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  • FORGIVE NO MORE: (US Edition) (James Blake thriller series Book 3)

    by Seb Kirby

    Dark secrets revealed in a thrilling climax

    James Blake and his family can only be safe if the truth about the conspiracy threatening their lives is brought into the full light of day.

    Follow James in this intriguing thriller as he returns to London and Italy to confront those seeking to destroy his family.

    As the mystery comes to a resounding climax, he discovers that dark secrets have survived down the centuries and are in the hands of those who threaten all those dear to ... more

  • REGRET NO MORE: (US Edition) (James Blake #2)

    by Seb Kirby

    No one is safe from the past

    James Blake and his family were safe - until he received the phone call that meant they knew where he was.

    A stolen Picasso lies at the root of an international conspiracy that reaches into the life of a prominent US politician with devastating consequences not just for him but for so many of those caught up in the crime. Wolfgang Heller, a ruthless assassin, is seeking to eliminate those who have any knowledge of the theft.

    James Blake must come... more

  • Stationary Black

    by Klaus Libelle

    "Stationary Black" (Crime-Thriller/Drama)

    Three years have passed since the night Adam died. The Langley Police Department has been investigating the case and working with the German government to sort out what happened. After all this time, they finally complete their report--until it occurs to them that Adam called someone the night before he died: Luna. In fact, Luna is the only person alive who was directly involved with what happened.

    With danger looming around ever... more

  • The Iranian Connection: A Novel of Geopolitics, Industrial Espionage, and Entrepreneurship

    by Bill Relf
    By nearly every measure, Cameron Ash (nickname Cash) is a success. Handsome and charismatic, he developed Cameron Industries into a $400 million international powerhouse. His wife and children love him unconditionally and crave his companionship. His management team protects his life even if it endangers their own. Inside, though, Cash is consumed by rage and hungry for revenge. As a teenager, the explosion of Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland took the lives of his parents. Twenty-five yea... more
  • Wild Game

    by Blayne Davis
    Behind modern glass doors, high above the streets of Manhattan, an underground operation works around the clock. The Ivy League boys wearing pinstriped suits are discreetly siphoning off millions in the world's gambling markets. Their information is brilliant and their execution is flawless, as they plunder the world of sports betting. An unlikely betrayal sets off a chain reaction that puts the AQSR Group on the radar of the FBI and international police. Investigators and prosecutors start to ... more
  • Allison rubiero

    by Wallace Provost
    Allison Rubiero is a Cuban Psychologist/Lawyer who is just returning to Tampa from Cambridge where she earned her Harvard Law Degree. Her first problem is to get Bertram Sandell out of jail which requires involving the DEA, ATF, FBI, and the Tampa Police Department all unofficially. Her second problem is a millionaire woman convicted of a murder she did not commit and is on death row. Allison has to delve deep into her fascinating life to find the real killer. This all take place on the streets ... more
  • Fatal Rhythm: A Medical Thriller and Christian Mystery (Texas Medical Center Mystery) (Volume 1)

    by R. B. O'Gorman
    In the pre-dawn hours of the graveyard shift, the ICU at the Houston Heart Institute is quiet, and quietly patients are dying. Surgery resident Joe Morales dreams of becoming a rich heart doctor. First, he must survive his assignment to an ICU rife with land mines--unexplained patient deaths, rival faculty, fellow resident saboteurs, a cost-slashing administrator, a ruthless insurance executive, a seductive head nurse, a jealous wife, a critically ill son, an overprotective mother, and an orderl... more
  • The Schwarzschild Radius

    by Gustavo Florentin
    Rachel, an 18-year-old Columbia University student, descends into the netherworld of runaways and predators to find her sister, Olivia, who has suddenly disappeared. After getting a job in a strip joint where Olivia worked, then doing private shows in the homes of rich clients, Rachel discovers that Olivia has been abducted by a killer who auctions the deaths of young girls in an eBay of agony. When she finds Olivia, Rachel becomes the killer’s next target.
  • Running For The House

    by Howard Kleinhendler

    An ambitious politician finds himself the puppet of a mysterious organization in Howard Kleinhendler's adrenaline-pumping debut novel, Running for the House.

    Known only as “the Committee,” this secret political organization aims to end the escalating South American drug trade once and for all.

    In the process of developing a biological weapon that will result in its victims completely untraceable deaths, the Committee needs a politician on the inside to mak... more

  • Autumn Leaves

    by Klaus Libelle

    "Autumn Leaves" (Tragedrama/Action)

    Following the events of "Long Time Running", "Autumn Leaves" proves that not all endings are final. Unanswered questions and loose ends remain to be dealt with. Adam Squall has been in 12 Trees, Washington as part of a teaching program, trying to let go of the past. But as his memories begin to tip the scales in favour of going back, Adam finds himself dealing with more than his immediate life--in fact, his entire li... more

  • Long Time Running

    by Klaus Libelle

    "Long Time Running" (Crime-Thriller/Tragedrama)

    1990-The Berlin Wall collapses in Germany and the nation becomes whole. A small Neo-Nazi group has been living in West Germany, allowing the East and West to be a distraction from its existence, but must leave to continue its practice. It travels to America, where one of its members runs away for a better life--however, not all things can be run from, and it's only a matter of time before the past comes back for more. How muc... more

  • Deadly Lies

    by Chris Patchell

    As a teenager, Jill Shannon fell victim to her stepfather’s cruel abuse. Now, as an adult, Jill’s made it—she has a successful career and a solid, if not static, marriage to Detective Alex Shannon. Together they live out what seems to be a perfect life in Seattle.

    The vow she made as a teenager to never again be a victim lies dormant—until one day a reporter lures her to his hotel room under the pretense of an interview—and suddenly it all comes rushing bac... more

  • Take No More (The murder mystery thriller): (US Edition) (James Blake #1)

    by Seb Kirby

    An artistic voyage in crime - thrilling and original

    When James Blake discovers his wife murdered in their London home, he is determined to find her killer.

    As the prime suspect, he flees England and sets out on a journey that takes him to Florence and Venice and into a dark underworld of corruption, a trail that will lead him to the killer - and the shocking truth behind the mystery.

  • Dangerous

    by Lorrie Farrelly
    Dangerously burned-out, ex-LA cop Cam Starrett imagines his new job in a small, central California town will be a haven from the tragedy, grief, and anger that have shattered his heart. His battered soul cries out for peace and quiet and merciful boredom. Instead - during his very first day in the new town - he fires a gun, delivers an unusual baby, and hauls a passionate young woman into his embrace for a kiss of pure, scorching hunger. Shaken, he's left stunned, perplexed, extremely hot and... more
  • Faith Defiled

    by Alex Siegel
    FAITH DEFILED is the fourteenth book in the Gray Spear Society series which began with APOCALYPSE CULT. Angels with fiery wings are flying over San Francisco. Crowds of tourists have seen them, and millions of people are talking about them. The angels are delivering messages, but nobody can understand the strange writing. Marina and her team of legionnaires must determine if the angels are a threat in disguise. They certainly look impressive, but appearances can be deceiving. If she doesn't unra... more
  • Teller of Lies

    by Alex Siegel
    TELLER OF LIES is the thirteenth book in the Gray Spear Society series which began with APOCALYPSE CULT. This time, the enemies of the Gray Spear Society are trying to kill a very special little girl. Marina and her team of legionnaires must rescue her, but first, they have to find her. They don't know who she is or even where she is. The team only has a vague description, and she could be anywhere among the millions who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The enemy has a head start in the searc... more