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  • Public Offerings Book 1: Birthright

    by Bob LiVolsi

    As Boko Haram overruns Lagos, Nigeria, Dave Clement escapes, moving his revolutionary malaria vaccine program to Sierra Leone, expecting a more peaceful reception. Instead, sinister forces work to use the vaccine to foster an agenda to seize power and inflict a genocide that could kill millions. When Dave discovers the plot, he tries to stop it, only to find his fifteen year old daughter back home in Colorado is being held hostage to force his cooperation. No matter what Dave does, the conspi... more

  • Lost Souls: Book One of the Disciples of Cassini Trilogy

    by Penny de Byl

    Doctor Marcela Warrick embarks on research for biotech Everjein in which she is to spend five years isolated in a hermitic habitat in the Antarctic.  The results could see Everjein profit from a government contract to establish the first human colony on Titan. Marcela meets Doctor Kian Barret whose goal is to establish successful, off world, human breeding through implantation of genetically chosen embryos.

    Meanwhile Detective Zoe Moore finds herself investigating a series of unexp... more

  • Broken Branches

    by Brenda Spalding

    Do you believe in ghosts an spirits? Megan didn't untill she traveled to Salem Mass to attend the funeral of her grandmother. Strange riddles visions of the past lead Megan to find a lost family treasure and future she never dreamed of.

  • Death Sentences

    by Michael Zimecki
  • Deported

    by shirley gerald ware
  • Dark Of Night

    by Marios Savva

    A young woman, badly tormented by a dark entity, flees to a small U.S. town to escape it. There, she finds hope of salvation in the young sheriff, a former renowned detective of Scotland Yard.


    JANE takes part in Ouija board séance while a teenager in school. This results in the arrival of a dark and evil entity which kills all Jane's friends who took part with her. Several years after that séance, she is the sole survivor and is being continuously tormente... more

  • Antidote: Clandestine Warfare in Modern Russia

    by John Lonergan

    Antidote is about the very real danger that, in the future, bacteria can be used as weapons of terror. In this story, a group of Soviet Georgians develop a strain of common bacteria and create an epidemic against the Russian High Command. Robert Cook, a microbiologist in La Jolla helps track down the perpetrators through France, Moscow and the Georgian republic. The novel features the sights, sounds and tastes of those lands, while bringing in enough science to interest the lay reader who lik... more

  • Out of Bounds

    by Simon Duke

    Framed for murder and trapped in a conspiracy set in motion by a narcotics trafficking network, a cash-strapped man soon regrets accepting an easy and well-paid job. It was simply too good to be true.

    Kyle Hunt, an over-anxious thirty-three-year-old security equipment installer, living in Charleston, South Carolina, with his girlfriend Pilar Tellez and their two daughters, is having difficulty making ends meet. When local businessman Hector Ramirez and his tough associate Ray Dupre... more

  • Serenity

    by Tom Bleakley
  • B00H5CEB6A

    by baibin nighthawk
    Mark Savannah has already lived two lives and now he is looking for a third, but he is trapped by a past he can’t escape. Professor Zimmermann of the University of Buenos Aires has warned him: "They have been able to cover up the whole affair and destroy all the evidence". Mark has discovered an extraordinary secret hidden deep in CIA director Colonel Reed's past and in the neural transplant operations of Biosketch Technologies Inc., a biotech company set up by Reed. Mark came into contact wi... more
  • The Seed Gatherers

    by Inge Meldgaard
    In the year 2457, in the Dandenong Ranges, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, a crime is committed by two young Norwegians that affects the entire community. If caught, Yngwie and his friend Torleif, who are expert communication systems hackers, must answer to the Federation Special Investigation Unit. Others use the event as inspiration, plunging the forests and its people into chaos. The lives of scientists, forest guardians and seed gatherers are placed at risk, as are their cats – ... more
  • A Death In The Making

    by Inge Meldgaard
    When the body of a young woman is found in an isolated bushland area near the small town of Stanthorpe, in Queensland, Australia, the Brisbane Peacekeeping Force is called in to assist with the investigation. Freddi, a peacekeeper originally from Jamaica, and her bondmate Meng Jarrah, a forensics expert, are accompanied by their cat, Shela, who uses her telepathic powers to help solve this increasingly unusual case. Set in the year 2456, this sequel to ‘The Cicada’ steps back into the past to re... more
  • The Cicada

    by Inge Meldgaard
    Following the devastating effects of climate change, famine, disease, and nearly two hundred years of war, by the year 2450, the world has finally enjoyed two centuries of peace, while the population of the planet has stabilized at three billion. One central government, the World Federation of Nations, administers the judicial needs of all nations through its General Assembly and funds scientific research dedicated to restoring the planet's fragile ecosystems. At a principal research facilit... more
  • Deceit

    by Mark McGinn
    Suspended lawyer turned PI, Clay Tempero, is doing it hard in Sydney and he’s over snooping on adulterers and living in cramped conditions. Then an old mate asks for his help in defending a wannabe pop star charged with murdering her son, though the boy’s body has never been found. But it’s not long before he finds the client dead in her own home. It seems the case is over until, Helena Carter, the ambitious politician bankrolling the defence, persuades Clay to find the missing boy – dead or ali... more
  • Jade Dragon

    by Andy Phillips
    Seductive, manipulative and a master of martial arts. Jade Dragon is the lead character of a chart topping videogame franchise. But someone in San Francisco is playing for real. The deadly game begins when a masked, leather-clad woman kidnaps Dragonsoft president Toshigi Tasoto, and delivers a ransom note to his daughter Nicole. In a daring move, she contacts the police, but they arrive too late to save her father. When more company employees fall prey to the unknown assassin – who themes her... more