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  • Scorched

    by Britt Ringel
    A young woman wakes up among the trash in a fetid alley. The side of her head is burned and red. In the darkness, the chirp of an overhead security aircar and cries of a bloodthirsty mob ignite a single instinct inside her: Run. Scorched, a thriller set in a dystopian future, follows the mystery of one woman’s struggle to regain her identity against the forces that are desperate to stop her.
  • The Fool's Truth

    by Loretta Marion
    The Fool's Truth is a twisty page-turner expertly blending the webs of mystery and suspense with a whisper of romance. It follows a woman on the run, taking the reader on a reckless detour to backwoods Maine, where dark and dangerous secrets lurk. Cordelia Richmond's dream for a new life in a safe haven quickly turns into a nightmare when she and her daughter become stranded on a secluded farm with a witch-like hermit living off the grid. Each day seems interminable in the company of the re... more
  • A Parallel Trust

    by James Stoddah
    What begins as an exciting challenge turns into a countdown to save a young girl's life... As seventeen-year old Aril Ousby, the son of a renowned astrophysicist, embarks on a geocache treasure hunt in Britain, a series of kidnappings takes place in the United States. How are these events connected? Is Aril right to trust the enigmatic architect of the treasure hunt - or is he being led into an elaborate trap? Is the puzzle master motivated by altruism - or greed? And why has he chosen to in... more
  • Cobras of India

    by Michael Gerhardt
    American tourists are disappearing in India and the US government suspects they are being kidnapped and their organs are being harvested for illegal sale by corrupt physicians. Lori Nichols and team are sent in to try to find out who is behind the scheme and stop them in their tracks.
  • Singapore Pearl

    by Michael Gerhardt
    Lori Nichols and her team are sent to Singapore to try to find a missing CIA agent. In the process they uncover a war between a corrupt segment of the local military and two independent crime syndicates, all struggling to control the vices of the country. Nichols' team gets caught in the crossfire of this war, and end up having to fight off all three sides.
  • Ink Princess

    by Baz Black
    ‘A simple flap of a butterfly's wings can change the course of your destiny.’ Megan Banks is now one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world. She is the star of hit TV show Rebel Ink, but her path to get here has been anything but easy. Tonight she will finally tell her story. Live on the Michael Corbett Show, the world will hear of her journey that takes her from living rough on the streets to getting the opportunity of a lifetime. This is a rags to riches tale like you have never... more
  • Attic Ward

    by Bill Gourgey

    A teen artist on the run… A daring heist at the National Gallery… A painting worth the price of freedom? On the run from the state of Virginia, a talented teen artist takes refuge in the Smithsonian Castle and uncovers a plot to steal one of the nation’s most prized works of art.

    Could an orphan rouse a nation’s passion for its fine art? Fifteen-year-old Brooke has been bounced between foster homes for half her life. With her r... more

  • KL Noir: Yellow

    by Kris Williamson
    KL NOIR: YELLOW is the fourth and final volume of the bestselling KL Noir series. And this one is sick and twisted. In these fifteen short stories and one essay, you get one last chance to slum through the underbelly of Kuala Lumpur. There are pedophiles and perverts, delinquents and the delusional. Every man, woman and child is a potential murderer. And then there are the french fries...
  • French Lace

    by Michael Gerhardt
    In FRENCH LACE, CIA Agent Lori Nichols and her crew take on an international criminal group that is preying on refugees in Turkey and Greece and using them to process drugs in France. Finding the bad guys is hard enough, but taking them down turns out to be the hardest challenge this team has ever faced.
  • Ransom

    by Michael Gerhardt
    Lori Nichols is black, beautiful, bright, and America's newest CIA field agent. In RANSOM, she and her small team of misfits must stop a terrorist group that is threatening to attack Washington DC on Christmas Eve and New York City on New Years Eve. Their methods are unusual, but the whole country is hoping they are successful.
  • Breach Of Consciousness

    by Peter Castillo
    Edited by Michael Garrett, Stephen King's first editor. Marco Torres was boy when his parents thought he was abnormal. The scare didn't last long, but little did they know, it was just the beginning. Eventually, Marco becomes aware of his affliction, so he searches for answers. Around the same time, ghostly psychic visions of a crazed homeless man apear to him. When the defect and the visions subside, Marco thinks he's in the clear until he's almost killed by the same man. As Marco g... more
  • Moving Target

    by Nik Edge
    Two young writers in 1974 Los Angeles witness the destruction of a corner Korean grocery. When it is not reported by major city papers they suspect the city and police are failing to report the true scope of crime in poor neighborhoods. They hatch a plan, to investigate the incident, and contact people in Hollywood in hopes that they can sell the story as a screenplay. But a young detective and black militants have different ideas about how or if the corruption should be exposed. Will their ... more
  • Murder in the Tremiti Isles

    by Cesario Picca

    Femicide: she, the other and death... A rich and fascinating tourist from Bologna is brutally murdered while she enjoys her holidays in Tremiti Isles. It is up to the investigators of the Operative Department of Foggia to find out who is the author of this heinous femicide. The Salento chronicler Rosario Saru Santacroce decided to switch off for a week enjoying the fantastic atmosphere of the Tremiti Islands. But that fiery July reserves him a surprise. For the umpteenth time his holidays are... more

  • Last Room at the Cliff's Edge: A Detective Linda Mystery (Detective Linda Mysteries) (Volume 1)

    by Mark McNease
    Retired homicide detective Linda Sikorsky and her wife Kirsten McClellan head to Maine for a long weekend of rest, relaxation and rewrites as Kirsten finishes drafting her first novel. Bad weather alters their plans, forcing them to stop for the night at the Cliff’s Edge, a motel known for secrecy and indiscretion. Something murderous goes bump in the night, sending the women on a search for justice when a young reporter’s body is found dumped and violated on a back road. A road Linda must now g... more
  • Four Kings: A Novel

    by M. D. Elster
    A NOIR MURDER MYSTERY. AN ASYLUM STORY. A DARK FAIRYTALE.... New Orleans, 1945. After a terrible hurricane devastates the city, fourteen-year-old Anaïs Reynard wakes up in an asylum with a case of amnesia. Dr. Waters, the hospital's prestigious director, vows to help Anaïs recover her memories -- this is of the utmost importance, he tells her, because Anaïs is the sole witness to a terrible crime. On the night of the hurricane, her stepfather and only living guardian was shot. A youn... more
  • A Cunning Plan

    by astrid arditi
    Determined to put her family back together, Sloane Harper stalks her ex husband and his annoyingly stunning mistress, Kate Stappleton. But she’s not the only one. Handsome IRS agent Ethan Cunning is surveying Kate too, but for entirely different reasons. He is attempting to nail Kate’s playboy boss. Ethan and Sloane decide to help each other, which sends Sloane’s wobbly life spinning out of control. She’ll have to face danger, humiliation, and – scariest of all – the dating scene, to lure... more