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  • Jezebel in Blue Satin: The Hollywood Murder Mysteries Book One

    by Peter S. Fischer
    WWII is over and Joe Bernardi has just returned home after three years as a war correspondent in Europe. Married in the heat of passion three weeks before he shipped out, he has come home to find his wife Lydia is a complete stranger. It's not long before Lydia's off to Reno for a quikie divorce which Joe won't accept. Meanwhile he's been hired as a publicist by third-rate movie studio, Continental pictures. One night he enters a darkened sound stage only to discover the dead body of ambitious w... more
  • Man Down

    by Luke Winters
  • The Foothills Mystery

    by Stanley Yokell
    The Foothills Mystery is the author’s fourth book that features Marie Quizno, Detective Chief of the fictional town of Big Rock, Colorado. When Tom Campbell, a doctoral candidate in mathematics at Colorado University is near completion of the first solo free climb the Risky Route in the foothills, a person he knows greets him on the trail above. Tom asks for a sip of the coffee that he smells. Instead, the person stamps on his hand causing him to fall to his death. Marie Quizno, who is climbing ... more
  • 2358 (Cryogenics)

    by Garibaldi Sabio
    2358 is a mixed-genre novel: It starts off as science-fiction, after 100 pages makes a quick turn to mystery, and ends up in a courthouse. The protagonist undergoes cryogenics (body freezing) because he has an incurable disease. He wakes up in the 24th century only barely able to deal with the language and customs of the future. He has to create a new identity and to figure out how to function with no job, no money, and no social security number. He discovers that things are not all as they appe... more
  • Witness Through Time

    by Scott Wieczorek
    Cragg's Head Cove has a dark secret. The town is haunted by the unsolved disappearances, and perhaps murders, of four young college girls more than fifteen years ago. A cold-blooded murderer may still be on the loose. Glory Parker arrives in Cragg's Head Cove with her own past and a unique talent. Can she unravel the mystery and stop the killer before she becomes the next target?
  • Murder for a Cash Crop

    by Sue Star
    Boulder rages “on fire” over legalized marijuana. Suddenly, Boulder really rages on fire. The house next door burns down. The rubble includes the body of a famous landscape artist. Killed because of his marijuana landscape? Killed by Nell’s best new friend to collect fire insurance? Killed by the voracious condo developer who covets a more profitable business? Only Nell can figure this out aided by her crotchety dad, her rebellious teen daughter, and her soon-to-be ex sister-in-law. Then... more
  • Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont (First Printing)

    by Connie Chappell
    \tHistorian Wrenn Grayson arrives at the Rosemont mansion expecting to receive payment for her services from the mansion’s new owner, Clay Addison. That expectation dies when she and Clay find Trey Rosemont murdered on the foyer floor. Across town, police officers race to Eastwood University. Priceless Egyptian artifacts were stolen from the history department safe. Wrenn’s longtime love, Eastwood professor Gideon Douglas, heads the department. Only recovery of the artifacts will sav... more
  • BANK - Thrilling Adventures on Wall Street

    by Avery Goodman
    INSPIRED BY A SET OF REAL FACTS... As a law student, Jack Severs believed he would become a champion for the rights of the People. The idealistic young lawyer takes a different career path, however, when he falls in love with the daughter of a powerful investment banker. He accepts a position in the bank's legal department and settles in for the corporate life. Then, a simple foreclosure case leads to the discovery of a series of mysterious murders and suicides and a vast conspiracy on Wall S... more
  • Disk of Death (Shannon Wallace Mysteries Book 1)

    by Kim Smith
    A caper mystery in the truest sense. This wild and zany debut is the story of Shannon "Wall-ass" Wallace, recently fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend--who also turns up dead. Now she's a person of interest to more than just the cops... When Shannon Wallace is fired from her secretarial job at Fine Furnishings, she thinks her life is over. She cannot believe her boyfriend, who was also her boss, has done this to her. To them! It's enough to send her racing to the nearest casino to dr... more
  • The Most Important Thing

    by M. E. Matthews

    Secrets. Murder. Betrayal.

    Melanie’s life is full of pretty little lies. The ones she tells herself to keep her failing marriage afloat and the false persona she projects to others. Melanie is obsessed with perfection, her husband Jeff is obsessed with himself.

    When she goes missing, all attention turns to Jeff and his double life, the secrets he keeps. What he doesn’t know yet is that his narcissism has put him in the sights of tortured soul who will stop at nothing t... more

  • Accidental Droning

    by Pete Liebengood
    Bo Granger loses his job as the manager of a country club golf shop and turns to flying his private drone as a pastime. Accidentally he captures video with his drone of a woman being murdered by drowning. Bo is torn over whether or not to turn his video over to authorities. He is afraid of reprisal by the person who owns the mansion where the drowning took place, and he worries that his invasion of privacy will derail his wife’s campaign to become governor of California as she is defined as a st... more
  • Game of Fear

    by Gledé Browne Kabongo

    Sometimes good girls do very bad things...

    Academic overachiever Abbie Cooper has one simple goal: get into the Ivy League. But at St. Matthew’s Academy, nothing is ever simple. The pressure is overwhelming, the secrets are dirty, and the games are wicked. Abbie has a dirty secret—one that could destroy her chances of making it to Princeton, and the lives of those closest to her.

    One day a package arrives from an anonymous source known only as The... more

  • shielded past

    by patti morelli
    Kate Halsey is a successful manager for an upscale Woman’s Fragrance Company. Kate grew up in Manhattan in the foster care system. Her only friend throughout her lifetime was Annie. Kate marries the man of her dreams and they purchase their first home. The home they both fall in love with is adjacent to the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro New Jersey. On her first evening in the home Kate sees a light coming from the abandoned hospital. The light becomes an obsession that she later ... more
  • Away from the Sun

    by Rebecca Brisbane
    A progressively more violent killer haunts a small Pennsylvania backwoods town. He leaves a trail of Aesop-type messages with each victim. Tangling with a need to do the right thing and her own contrary attitude, rookie police officer KELSIE LEE RAY eventually comes face to face with this elusive individual. Ultimately, it seems the only moral here is murder.
  • sagasus

    by robert george-paul
    What starts out as a mild and bucolic autumn day on the campus of a small, southern New England college soon turns into a tale of intrigue, mystery, suspense and horror as the unfolding story follows the travails of a young student wending his way through the New England countryside. The narrative is constantly interwoven with new revelations and surprise twists eventually leading to an unexpected and surprise ending. Or, is there an end?.
  • Face Of Our Mother

    by G. Egore Pitir