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  • Sarah Woods Mystery Series (Volume 1) Box Set (Sarah Woods Mystery Series Boxset)

    by Jennifer L. Jennings
    An Appointment with Murder follows Sarah Woods, who embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind the murder of her assistant.
  • Seed of Control

    by Lawrence Verigin
    Writer Nick Barnes is swept up with no turning back as he discovers a scheme so precisely planned, no one was supposed to discover it...let alone live to tell anyone. Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this relevant thriller that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension.
  • Seed of Control

    by Lawrence Verigin
    Writer Nick Barnes and his group are swept up with no turning back as they pool their knowledge and discover a scheme so precisely planned, no one was supposed to discover it...let alone live to tell anyone. Immerse yourself in the action and intrigue of this relevant thriller that uncovers a conspiracy beyond moral comprehension.
  • Still Shot

    by Nancy Quatrano
    In this second book of the Point and Shoot Mystery Series, Private Investigator A.J. Buchanan is invited to the wedding of cousin Merline of Louisiana and she and husband Travis are planning some romantic vacation time in the steamy city of New Orleans. She even hopes to learn more about her deceased mother's family, people her father refuses to discuss. But when AJ’s cousins start dropping like flies and Merline disappears, A.J. and Travis find themselves drawn into a macabre play that's as fra... more
  • The Ripple Effect

    by Robin Anderson
    Valient Washington was lost. After a long career in the military and a series of failed marriages, he knew he needed to find a new direction for his life, organizing his home, finding a job, and adopting a dog. After the adoption of Buddy and a chance encounter with a woman and her son, however, Valient found his life changing in ways he could have never imagined. Valient and his new companion, a dog with an extraordinary gift of telepathy, are quickly pulled into an underground world where be... more
  • Russian Holiday

    by kenneth eade
    Even killers need a vacation Paladine, terrorism's worst enemy, is back in this sequel to the hit political thriller. From the best-selling & award winning author critics hail as "one of the strongest thriller writers on our scene" comes the continuation of the unforgettable story of an unlikely "anti-hero," Robert Garcia, a dangerous and unfeeling assassin of jihadist terrorists, has been exalted by social media as "Paladine", a living paladin whose mission is to rid the earth of evil for t... more
  • Alibi Aficionado

    by Harvey Church
    Edwin Burrows, CPA becomes an unwilling and clumsy investigator in search of an alibi for one of his accounting firm's most important clients.
  • Iniquities of Gulch Fork

    by Bob Smith and Sara Rhodes
    In the worn and tired town of Gulch Fork, Arkansas, certified nursing assistant Samantha Caminos heads to her patient Rob Dean’s home and wonders how she can find common ground with the aloof, disabled Vietnam veteran who suffers from not only PTSD but also severe neuropathy caused by Agent Orange. As Samantha approaches the house, she has no idea that very soon their lives will take a new turn. Gulch Fork, a town once filled with Ozark tranquility, takes on an aura of evil when bizarre events... more
  • Lottery

    by George Stringam

    A small northwestern prarie town. Mark Driscoll, a loner with a less than desireable past, is resigned to live life in relative obscurity until he finds himself in possession of a lottery ticket worth millions.

    Determined to remain anonymous, he devises a scheme to cash in his ticket and keep his fortune. But someone from his past already knows and will stop at nothing to steal the prize. Even cold-blooded murder.

    A deadly game begins where Driscoll, not only is forced to match wits wi... more

  • The Bonepicker, A Sam Chitto Mystery

    by Lu Clifton
    It’s bitter cold in Oklahoma’s Ouachita Wilderness when Detective Sam Chitto of the Choctaw Tribal Police takes on a thirty-five year old cold case involving a missing Vietnam vet and murdered couple. The discovery of a man’s skull in the casket of the murdered woman, which her family had disinterred for further investigation, attracts the attention of the Vietnam veteran’s mother. Believing the skull to be that of her son, she tasks Chitto with becoming a Bonepicker. Because bones survived fles... more
  • Rubiks

    by Suse Wilcox
    Logan wanted a pet dog more than anything. He was certain this was the year his wish would come true. Not only did he not get a dog, he got the worst pet imaginable, a dwarf rabbit. His older brother laughs hysterically when Logan opens his birthday gift. In an unusual turn of events, both Logan and his brother grow to love Rubiks as this special pet teaches them about the importance of brotherhood and helps them escape from their nefarious neighbors.
  • Torch Day: A searing new thriller

    by John Windsor
    A shadowy militia boss and an outlaw hacker join forces to annihilate the government. With them are militia groups from around the nation, hell-bent on being the new Founding Fathers — and a mysterious suitcase whose contents could reshape the future of America. FBI agents Harry Harper and Ellen King go undercover to try to stop them, but when Harry's cover is blown, he finds himself chained to that deadly suitcase on a harrowing ride across the country. Can Ellen find him in time? Can she captu... more
  • Wrinkled Heartbeats

    by Temple Emmet Williams
    A real estate broker fails to tell a homeowner that listing his home for sale includes an expiration date on his life. The only person who can save the homeowner is the man hired to kill him. Wrinkled Heartbeats became a best first novel of the year as a Finalist at the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It also won Awesome Indies Approval. Midwestern Book Reviews calls Wrinkled Heartbeats a deftly crafted and extraordinary novel, very highly recommended. Readers Favorites gives... more
  • The Smart One

    by Drew Yanno
    A SIMPLE LIST. TWELVE NAMES. NONE FAMILIAR. When an elderly small town doctor dies, his widow contacts his most famous former patient, a noted author and neuroscientist. It seems that the doctor has left him something. A list of names. A mystery of sorts. One that the doctor has taken great pains not to explain. But one that he feels the scientist alone can solve... What starts out as a lukewarm promise to honor the doctor's dying wish soon turns into a race halfway across the country to find... more
  • Poison Heartbeats

    by Temple Emmet Williams
    ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, will try to poison the well of America. Terrorists pick the Jackson River in northwestern Virginia as their target. If the jihadists succeed, thousands will die, and millions will shrink from the life-threatening terror of a glass of water. Poison Heartbeats follows the paths of two twins born in war-torn Nuristan, Afghanistan. One becomes an important Holy Warrior of the terrorist organization, ISIL. One becomes a not-so-all-American girl ... more
  • The Rector--A Christian Murder Mystery

    by Michael Hicks Thompson
    The Rector Late 1954, Solo, Mississippi, ten miles north of notorious Parchman Penitentiary— \tWhen Calvary Episcopal Church’s young rector dies of a heart attack, Martha McRae, a 42-year-old widow, becomes suspicious after she learns that the preacher had been intimately involved with her Bible study friend, Mary Magden Grater, married to the wealthy Capp Grater. Because of the affair, Martha suspects that Capp might have had a hand in the preacher’s death.       But Martha has a dilemm... more