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  • Deadly Fare

    by David Liscio
    When beautiful young women begin to vanish from Boston Logan International Airport, State Police Lt. Hannah Summers is the only one who sees a pattern amid the cold case files. She knows a killer is on the loose, and she's determined to make her chauvinistic bosses believe her hunch about a gypsy cab driver -- before it's too late. As the body count rises, so does the public's panic. Under pressure from the district attorney to make the killings stop, Summers soon finds herself rubbing elbows ... more
  • Ill Conceived (Meredith & Hodge Novels Book 2)

    by Marcia Turner
    Why did Anna Carter, a beautiful young girl in her prime, murder a man with whom she only had a chance meeting? Who would be brave enough to attempt to murder popular mayoral candidate Richard Hancock in front of an audience? Going against Patsy's advice Meredith tries to prove Anna's innocence rather than her guilt. Patsy takes her first major case, and is tasked with finding out if a colleague responsible for the alleged rape of successful business woman Stella Young. Meredith is convinced ... more
  • Misplaced Loyalty (Meredith & Hodge Novels Book 1)

    by Marcia Turner
    When it seems that all is lost, and you have no hope, Misplaced Loyalty can be fatal. Detective Patsy Hodge leaves her old life behind, and transfers to Bristol and a new job with the CID. Wanting to make her mark as a female detective she attends a suspicious death with her new boss; straight talking, no nonsense Detective Inspector John Meredith. Within days the body count begins to rise, as victims old and new are discovered to have died in the same way. Some could say the victims were mer... more
  • Doctor's Dilemma

    by Richard L. Mabry
    Dr. Tyler Gentry had it all planned out, but the death of his parents in a plane crash changed everything. When he discovered his father had left him a mountain of debt, piled on top of his own student debt, the offer from Dr. William Hall to join his group of surgeons seemed a perfect solution. But the night before he was to start, Tyler received a call that told him to get out while he could. Despite the salary and perks, Tyler found a curtain of mystery surrounding the surgical group. The on... more
  • Medical Error

    by Richard Mabry
  • The Hunter: Awakening (The Hunter Saga Book 1)

    by Nicholas Arriaza
    The Hunter: Awakening, is the first of a series of novels that will explore the nature of good and evil and the question of redemption: Is it available to those who have perpetrated great evil? Not long after the theft of a leather-bound book from a hidden hillside tomb in LA, a young hiker inadvertently awakens something fearsome that has been laid to rest some two hundred years ago. Soon after an emaciated, amnesiac man falls from a cliffside trail into the backyard of young, pregnant, ... more
  • Open Grave: A Beacon Falls Mystery Featuring Lucy Guardino

    by CJ Lyons
    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author CJ Lyons, a new installment in her award-winning thriller-suspense series featuring Lucy Guardino: A secret buried in an open grave returns to haunt a small town… “Explosive. The tension keeps on building…enthralling.” ~BlogLovin Book Reviews When divers discover an antique car with a skeleton inside, the Beacon Group dispatches TK O’Connor to lead the investigation into the sixty-year-old cold case.  It’s TK’s first chance at lead... more
  • December is the Blues

    by Katherine Keeney
    Radio host, Miss Nora, struggles with hot flashes, bad bosses, and life in general. She manages pretty well when she can get out of her own way. And she’s at her best when she has a case to solve. In this one, Nora assists Detective Gus Chestnut untangle the mysterious murder of an environmental activist in Buscando, a fictional county on California's Central Coast. In the course of the investigation, Nora and Gus run into an assortment of local characters, including an alcoholic ex-girl... more
  • Yesterday She Was Tiffany

    by Emily Perez
    What if every time you woke up, your world had changed? Sixteen-year-old Ophelia Ingalls is not your average teenager. Her grades are the highest in her class, her attendance record is stellar, and she’s the Peterston Grocery’s most accomplished employee. With everything she has going for her, Ophelia is bound for the Ivy League—Harvard, Princeton, or Yale—and there’s nothing standing in her way. People wonder how she does it all without having a breakdown, and the answer is because she’s Opheli... more
  • The Devil's Kettle

    by Jeff Ollman
    Three missing persons cases over a two-year period collide in this novel. The most recent person gone missing, Seth Tryton, has friends in low places that won’t let the case stand as is. Placing his freedom in peril, fugitive from the law, Gerald Hodges, returns to Minnesota to help find out what happened, A couple of associates accompany him as they roam the streets of Duluth and travel the North Shore in search of clues to his disappearance. They discover that Peter Karonen, a local man living... more
  • February: A Screenplay

    by Nick Nwaogu
    In FEBRUARY, together, Sergeant Femi Kolawole and investigative journalist Chioma Okafor solves Emeka's Valentine-day murder, and on doing so, Chioma is exposed to Femi's heroic personality, which makes her eventually fall in love with him. The Plot: Chioma Okafor, a young investigative journalist, is pressured by her over-ambitious mother into an unwanted romantic relationship with Uche, a young sophisticated university lecturer. Chioma yields to her mother's pressure, hoping she would even... more
  • Test

    by Andrei Sanders
  • The Tipping Point of Oliver Bass

    by Larry Spencer

    The story is about the existential highly educated, rebellious kid, whose only protection with the world outside his brilliant mind is his sarcastic wit and his subversive private school demeanor. At seventeen he finds himself still haunted by his mother’s abandonment and horrific suicide, the loneliness he felt since age five, and the emotional void that came from an absent father. The real drama is whether he can come to grips and separate fact from fiction in order to keep his own sa... more

  • Red Sunset Drive: A Ghost and a Cop Series

    by Jan Walters
    Detective Brett O'Shea has the perfect job and a beautiful girlfriend, but everything starts to crumble when an influential citizen confronts the detective with possible evidence of a vampire in the area. To further complicate things, his girlfriend leaves him and bodies begin to pile up. Brett calls on his ghostly partner, Michael, for help, but the killer is one step ahead.
  • York Street: A Ghost and a Cop Series

    by Jan Walters
    A serious, young street cop, Brett O'Shea, hopes to make detective. Brett doesn't believe in the paranormal. He is forced to alter his beliefs when a ghost, Al, appears and announces that he's been sent to help Brett catch a serial killer and to solve the murder of his great-grandfather that occurred in 1933. The pair quickly find themselves in trouble when they realize the killer has unique powers of his own.
  • Erased

    by Malcolm Pierce
    There’s no escaping the prison of your mind… Professional hacker Jeff Demarzo reports to work as usual, only to discover none of the colleagues at his company of the last five years recognize him. Fearful his grasp on reality is slipping, yet unwilling to accept the overwhelming evidence of his own insanity, Demarzo must embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth—whether he’s prepared for it or not.