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  • A Case of Espionage

    by Paula Longhurst
    Heiress Mary Maccallan just wants to take her place as CEO of whiskey giant Maccallan's. Before she shatters that glass ceiling she'll have to deal with sibling rivalry, scheming board members, Essex gangsters and MI6. Less of a problem, her intriguing new pal Seb Miller. A pacy debut novella set on darker London streets.
  • Steady Trouble (Steady Teddy Book 1)

    by Mike McCrary

    When eighteen-year-old Teddy loses her parents to a tragedy, she’s left alone and with no memory of the life she once had. Now older, wiser, and tougher than ever before, Teddy has managed to carve out a small place in Austin’s criminal underworld, but that world comes with its own brand of trouble. Trouble she’s learned to handle with some razor-sharp wit and the occasional baseball bat. Desperate to buy the only link to her childhood – her parents’ old farm &nd... more

  • The Bridal Chase: A Novella

    by Robert Downs
    Elisha Crimson thought her wedding day would be the happiest of her life. But losing her fiancé to two thugs in a dark sedan wasn’t part of the plan. She, along with the rest of the wedding party, can do nothing to stop the abrupt abduction, so she pursues at the first opportunity, navigating the West Virginia interstate in a white wedding dress behind the wheel of a pickup truck. But will she catch the sedan in time to save her one true love? Ronnie Washington had known his past would catch ... more
  • Last Call

    by Libby Kirsch
  • 978-1539923749

    by R.M. Gauthier
    How far will you go to save a stranger? A married woman. An exclusive club. A domineering man with a past that will threaten it all. With her marriage in shambles and life not turning out quite as she imagined, Alexandria turns to her best friend for help to snap her out of the slump that's been plaguing her. Instead she finds herself immersed in a world of danger, tangled in a web of deceit, and wrapped in the arms of an unattainable man. When an FBI investigation lands on her doorstep, s... more
  • Child Game

    by Ana M. Torres
  • Blue Bloods

    by Fannie Adams and Rolland Taylor
    Based on news articles, the book is about intermarriage between blacks and whites. The book is slanted with racial prejudice against intermarriage. The book arouses racial feelings. As an editor, I, Rolland Taylor, a minister, was so angry at the racial prejudice, didn?t want it published because of the racial feelings it would arouse, and threw it in the garbage. Years later, I found another copy of the book in my mother?s things and decided maybe it should be published as an example of feeling... more
  • The Latakia Intercept

    by RG Ainslee
    From RG Ainslee, a debut thriller featuring Army Security Agency ELINT Analyst Ross Brannan as he becomes entangled in a web of deceit in the days before the Yom Kippur War. September 1973: Sergeant Ross Brannan, with only three months to go on his enlistment, is sent on a puzzling assignment to an airbase in Turkey. The mystery heightens when it appears an old CIA acquaintance is directing the operation. The mission: monitor Soviet naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean. The web of int... more
  • Realm of the Unknown

    by James B. McPike
    After a gathering of people in Israel are inexplicably slain, a renowned investigator from the Ministry-Vince Ramsey-is called in to investigate. Some experts at the scene believe that only something supernatural could be responsible for such an atrocity. Ramsey ends up finding an ancient artifact that leads him to the Antiquities Authority, where he teams up with historical specialist April Fulton. Together they learn the artifact is linked to an ancient secret society founded by a famous Greek... more
  • The Lost Prophet

    by James B. McPike
    *PACIFIC BOOK AWARD WINNER - Christian mystery/thriller* After one of the Holy Land's most sacred monuments is destroyed, the Ministry has to turn to their most prolific investigator to solve the case--Vince Ramsey. He soon discovers that they are facing a graver threat than any of them could've imagined. It seems the enemy's primary objective is to abolish the remains of biblical prophets--and wipe out their very existence from history. With all-out war on the brink in the Middle East, Ramsey m... more
  • Terminal Rage

    by A.M. Khalifa
    A suspected terrorist with a deadly score to settle cons the US government to do his horrific job for him.
  • Special Agent Nick Torres: The Infiltration of an Islamic State

    by George Avila Jr
    Captain Nick Torres is a 32 year old, highly decorated Officer and leader of an elite Army Ranger Spec Ops team. As an avid climber, he trained for his next challenge during his down time. During a trip to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro his life is changed forever, in more ways than one. Fast forward three years and Torres is an Anti-Terrorism Special Agent for the CIA. While tasked with hunting down a rogue American scientist selling weapons secrets to jihadist groups, he uncovers a sinister plot for t... more
  • Fallen (The Colossal Series, Book 3)

    by Lennox McCaskill
    Still unable to explain her powers, the line between “The Flying Girl” and Katie continues to blur. After a stranger emerges with a mysterious proposition, she’ll ignore the warnings of those closest to her and follow the promise for answers. Far from everything she knows, Katie will have to fight her fears face-to-face to overcome a new foe. After months of rehab, Reagan is now another step closer to getting her dreams back on track. But time may not have healed all her wounds as a revelati... more
  • Afflictions (The Colossal Series, Book 2)

    by Lennox McCaskill
    The world they once knew is gone. Three months after chaos ripped apart the city everyone in Meridian is still struggling to put their lives back together. Detective Wreings can't take his mind off the unsolved case. But after a new set of mysterious murders, the detective must choose between his personal obsessions and professional obligations. Finding the right balance is just as difficult for Katie, who's leading a double life in more ways than one. She just wants to be normal for a chang... more
  • Colossal: Issue #1 (The Colossal Series, Book 1)

    by Lennox McCaskill
    Meridian isn’t a typical town, and this is no typical murder. When Detective Wreings pulls up to a fiery crime scene he’s left wondering whether he’s chasing a man, or something more. With a thin list of suspects, the detective’s search leads him to the hospital bed of a man with no memory who can’t say for certain whether he is or isn’t the killer everyone is looking for. While trying to prove his innocence, he discovers the key to remembering his past puts him in the path of a girl, Katie, try... more
  • Death Logs Out

    by E.J. Simon
    It’s been two years since Alex Nicholas was gunned down in a Queens, NY restaurant – and since his brother, Michael, discovered that Alex had duplicated himself on a computer using breakthrough artificial intelligence software. Since that time, only Michael and a handful of close confidants were aware of Alex’s existence. Over this period, Alex has grown intellectually, emotionally – and technologically. Michael, while still holding his legitimate but pressured corporate CEO position, has ... more