60s? Leading a sheltered, cozy life growing up in the small town of Fairbrook, Massachusetts, John is plucked from his secure cocoon in 1969 and dropped into the maelstrom of the Vietnam War. As he witnesses and participates in the horrors of war, John literally feels his very soul, as well his will to live, eroding away. His redemption only comes after he is seriously injured and awakens to find himself in 1862 Tennessee where he joi... more
  • Fava

    by John Hazen
    Francine Vega, a beautiful and talented New York Action 6 News reporter, aspires to cover more than transit strikes and 3-alarm fires but she gets more than she bargains for when her latest story requires she risk her life to keep the world from plunging into World War III. A chill runs down her spine when PowerMax jackpot winner, Alan Westbrook, reveals that he is devoting his entire $450 million fortune to avenge his brother, who had been killed at the Pentagon on 9/11. Teaming with FBI Speci... more
  • This Madness of the Heart

    by Blair Yeatts
    Bad religion is deadly. So professor Miranda Lamden discovers in This Madness of the Heart. Eastern Kentucky's dark hollers offer fertile soil for shady evangelist Jasper Jarboe as he beguiles a small mining town with his snake-oil charm. A miasma of evil paralyzes the tiny community when he invokes fears of the vengeful spirit of an antebellum voodoo mambo, and only Miranda can halt its spread.
  • Moment of Impact

    by Caleb Wygal
    Lucas Caine is an average high school student leading an uneventful life in a small West Virginia town. He plays on the football and basketball teams, and has a crush on a girl, Elizabeth, who barely knows that he is alive. That is, until something rare happens in this small town: a new family moves in. Enter Jake Schofield: an enigmatic and mysterious character who is in the same grade as Lucas and Elizabeth. Immediately Jake does something causing Lucas and the girl of his dreams to come t... more
  • A Murder in Concord

    by Caleb Wygal
    Meet the Mahoney's, one of the richest families in the state of North Carolina. Owners of the wildly successful Mahoney's line of restaurants, they are a picture-perfect family and pillars of the community of Concord—until the morning the owner, Trent, is found dead in the middle of the highly secure Mahoney's, Inc. parking lot. There are no witnesses and no suspects. Trent seemingly had no enemies, leaving the police baffled. The only person who appears on the police’s radar is Trent’s assistan... more
  • Fatal Consequences

    by Geoff Williams
    A senior police officer is brutally murdered at a bogus domestic disturbance in an unoccupied house in a quiet street on Sydney's North Shore. Assigned to the case is the infamous chief inspector Stephen Dunn with his sidekick, Detective Sergeant Raymond Ellis, from Sydney’s largest police headquarters overlooking the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The finger points to several suspects, one of which has them travelling across Australia to Perth where Dunn has the daunting p... more
  • Dr.wonky

    by George Pullen
    Billy and Nina have no idea how the golden cylinder wound up in their tree fort. They do know they can’t open it, although—Billy cuts his hand trying. Fortunately for Billy, the twins know who can help with Billy’s cut: their eccentric friend Doctor Wonky. After healing Billy’s hand with his patented Wonky Aid Oil, the good doctor takes a long, hard look at the cylinder. He doesn’t like what he sees. The cylinder isn’t from Earth and could be very dangerous. Billy proves Doctor Wonky right... more
  • Murder Served Hot: The 5th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries) (Volume 5)

    by Nancy Skopin
    Murder Served Hot is the fifth in a series of mysteries featuring P.I. Nikki Hunter. The only child of a Cossack and a former nun, Nikki is an independent private investigator who lives aboard her sailboat in the marina complex where she also rents a ground floor office. In Murder Served Hot Nikki is hired by Brooke Evans, a woman who is considering a marriage proposal from her CPA, Stanley Godard, but is concerned about his recent behavior. While Nikki is watching Godard’s office the situation... more
  • Strays of Rio: A Thriller

    by Edith Parzefall
    Death squads, drug lords, homeless kids, and one woman vigilante: an explosive mix on the streets of Rio. Lisa Kerry witnesses a private death squad attack street kids close to her bookstore. When the police take no action, she vows to purge Rio of the ruthless killers. To keep him out of the line of fire, she must quell her affection for the one man cut out to exorcise the demons of her past. Drawing strength and rage from the abuse she suffered as a young girl in a juvenile detention center... more
  • Romancing the Crime

    by JW Robitaille
    Sgt. Cory Marin, head of homicide in a college town, has her hands full. Not everyone on her squad is happy she’s in charge, she’s still dealing with the break up of her marriage, and wealthy residents are up in arms over the murder of a young professor in broad daylight in Ravine Creek, a proposed city park where she jogs every day. Cory is convinced that what appears to be a random robbery gone wrong is premeditated murder. Her job is complicated by the appearance of Fletcher Manning, a best s... more
  • Guilt Trip: The Mystery

    by Donna Huston Murray
    Stockholders send you death threats, and your son-in-law/Chief Financial Officer just committed suicide. Now something is off about the blonde hanging onto the deceased’s remaining brother. Allow her to attend the Caribbean funeral your daughter planned? Friends close/enemies closer. A nod, and ex-cop Lauren Beck is in. Big mistake.
  • Education! Education! Murder!

    by Frank Hill
    A break in, a robbery and a hideous murder at a local primary school. This is a vicious and unusual event in the dreary mill town of Telbury where Detective Inspector Marcus Harrison finds himself after transferring against his will from the big city. At least now he has a case to get his teeth into that will take his mind off his own troubles. But is it such a simple case? Surely these events are related, aren’t they? With such an unpopular victim, suspiciously behaving staff, blackmail, co... more
  • What Doesn't Kill You, the Mystery (Retitled)

    by Donna Huston Murray
    HONORABLE MENTION, Writer’s Digest 2015 Self-Published Book Awards Lauren Beck’s friends, phone, home, credit and credibility are gone, severed with surgical precision by an enemy intent on framing her for murder. Is it one of the insureds she was hired to investigate? The fellow employee she upstaged? Does the daughter of her landlady and dear friend, Corinne Wilder, hate her even more than she thought? Whoever targeted her should beware. A former cop and cancer survivor knows how to fight for... more
  • How Not To Commit Murder

    by Robin Storey
    CAREER conman Reuben Littlejohn is determined to go straight this time after his release from prison, with the help of his new wife and her wealthy family. But he hadn't counted on stumbling across a plot to kill his parole officer Lucy, with whom he is madly in lust. The instigator, nefarious criminal Frank Cornell, blackmails Reuben into becoming his accomplice. The only way he can save Lucy is to pretend to go along with Frank's Operation Luce End, while making sure it doesn't succeed... more
  • Between: Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever.

    by Barbara Gaskell Denvil
    This is a unique suspense novel, and the twists are not as you would expect . Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever. The young Primo is not sure how he died. Nor is he sure who to blame. But he is most certainly dead and not enjoying it, and so blames himself. He won’t allow those wretched shiny do-gooders to tell him what he should be doing, but the flying gangs from the lower planes are no longer his friends either. Heaven is not the paradise he expected, and now Pr... more