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  • How the Water Falls

    by K.P. Kollenborn
    On the fringes of a civil war arise a kaleidoscope of stories of abuse, power, betrayal, sex, love, and absolution, all united by the failings of a dying government. Set in the backdrop during the last years of South Africa's apartheid, How the Water Falls is a psychological thriller that unfolds the truth and deception of the system’s victims, perpetrators, and unlikely heroes. Many play the roles of spies, freedom fighters, lovers, adversaries, and supporters. This novel is as complex as apart... more
  • Riptide (A Sam McRae Mystery)

    by Debbi Mack
    Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s stay in Ocean City for the annual Maryland bar association convention turns into a busman's holiday when her best friend Jamila is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. All signs point to a frame, but Jamila’s local counsel must plea bargain, placing a permanent stain on the ambitious attorney’s spotless record, unless Sam and the private investigator on the case find evidence to clear her. Sam has her work cut out for her, given that the victim is the stepson of a... more
  • On the Road to Death's Door

    by M. J. Williams
    Emily and Stan Remington’s maiden voyage in their newly inherited, second-hand RV goes awry when a body falls off the top of their vehicle. The retired small town police officer and her husband, a retired history professor, find themselves at the center of a murder investigation involving a politician, a corporate executive, and a hippie priest. Emily butts heads with the local sheriff as their search takes them from a backwoods cabin in Wisconsin’s scenic Door County to the Bishop’s Chancery in... more
  • Least Wanted (A Sam McRae Mystery)

    by Debbi Mack
    Maryland lawyer Stephanie Ann "Sam" McRae has two tough cases that quickly turn worse, when both clients-a poor black girl and a white, middle-class man-are accused of murder. Sam's inquiries into the cases lead her to Washington, DC's suburban ghettos where she discovers an odd link between them: the seamy world of girl gangs and computer pornography. The stakes rise considerably as more people die at the hands of a maniacal killer who'll do anything to keep Sam from learning the truth. Sam rac... more
  • Dawn of the Perpetual Society

    by Dennis Sanchez

    A U.S. Army platoon, in 1950 Korea War, discovers a secret laboratory where Chinese doctors transformed humans into nearly indestructible soldiers.  Experimentation with the virus yields its astounding healing powers. Realizing its potential in civilian life, a medic pilfers a small amount. After discharge from the Army, he forms a clandestine society that heals the terminally ill for profit.

    Arriving within minutes of a bloody, swift, and puzzling massacre of four hundred South Ko... more


    by Susan Mills Wilson
    Wealthy land developer, Jay Stiles, must murder a business associate, or else his life and career will be destroyed. He hires a former cop called Streaker to dispose of the body and cover his tracks. Streaker thinks he has left no trace, but mistakes are made that put both men in jeopardy of arrest—and their lives. Jay's girlfriend, Camille Carson, believes he cancelled their dinner date because of work demands, unaware that he is actually busy committing murder. At first, she is angry to be sto... more
  • The Perfect Coed

    by Judy Alter
    Susan Hogan is smart, pretty—and prickly. There was no other word for it. She is prickly with Jake Phillips and her Aunt Jenny, the two people who love her most in the world. And she is prickly and impatient with some of her academic colleagues and the petty jealousies in the English department at Oak Grove University. When a coed’s body is found in her car and she is suspected of murder, Susan gets even more defensive. But when someone begins to stalk and threaten her—trying to run her down, k... more
  • Perfect Victim (Paula Mitchell, P. I.)

    by Jan Christensen
    A few days after Sylvia Leominster is murdered, private investigator Paula Mitchell interviews Sylvia's fiancé in their small-town Rhode Island jail. Warren Wade's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon, he has no alibi, and Sylvia broke up with him the night she was killed. After another young woman friend of Sylvia's is bludgeoned to death, Paula is dismayed when the police keep Warren in jail. They claim the second murder could have been committed by a copy-cat and remind her Warren's fi... more
  • A Deeper Cut

    by Sheri Wren Haymore

    When Hunter Kittrell and his beautiful friend, Miki, arrive in Beaufort, NC, for their summer stay, they decide to liven up the small town by pulling a harmless prank. That "harmless prank," however, quickly finds them deeply entangled in a bloody face-off with a knife-wielding serial killer.

    As the usually peaceful town is drawn into chaos, Hunter and Miki find themselves pulled more deeply into the investigation, and it turns out their connections to the murders ma... more

  • The Big Keep

    by Melissa F. Olson
    Former Chicago cop Selena “Lena” Dane has been going through the motions at her private investigation agency for years now. But then Lena learns that she’s unexpectedly pregnant just as she takes on a heartbreaking new client: Nate Christianti, a fourteen-year-old boy in search of his biological father, Jason. Jason’s disappearance isn’t as clear-cut as everyone had thought, and Lena will need to follow his path of destruction halfway across the country to find Nate some answers. Along the... more
  • The Commuter

    by patrick oster
    It seemed an innocent enough idea. After Barnaby Gilbert got laid off with a nice severance, his boss suggested he take up a new hobby to fill up his free time. On his regular commuter train, Barnaby got an idea what that hobby would be. He decided to satisfy a curiosity he’d long had. An avid birder, he began tracking some regular passengers — people he’d always wondered about — to see where they went and what they did. In this quirky, tongue-in-cheek thriller, he follows a Chinese man, a... more
  • Essential Liberty

    by Rob Olive
    They thought it would never happen here… Seemingly ripped from today’s headlines, Essential Liberty is an action-filled, thought-provoking work of fiction about governmental overreach and the abuse of power. Through believable characters and words that could have come from our current political debate, Essential Liberty asks, “What if?”…and then provides the answer. The United States government has banned and begun confiscating firearms from its citizens. Insurance executive Don Williams... more
  • The Young Mystery Series: The Missing Lunch (Volume 1)

    by B. K. Maxwell
    Delicious PB& J sandwiches, meetings in the restrooms, wandering in the hallways, inappropriate behavior on the playground, giants in the lunch room and the best sleepover ever; what is going on at Rydell Elementary? Well there's nothing Kia and Marcus Young of The Young Detective Agency can't handle. New to the Detective scene, this sister and brother duo are on the case, helping their friend Dennis find out who has been taking his lunch, not just any lunch, a lunch that could make any an... more
  • Psychophilia

    by Michelle Muckley
    Plagued with strange memory gaps, Charlotte wants her life back, even if someone has to die for her to get it. She has tried so hard to be what Gregory wanted her to be, and yet still he doesn't love her. Pregnant, miserable, and knowing she is being betrayed by the one person she had left to rely on, she promises herself that she will do whatever it takes. She must learn the truth about what happened before that day on the lake, but lies can be seductive and easier to believe, especially wh... more
  • The Lucifer Genome: A Conspiracy Thriller

    by Glen Craney and John Jeter

    The Black Stone of Kaaba has been stolen from Mecca, and former Defense Intelligence agent Cas Fielding must come out of retirement to recover the relic before the Saudi royal family is disgraced and toppled. Teaming up with a sultry female expert on meteorites, he soon finds his mission in this breakneck mystery-thriller turning into a deadly race to locate the world's oldest human DNA.

  • Mistress of Lies (Mistress of Fortune)

    by Holly West
    Isabel, Lady Wilde, mistress of King Charles II, has made a good living disguised as fortune teller Mistress Ruby, counseling London's elite. But after the murder of one of her customers, business has taken a downturn, and Isabel is on the verge of accepting the king's offer to move into the palace. Isabel's plans are interrupted when a beggar girl named Susanna shows up at her home, claiming to be her niece. Isabel always believed that her older brother, Adam, died alone during the plague. W... more